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Uplift Your Look With Luvme Hair U-Part Wigs

Let’s face it, U part wigs are a unique style. Many women wear and know the wig style exists. However, the number of people who proudly wear them is considerably smaller than for other wig types like frontals and closures. The main reason is that many ladies don’t know the possibilities that come with the wig style.

This article will educate you on all you need to know about Luvme Hair U-part wigs. You’ll understand what they are, their benefits, and other essential aspects.

Luvme Hair is a wigs store reputed globally for its high-quality human hair wigs. You can also get many wig types at the store, including frontals, closures, and headbands.

Table Of Contents

  • What are U-Part Wigs?
  • What are the Benefits of Luvme Hair U Part Wigs?
  • Difference Between U-Part and V-Part Wigs?
  • How to Wear U-Part Wigs?
  • How Long Do Luvme Hair U-Part Wigs Last?
  • How to Maintain Your U-Part Wigs?
  • Conclusion

What are U-Part Wigs?

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U-part wigs are a wig type with a U-shaped opening at the front. This U-shaped opening is attached to a sheer lace mesh. This opening helps blend your natural hair with it. You’ll learn more about integrating the hair with the wig later in the article.

The wig looks incredibly natural. It comprises 100% human hair, so everything looks like yours.

Another essential aspect of U-part wigs is the parting style. It’s available in the left, middle, and right parting. You should use these parting styles to your advantage and enhance your styling.

U-part wigs can come in various lengths, textures, densities, and colors. You can use these metrics to style it however you want. Remember, it’s human hair; you can dye it any color asides from natural black.

What are the Benefits of Luvme Hair U Part Wigs?

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It’s Undetectable

Contrary to what you might think,  U-part wigs are one of the most undetectable types. Blend your hair with the wig, and it’s all-natural.

It Gives You Access to Your Natural Hair

Unlike other wig types, which lets you completely cover your natural hair, you can take care of the part that you leave out here. Also, it’s easy to install and remove, potentially giving you more time to care for your hair.

It’s Protective

Some people have a weak hairline that can’t handle braids or weaves. U-part wig provides them with a great way to wear an extension.

It’s Affordable

Human hair U-part wigs are affordable, especially compared to frontals, closures, or other lace wigs.

Easy to Install

You might have figured out from the description of a U-part wig that it has nothing like a glued install. Everything is glueless; anyone can do it, including blending your hair with the scalp. Luvme Hair includes a detailed description of how to wear the wig in the packaging, but you can watch a few installation videos online to help.

Difference Between U-Part and V-Part Wigs?

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When learning about U-part wigs, it wouldn’t take long for you to notice their brothers, the V-part wigs. V-part wigs are just like U-part, but the opening at the front is V-shaped. You can also leave out your natural hair from a V-part wig.

However, you’re not obliged to do so with a V-part wig. You can wear it without leaving out your hair, and it will still look nice because you can close the V to look like a natural part. As for the U part, you must leave out your hair because you can’t close the U-shaped opening.

V-part wigs are perfect for ladies with thin and fine hair because it lets you leave out less of your hair. U-part wigs are more practical for those with full hair as they can leave out more hair than a V-part.

How to Wear U-Part Wigs?

how to put on u part wig

  1. Prepare your hair, which includes setting aside the part you’ll blend with the wig. The side you leave out is where you’ll part as you want.
    It’s also advisable to leave out a small section of the hair in your hairline from the middle down to the ear so that you can blend it with the front of the wig.
  2. Flatten the rest of your hair to accommodate the wig before you wear it. Simply wear the wig like a cap and use the comb and clips to hold it in place. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the fit that you get from the wig.
  3. Disguise your natural hair with the extension. Release it from the U-part and use your styling tools to blend it with the wig.

That concludes the installation; simple and glueless. Even a beginner will do it in no time.

How Long Do Luvme Hair U-Part Wigs Last?

Human hair U-part wigs typically last for around 1-2 years. Factors that influence longevity include processing quality, texture, and length. Wigs that go through the best processing will last longer than those that do not.

Also, straight or loose wave wigs will last longer than curly units. The longer the length, the shorter the potential lifespan of the wig can. Your maintenance prowess is another aspect that can influence your lifespan.

No matter the quality of the wig, it will always underperform if you don’t care for it well. The following section will educate you on maintaining your Luvme Hair U-part wigs.

How to Maintain Your U-Part Wigs?

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Here are some pro tips on caring for your U-part wigs.

  • Wash the wig once every two weeks under running lukewarm water.
  • Use quality shampoo and conditioner when washing and conditioning the wig.
  • Care for your natural hair becuase its quality will also reflect on the extension.
  • Air dry the wig and try as much as possible to reduce blow drying.
  • You can use heat styling methods becuase it’s human hair.
  • Store the wig in a silk box or stand when not in use.
  • Avoid sleeping with the wig or wearing it when exercising or doing other strenuous physical activity.


U-part wigs are adorable when worn right. You should carefully select a unit that suits you before installing it. If the wig is beautiful, it can only look better after installation.

Remember to maintain it properly to get the best out of it. As for the quality, all Luvme Hair products are tested to meet industry standards before they make it to the store. You can visit the brand website today for one of our gorgeous V/U part wigs.

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