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20 Elegant Hairstyles that Go Perfectly with High-Neck Dresses

High-neck dresses are the height of elegance and sophistication. The chic, high-collared silhouette is ideal for formal occasions and gatherings. This is why they are frequently worn by celebrities on the red carpet and at high-fashion events. The perfect high-neck dress, however, necessitates the perfect hairstyle. Choosing which hairstyle to wear with which high-neck dress can be tricky. So, to aid in your decision-making process, we have compiled a list of 20 stunning hairstyle ideas for you to try! The list includes everything from elaborate updos to simple, everyday hairstyles that everyone can wear at any given time.

Braids and Buns

Sleek Twisted Bun

hairstyles for high neck dresses

Nothing says sophistication like a sleek, low bun. This hairdo takes only a few minutes to complete and looks stunning with high-neck outfits. First, either part your hair in the center or brush it all back. Twist your hair tightly, then tuck it at the back to form a bun. Pin the bun in place with bobby pins. Brush your hair in the front one last time to ensure there are no unwanted flyaways. You can also use fancy hair clips to accessorize. Finish with hairspray for a polished look that is ideal for formal occasions!


hairstyles for high neckline dresses

The topknot is another quick hairstyle that anyone can do. This hairstyle will perfectly complement the high neckline of your dress. To achieve it, bring all the hair to the top of your head and create a twisted bun. Secure the bun with clear elastic or bobby pins. Depending on your preference, you can make it neat or keep it messy. Allow the front bits of your hair to frame your face for an effortless and dreamy look.

Low Chignon Bun

hairstyles for high neck tops

The chignon style features a rolled-up bun that sits at the back of the neck. This vintage-looking updo is especially suitable for parties and weddings. To achieve it, divide the front and back portions of the hair into two sections. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and make a loop. Wrap the end of your ponytail and the sectioned hair around the bun in a criss-cross fashion. Pin everything in place and smooth out tangles.

French Braid

high neck dress hair down

The french braid is one of those hairstyles that needs no introduction. It is a timeless hairstyle that can be worn in a number of ways. A loose french braid pairs well with any type of dress and looks even more beautiful with a high neckline. Optionally, you can turn the hairstyle into a bun by twisting and tucking the braid where needed.

Dutch Braid

high neck dress hair up or down

Almost identical to french braids, dutch braids are effortless but look stunning. You can either opt for a half-up/half-down look featuring a loose dutch braid or do a side dutch braid instead. Regardless of the style you go for, this braid will look great with a high-neck dress!

Crown Braid Updo

high neck dress hairstyles

An elegant crown braid updo is especially perfect for long hair. While it may seem intimidating at first, you can achieve the braided crown look with a bit of patience. The simplest way to do this is by sectioning your hair into two parts and making two separate braids. Wrap the braids around your head, making sure they sit closer to the forehead. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray. Your hair should resemble a crown! Loosen the braids a little for a fuller look.

Milkman Braid Updo

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If you are a fan of braided updos, the milkman braid is another hairstyle you will surely love. In just a few easy steps, you will have this look down. First, part your hair in the middle and create either one or two regular braids. Next, bring the braids forward and make them cross each other near your forehead. Use pins to help them stay in place. Leave out a few strands of hair toward the front to complete the look.

Double-Braided Updo

If you have short hair, a double-braided updo is the perfect braided hairstyle for you! Part your hair in the middle and make two dutch or french braids. Tie them both with a clear elastic and tuck the ends to create a bun-like effect. It really is that simple!

Fishtail Braid

high neck dress hair

A fishtail braid looks best when the hair has some texture to it. First, section your hair into two parts. Then, take one part and make a smaller section from it. Repeat the same on the other side. Finally, start braiding by taking a few strands at a time. Fishtail braids take some effort, but the result is intricately woven, beautiful braided hair.


Sleek High Ponytail

best hairstyles for high neck dresses

Don’t want braids or buns? Then a sleek high ponytail is just what you need. Despite being easy to pull off, this look is so classy and glamorous. First, brush your hair to get rid of any tangles before making a high pony. Then, wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail to conceal the elastic and create that sleek look you desire. The key is to keep your hair as smooth as possible. Use a decent amount of hairspray if you want this to last all day!

Messy Low Ponytail

hairstyles for high necklines

Looking for something a little more laid-back? Go for a messy ponytail. This hairstyle looks amazing and requires little to no effort. The best part is that you don’t have to be particularly neat with it. Slightly tease your hair and make a low ponytail. To ensure the hair isn’t lying flat, pull the hair on your crown a little bit after you are done. Don’t forget to leave out a few strands to frame your face.

Twisted Ponytail

hair for high neck dress

This hairstyle is a fun take on the typical low ponytail, and it requires only a few seconds to put together! Simply create a regular low ponytail and leave a gap where the elastic sits. Then take the ponytail and put it through the opening to make two beautiful twists on either side. You are now left with a chic, twisted ponytail. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Hair Down

Side-Swept Curls

hairstyles for high neckline

Some days, you just want to let your hair down. On those days, quick and straightforward side-swept curls should do the trick. Because it is so stylish and effortless, we see celebrities wearing this style for red carpet events every day. A side part, some loose side curls, and hairspray: You are done styling your hair!

Middle-Parted Beach Waves

updo for high neck dress

Beach waves will never go out of style, and they look incredible with high-neck dresses. This is a simple hairstyle that is feminine and youthful. To achieve soft, beachy waves, part your hair in the center and curl it as desired. You really can’t go wrong with this look!

The Slick-Back

updos for high neck dresses

Slick-back hairstyles have a certain charm. There is something about slicked-back hair that looks so exquisite. While this style is far from traditional, it will undoubtedly turn heads when worn with a high-neck dress. All you really need with this one is a brush and some hairspray or gel for that wet look. Why not try this hairstyle if you want to be a little more daring?

Waterfall Braid

high neck hairstyle

The beauty of waterfall braids is undeniable. While this look may appear complex at first glance, it is actually quite simple to achieve. The process is quite similar to that of a french braid, but you have to take a new strand from the front of your hair each time. You can go diagonally or straight across, depending on how you want it to look. In either case, you’ll look gorgeous.


hairstyles for high neck dress

This is the best hairstyle for when you don’t want to do a complex look but still want to keep the hair out of your face. It also doesn’t hurt that it takes barely a minute to do it right. First, take the front portion of your hair and pin it back how you want. To jazz it up, add some lovely curls. You will be party-ready in no time!

Accent Braids

best hairstyles for high neck dresses

Accent braids are frequently overlooked, yet they are quite lovely. They are versatile and simple and they add a bit of flair to your look. To achieve the desired aesthetic, add as many accent braids as you like. You can combine them with different hairstyles as well!

Side-Braided Fringe

high neckline dress hairstyle

If you have short hair and none of these hairstyles seems to cater to your specific needs, we have you covered. A braided side fringe is the simplest way to dress short bobs and shoulder-length hair. This hairstyle adds a touch of elegance to your look while being effortless.

Side-Swept Wavy Bob

hairstyles for dresses with high necklines

Another gorgeous hairstyle for shorter hair is the wavy bob. If your hair is on the shorter side and you are unsure what look to opt for, this is the way to go. Don’t know how to do other hairstyles on short hair? Again, pick this! This is a timeless, easy-to-wear hairdo that looks great on everyone.

Keep in mind that without the proper hairstyle, no outfit is complete. There are tons of fashionable high-neck dresses to choose from. Some high-neck dresses have a halter neckline, while others have frills or long sleeves, or are intended for casual wear. So, whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there is a hairstyle out there that will complement your beautiful high-neck dress!

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