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All About Eyelash Extensions

Have you been thinking about eyelash extensions? Perhaps you have seen someone with a mesmerizing new flutter and have been obsessing about how you can get it yourself. This is not the result of false lashes that you can glue on yourself. Eyelash extensions are very different from the false lashes you’ve been using. Lash extensions must be applied with a semi-permanent adhesive. They are usually applied to the top lash line and can be applied to individual lashes or in clusters. With innovations happening all around the fashion world, you have a vast ocean of options. Just make sure that your professional lash stylist is clear about your preferences.

Types of Eyelashes

The type of eyelashes you choose will depend on what they are made of, cost, volume, etc. Here is a list of the types of eyelash extensions.

different types of eyelash extension

Lash extensions can be composed of man-made materials or animal hair. Those composed of animal fur are as follows:

Eyelash Extensions Made Of Animal Fur

Mink Lash Extensions

pictures of different types of eyelash extensions

These lashes are made from the fur of the tails of Siberian and Chinese minks. The most premium fur is produced by Siberian minks. Mink eyelashes create a natural look. If you are a minimalist and want to look more natural and authentic, you should use mink extensions. They are light and fluffy but also a bit expensive, so measure the pros and cons before you decide on anything.

Sable Lash Extensions

permanent eyelash extensions

Sable lashes are finer and fluffier. They are the lightest extensions. Sable lashes are not as readily available as mink lashes, though. Stylists recommend these extensions only to those who have extremely fine natural lashes.

Fox Lash Extensions

types of eyelash extensions curls

If you want to be trendy, fox extensions are for you. Naturally, these lashes have a soft reddish tone. Keep in mind that you may need to look around a bit because they are not easily available. 

Now, let’s discuss man-made lashes. The biggest benefit of man-made lashes is CURL. Yes, unlike animal fur lashes, you won’t need to perm these extensions. Take a look at these options.

Man-Made Eyelash Extensions

Mink and Fox Imitation Lash Extensions

types of eyelash extensions

Buckle up for some good news. You can enjoy the majesty of mink or fox without having to pay heavy prices. Innovation has brought about lightweight lashes that don’t cost as much as the real ones. 

Silk Lash Extensions

types of natural looking eyelash extensions

Silk lash extensions are mid-weight. They are heavier than mink and fox faux lash extensions and are definitely not for everyday wear. You can choose these for a special occasion.

Synthetic Lash Extensions

types of natural eyelash extensions

Synthetic lashes are shinier, glossier, thicker, and more dramatic. They are firm and can hold their curl quite well. However, they might not be as soft and natural as you want them to be. Also, because synthetic lash extensions are heavier, some people do not prefer them. These are still recommended simply because thick lashes look fantastic on some people.

Volume Lash Extensions

types of natural eyelash extensions for beginners

Volume lash extensions are also known as Russian or XD lash extensions. Volume lashes are on trend right now. They range from 2D-6D. They are usually made of silk or mink, cost more, and take longer to apply. These extensions have been designed to provide as much volume as possible without overloading or damaging your natural lashes. This technique promises the most outstanding results. 

Classic Lash Extensions

permanent eyelash extensions

As the name suggests, these are CLASSIC! Classic lash extensions are simple, natural, and beautiful. The lashes vary in thickness and are designed to look exactly how your natural lashes look. However, if you don’t have enough natural lashes, the extensions may not look as pretty as they would on someone else, even with 100% coverage. Classic lashes enhance the beauty of your natural lashes.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

eyelashes extensions for hooded eyes

It is important to acknowledge the difference between volume and mega volume lashes. A mega volume fan usually uses 6-16 false lashes each, while a volume fan uses only 2-5 of them. The mega volume provides a denser and darker look because it involves numerous extensions. These might be too voluminous for a daily look but, as said earlier, some people look good with mega volume lashes.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

which eyelash extension style is best

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of volume and classic lashes. This style gives you the best of both worlds. Hybrid extensions provide various textures and are more voluminous. They also can look more natural than volume lashes. So, if you want a little fullness but not quite as much as volume lashes provide, hybrid is your way to go. They offer the length of classic lashes and the volume of volume lashes. 

L Curl Lash Extensions

eyelash extensions for small eyes

L curl lashes are one of the most exotic extensions in the industry. They perfectly accentuate the eyes so long as you use them correctly. They are best for those with down-pointing or straight natural lashes. These curls will give you a super dramatic and sizzling look.

Cat-Eye Lash Extensions

eyelash extensions for round eyes

This eyelash extension type is shorter, then gets longer toward the corner of the eyes. If you have round eyes, this style might be the best for you. The cat shape balances the shape of the eye and creates an attractive look

Staggered-Shape Lash Extensions

eyelash extension shape for hooded eyes

On the verge of becoming the most popular lash extension shape is the staggered style. This style is a bit messy and textural because it is applied by adding varied sizes of extensions in an uneven manner. Staggered is most appropriate for those who crave a dramatic look

Doll-Shape Lash Extensions

best lash extension style for small eyes

The doll eyelash extension style makes your eyes look rounder and helps open them up. Stylists add the longest extensions in the middle of the eye and shorter extensions in the outer and inner spots. This style is super popular at the moment. It provides an innocent and youthful look. Doll eyes are especially great for those with hooded eyes.

Squirrel Lash Extensions

 styles of hybrid lashes

The squirrel eyelash style is extremely popular around the world. In this style, the length of the lashes increases from the middle of the eyelid toward its outer corners. Super long eyelash extensions are attached to the edges, which stand out with a fantastic bend. Squirrel lash extensions are named after squirrel ears. The best thing about this style is that it can be created using the classic or volume procedure depending on the customer’s preference.

The tricky part about eyelash extensions is that you cannot choose just one as the best. Everybody has different eye shapes and lash patterns. Your choice will depend on which lash extension looks best on you. Keep in mind that not everything will suit you. Here is a picture compiling all the eyelash styles so that you can easily recognize them.


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