A Guide to Perfect Horseback Riding Attire

Are you heading out for horseback riding? Remember, the right clothes matter! Go for comfortable, breathable outfits. This guide will give you all the tips for a stylish yet practical ride. Wearing the perfect attire not only boosts your confidence but also makes riding easier and more enjoyable. Get ready for a comfy, fashionable horseback adventure!

Casual Outfit Options for Horseback Riding

Ride with flair, even on casual trails! When prepping for a casual horseback ride, focus on combining practicality with personal style. Explore outfits that offer comfort and mobility, paired with a touch of elegance. Let’s step into some stylish options that keep you looking great and riding comfortably.

Denim Jacket with Mommy Jeans

what to wear for horseback riding

This outfit combines durability and comfort, making it ideal for riding. The denim jacket protects against the elements, while the relaxed fit of mommy jeans allows for ease of movement and a stylish, casual look.

Fitted Polo Shirt with Riding Breeches

what to wear when horseback riding

A fitted polo shirt offers a sleek, professional look and pairs well with riding breeches designed for horseback rider activities. This classic combination ensures comfort and flexibility, essential for proper riding posture.

Long-Sleeved Henley with Bootcut Jeans

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The long-sleeved Henley provides coverage and protection from the sun and branches, while bootcut jeans are comfortable for riding and fit well over riding boots, making this outfit practical for outdoor rides.

Lightweight Vest over a Turtleneck

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This layered option is perfect for variable weather, offering warmth without bulk. The turtleneck keeps you cozy, provides the necessary stretch and protection, ideal for longer rides.

Breathable Technical Tee with Horse Riding Tights

what to wear horseback riding

Ideal for warmer weather, a technical tee keeps you cool and dry with its moisturizing properties. At the same time, horse riding tights offer comfort and flexibility, which are important for ease of movement in the saddle.

Quarter-Zip Pullover with Riding Skirt

horseback riding what to wear

This modern and fashionable choice blends functionality with style. The quarter-zip pullover allows for adjustable ventilation, and the riding skirt offers an elegant twist to traditional riding attire, suitable for less rigorous riding activities.

Thermal Base Layer with Insulated Riding Pants

outfits for horseback riding

Perfect for cold weather, the thermal base layer retains body heat, and insulated riding pants provide warmth and protection against the cold and ensure you stay comfortable during winter rides.

Seasonal Outfit Options

Embrace every season in style! Our easy-to-follow guide brings you a variety of outfit options to suit any weather. Whether it’s basking in summer sunshine or wrapping up for winter wonders, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to mix, match, and master seasonal fashion with ease.


Spring brings cool, sunny days – perfect for riding! Choose outfits that keep you comfy and a bit warm. Check out these easy picks for your springtime horseback adventures.

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket with Breeches

horse riding clothes

This outfit is perfect for the unpredictable and often rainy spring weather, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. The lightweight jacket offers protection without overheating, and the breeches provide flexibility and ease of movement, which is important for effective riding.

Sweater with Vented Riding Pants

what to wear horse riding

For spring rides, a warm sweater keeps you cozy and vented riding pants offer breathability as the day warms up. This mix is perfect for the changing spring weather, blending warmth with air circulation.

Raincoat with Waterproof Riding Boots

what to wear to horse riding

On rainy spring days, a sturdy raincoat and waterproof riding boots are essential to stay dry and comfy. This gear lets riders enjoy their ride without worrying about getting wet.


Summer means sunny skies and warm rides. Go for light, breathable clothes to stay cool. Here are some great choices for your horseback outings in the summer heat.

Sun-Protective Shirt with Lightweight Breeches

horse riding what to wear

Designed to protect against the summer sun, a sun-protective shirt paired with lightweight breeches is perfect for hot, sunny days. This outfit shields you from UV rays and keeps you cool, ensuring comfort during long rides.

Sleeveless Top with Vented Riding Pants

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For hot summer rides, a sleeveless top offers comfort and unrestricted movement, while vented riding pants keep you cool. This outfit is perfect for staying comfortable on the warmest days.

