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Don’t Quit Being Stylish During Softball Tryouts

If you intend to try your luck on a softball team for the first time, make sure your appearance doesn’t display your inexperience. Trying something for the first time can be scary. However, if you avoid looking like a newbie, your confidence will shoot up. To present yourself as confident, dress like you know what you’re doing. It is necessary to feel confident about performing at your best. Here are 15 ideas of what to wear to softball tryouts that will make you stand out.


1. Black softball uniform

softball uniforms

You should definitely try this black softball uniform to feel fierce and bold. Envelop your waist with a red belt and use a red cap to block the sun. Wear red boots, and do not forget to wear socks underneath.

2. Black softball pants with a red t-shirt

girls softball shirts

There is nothing like a red-black combination. Wear these black softball pants with a red t-shirt and roar in the game like a lioness. Put a red belt around your pants and wear black sneakers. If this doesn’t get your spirits up, I don’t know what will.

3. Blue softball jersey with black pants

softball practice outfit

Royal blue will make you look bright and brimming with confidence. Pair this blue softball jersey with plain black pants and gray sneakers. The blue-black combo works extremely well and is eye-capturing. The best thing about the blue-black color combination is that it is phenomenally sophisticated.  


4. Black and white Adidas outfit

what to wear to softball practice

Black Adidas shorts with a black top is perfect for a softball tryout on a hot summer day. Adidas is stylish. No one can deny that. The shorts keep the legs cool, while the top complements the shorts perfectly. Wear white sneakers to complete the look. This is a super combo of comfort and style.

5. Orange t-shirt with white softball pants

girl softball outfit

Let yourself look glamorous even during a softball game. Wear this orange t-shirt with white pants and white sneakers. Orange is an eye-soothing color but it’s also a bit complicated and doesn’t fit with everything. For instance, do you see how cool this orange-white combo looks? This wouldn’t look the same with blue or violet trousers. Experimenting is fine but make sure the colors you choose don’t steal the thunder of your game.

6. Blue and white striped outfit

american girl softball outfit

A white and blue striped outfit is super cute. It will also make you feel breezy and cool. As I already said, blue is an eye-soothing color, and white radiates innocence and purity. Mixing these two colors creates a sophisticated and pure vibe. Wear this with white socks and blue sneakers. Add a black and blue hat to your look to save your eyes from the cruel sun. 

7. Button-down softball jersey with shorts

softball attire for girl

Try a bright blue softball jersey with matching shorts. This outfit is super convenient on sunny days. Now, neon colors can be a bit tricky. Not everyone likes them, nor do they suit everyone. Your skin tone and the way you carry the color matter a lot. So, don’t wear something you aren’t comfortable with. Make sure the colors suit your persona. Pair it with a red cap, white socks, and black sneakers to create a complete look.


8. White softball uniform

softball clothing for girls

Go white with a white softball outfit. As I said, white gives off pure vibes. You can trick your opponent by making them believe you are innocent. A bit childish, right? But this definitely works. Mind games in matches are nothing new. To blend, pick red and white sneakers.

9. Green t-shirt and black leggings

softball practice clothes

Green is always peaceful. Spread peace around the softball field with this green-black-white outfit. It will make you feel light and comfortable. For footwear, choose black socks and black-white sneakers. Wear a black cap to shield yourself from the sun.

10. Red t-shirt and white pants

american girl baseball outfit

A red and white outfit will boost your confidence in the field. Red has always been the hottest color. Draw attention to yourself not only for your sports skills but also for your aura. Wear black socks and a black hat to complement the outfit. Choose a pair of white sneakers, which will definitely set the tone.

What to wear to indoor softball practice

Nothing is better than practicing softball on the field during a sunny, beautiful day. However, things don’t always turn out the way we want. Take rainy days, for example. You have no other choice than to practice indoors during the rain. On the other hand, if you are an indoor person, this might be the best thing for you. 

Although the situation is not ideal, you can still focus on the basic techniques of the game and build your skills indoors. Here are some outfits you can try for indoor softball practice. 

11. Black t-shirt with black slim-fit pants

Cute softball outfits

A simple black printed t-shirt with slim-fit black pants can be an ideal outfit for an indoor softball practice session. You could practice playing the game without a glove when playing indoors. This makes the game a piece of cake on the field. Wear black and white sneakers with this getup.

12. Tank top over black pants

cute softball practice outfits

Choose a sleeveless gray tank top over black slim-fit pants on a summer day. The color is soft and peaceful. You can focus completely on your match regardless of the weather. Wear a black belt around your waist, and wear black sneakers.

13. Short track pants with t-shirt

softball attire

Indoor softball practice can be slain when you feel confident in your outfit. White shorts and a t-shirt is certainly one outfit that will make you feel poised. Wear knee-length socks and white sneakers to complement this look.

14. Vest and shorts

Womens softball uniforms

This blue-white vest with blue shorts makes an amazing combination for an indoor practice session. Everything feels lively with this vibrant combination. Shorts are a great choice because they keep you cool on hot days and are super comfy. Choose white socks with black sneakers.

15. Blue-white-yellow combo

what to wear for softball tryouts

Blue and yellow are not a combination we usually prefer but they can make you feel vibrant and exuberant while practicing your favorite game. Try this blue-white-yellow combination with yellow-white sneakers.

We’ve discussed 15 amazing outfit ideas you can try for your next softball tryout. Many sources tell you that you can wear shirts, shorts, or track pants or that you need sliders, gloves, and socks. If you are a softball enthusiast, you probably already know those things. This article focuses on outfits that will reflect your personality. We help you figure out unique color combinations that will truly help you feel alive and confident while playing the game.

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