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What Hair Color Compliments Green Eyes The Most?

Green eyes are undeniably captivating. Green is said to be the rarest eye color in the world! Despite green being a rare eye color, there is usually a lot of talking about what hair color suits green eyes the most. Let me tell you that your unique eye color doesn’t need any extra assistance to look unique. However, you can make them stand out in your own ways. Hair color can be one of the ways to make your rare green eyes even more prominent. types of hair color for green eyes

Before you choose any color, keep in mind that you need to take into consideration your skin tone and base hair color, among many other factors. Continue reading this article to discover what hair color is ‘best’ for green eyes and how to choose the perfect color for yourself.

For Light Skin Tone

Platinum Blonde Hair

what hair color matches green eyes

Light hair colors compliment fair skin quite beautifully. It looks royal and soothing. People with medium or dark complexions may have difficulty pulling this platinum blonde look. The soft curls or waves are more flattering and make the overall look dreamy.

Neutral Blonde

what hair color compliments green eyes the most American

Neutral blonde can either be like a beige color or a color that blends both warm and cool tones. It is neither too light nor too dark. Instead, it is a  flattering option that goes perfectly with green or hazel green eye color. A fair complexion and green eyes with this hair color will create a super hot look. Your green eyes get more emphasis, and your hair does no less to drag attention.

Ash Brownwhat hair color compliments green eyes the most attractive feature

Ash brown is a modern variant of brunette hair. This color blends with gray tones and is also called mushroom brown by many. This color is very soft with fair to medium complexions that have cool undertones. Ash brown goes really well with green eyes. They couple up beautifully and gives your eyes the focus they deserve.

Auburn Hair Color

what hair color compliments green eyes the most and brown

Color trends keep coming and going, but red hair color is an exception. It hasn’t left the trend for the past few years and looks like it is here to stay. Auburn hair color has to be one of the most versatile out of all red hair colors. Auburn has brown and ginger undertones and ranges from dark to light shades. Green and red are both attractive colors. They create a nice contrast and give a unique, awe-inspiring look.

Pastel Pink 

best hair color for green eyes

Pastel pink is an immensely loved hair color for people of fair complexions. If you want to make a dramatic change, try this pastel pink hair transformation. Green eyes and pink hair are probably the most unique combination you will ever get to witness. Pastel pink can be customized for all skin tones, but it is exceptionally striking for fair skin tones.

Red Hair Colorbest hair color for green eyes and fair skin

When it comes to beauty, the key is uniqueness. Highlighting the unique factor is the best way to celebrate your individuality and irreplaceable beauty. So, if you want to make your rare green eyes pop, you have to choose a color that makes the eyes stand out. Red is a complementary color to green. It will undoubtedly make the green eyes pop the most.

Hair Color For Green Eyes And Tan Skin Tones

Bohemian Chocolate Brown Hair Best Bohemian Hairstyles for green eyes

Tan skin and chocolate brown color are made for each other. You won’t need to do anything drastic to make your green eyes pop. Chocolate brown hair will compliment your tan skin and green eye flatteringly. Try this combination, and I guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.

Blackberry Hair Color

best blonde hair color for green eyes

Purple lovers who like it subtle, try this blackberry shade. If you have a tan skin tone, it becomes all more favorable. Blackberry color, tan skin, and green eyes-that indeed are something! What a great color play! You must be thinking that this is off-beat, but I bet you will cherish this look.

Cream Blondehair color for green eyes and tan skin

Warm blond and tan skin look killer together. Warm blond also brings out the perks of your green eyes. To get a wild look like a tiger, go for a warm blonde. Cream blonde is a lighter blonde with butterfly strands. It is yellowish and is blended throughout for a cool and warm final look.

Copper Hair Color what hair colors look good with green eyes

Copper hair, dreamy green eyes, and a sun-kissed skin-magical combination! This dark copper contrast is what you need to put your striking green color on a full display. So, if you are hesitant about red, be sure that this shade is suitable for every skin tone. Tan skin just looks a little extra sexy with this shade.

What Hair Color Suits The Most With Green Eyes And Dark Skin Tone?

Caramel Highlights


You may believe that there is no such thing as perfect hair color, but caramel surely comes close enough. This caramel highlight flatters every skin tone, especially dark tones. Caramel highlights just butter up the dark tone and makes the green eyes do their magic. I cannot think of a single thing why people should not try out this color.

Cherry Hairwhat color hair with green eyes

All are cheering for the cherry shade! This shade is bold and fiery. When it comes to red shades on dark tones, always go for the boldest look. Because, why not? The bolder, the better, right? The brightest shade of red will illuminate your green eyes the most, so go for a cherry shade any day. It is worth it.

Purple Hair Color

best hair color for dark skin and hazel green eyes

Here it is for all purple lovers. Purple is one of the most attractive colors, and for purple enthusiasts, any amount of purple is never enough. Purple especially goes gorgeously with dark tones. A deep purple shade will definitely flatter your green eyes. Your eyes will surely pop with those warm undertones of purple color.

Blackmost attractive hair color for green eyes

Here comes the most awaited one. Black has always been classy. Who doesn’t crave thick, black hair? If your hair is naturally black and has a deep skin tone, jump all over it! The darker the color of your hair, the more prominent your bright green eyes become. 


best hair color for cool toned skin and green eyes

Blue pigments very well with dark tones. The color of the ocean and the color of the forest together go really well. It creates perfect scenery. The green eyes get their deserved emphasis. The blue hair, while not stealing the eyes’ thunder, compliments the green eyes phenomenally. 

So, what would you choose to flaunt your rare green eyes effortlessly? All these options are the most suitable ones, but sure, there are more options for you to choose from. However, one thing I can guarantee is that you wouldn’t regret it if you chose one of these. One piece of advice, though, is to make sure you take care of your skin tone and choose your hair color effectively because it may go seriously wrong if not paid close attention to.


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