Wide-brimmed Hat with Horse Riding Shorts

cute horseback riding outfits summer

A wide-brimmed hat is great for sun protection on your face and neck, and horse riding shorts offer a comfy, casual choice for leisurely rides. This outfit is ideal for easygoing, sunny days on horseback.


Autumn’s crisp air calls for cozy, flexible outfits. Layer up with materials that offer warmth without restricting movement. Dive into our selection tailored for those beautiful fall rides.

Fleece Jacket with Thermal Breeches

horseback riding outfit ideas

A fleece jacket offers essential warmth as temperatures drop, and thermal breeches protect your legs from the chill. This outfit is ideal for crisp autumn rides, providing comfort and insulation.

Layered Long-Sleeve Shirt with Riding Jeans

cute horseback riding outfits

Wear a layered long-sleeve shirt for changing temperatures and riding jeans for style and practicality in autumn. This combo is excellent for comfortable rides. This outfit is ideal for relaxing, casual rides in the fall, blending fashion with function.

Windbreaker with Insulated Riding Pants

what to wear horseback riding in the summer

A windbreaker is key for protecting against autumn’s unpredictable gusts, and insulated riding pants add an extra layer of warmth, making this outfit suitable for brisk, windy days.


In winter, you need to be cozy and warm on horseback. Think thick jackets, warm gloves, and snug hats. Layer up with soft, insulating pieces that keep the chill out. Ready to see some great winter riding gear? Let’s check out options that are both warm and stylish for those frosty trail rides.

Heavy Insulated Coat with Winter Riding Pants

women's horse riding outfits

A heavy insulated coat and winter riding pants are essential for keeping warm in the cold winter. This outfit ensures maximum protection against freezing temperatures, allowing for a comfortable riding experience.

Woolen Scarf with Thermal Layers

what to wear to go horseback riding

A woolen scarf provides extra warmth around the neck area, a crucial aspect in cold weather, while thermal layers offer additional insulation against the winter chill.

Waterproof Winter Boots with Insulated Gloves

what do you wear horseback riding

In winter, wear waterproof boots and insulated gloves for dry feet and warm hands, ensuring a safe, comfortable ride. Remember, the right horseback riding clothes for each season should be comfortable, practical, and stylish.

What shoes do you wear on horseback riding?

For horseback riding, the recommended footwear is a boot with a small heel, typically about 1 to 1.5 inches, to prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup. Riding boots should have a smooth or lightly textured sole to allow easy removal of the foot from the stirrup in case of a fall. Specific riding boots are available, such as tall boots or paddock boots, designed to provide the right balance of comfort while riding. It’s essential to avoid wearing sneakers or flat shoes, as they can get caught in the stirrups, posing a safety risk.

What to Wear for Horseback Riding on the Beach?

When riding on the beach, wear comfortable, flexible clothing that can handle a bit of sand and sea spray. A breathable, long-sleeve shirt will protect you from the sun, while leggings or breeches are ideal for your lower body. It’s important to wear closed-toe shoes with a small heel, even on the beach, to ensure safety in the stirrups. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap and sunglasses for sun protection, and apply sunscreen generously.

What to Wear for a Horseback Riding Lesson?

For a horseback riding lesson, safety and comfort are key. Wear a certified riding helmet to protect your head. Depending on the weather, a fitted t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt paired with breeches or close-fitting pants will allow for comfort and flexibility. Riding boots or any closed-toe shoe with a small heel is essential for foot safety. If you’re riding outdoors, consider layers that you can add or remove as needed.

Where can I learn horseback riding?

To start horseback riding, look for equestrian centers or riding schools near you. They offer lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Choose a place with experienced instructors and well-cared-for horses.

When is the best time of day for horseback riding to maximize safety and enjoyment?

Early morning or late afternoon is ideal to avoid extreme heat or cold, ensuring both rider and horse are comfortable.

What are the ideal locations or environments for a safe, enjoyable horseback riding experience?

Well-maintained trails in parks or countryside, away from traffic and loud noises, with terrain suitable for the rider’s skill level.

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