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15 Unique Purple & Black Matching Outfit Ideas

Black and purple combinations are always aesthetically pleasing. Purple is one of the most eye-catching colors, and black is the classiest color. The combination of these two desired colors is bound to be stylish. This grouping is suitable for any event, from casual outings to birthday parties, business outings to cocktail parties. Purple-black outfits are just mesmerizing. Let’s look at some amazing purple-black outfits to make you stand out.

Purple and black outfits in spring

Pleated skirt and T-shirt

black and purple outfits

Outstanding for a business outing is a pleated purple skirt and a black t-shirt. Wear a pair of black and white heels and leave your hair loose. This look radiates modishness. You will look both stylish and like a workaholic.

Black keyhole top and wide purple jeans

purple and black outfit ideas

Wear a black keyhole top with wide purple jeans and black glossy heels for a fun evening out. Tie your hair into a high ponytail to look modish and elegant.

Purple crop top and black pants

cute black and purple outfits

A sequined purple crop top with black pants is suitable for a casual lunch date with friends. This combination is both stylish and modest. Wear a thin silver necklace to add more beauty to this look. Also, wear black heels to boost your figure.

Purple midi skirt and black top

black and purple skirt outfit

Wear a purple midi skirt with a plain sleeveless black top for a formal look. It is simple yet fashionable. Choose black heels. You will fall head over heels in love with this look.

Purple top and black leather pants

Purple top and black leather pants

A purple crop top with black leather pants will take everyone’s breath away. You will look cute, bold, and hot. Rock a purple-themed party with this outfit. Leave your hair loose and wear white heels. A white purse also looks amazing with the overall look.

Purple and black outfits for summer

Plain top and mini skirt

black top and purple mini skirt outfit

For a teen party, a plain black top with a purple mini skirt is an excellent choice. Flaunt your legs and radiate your hotness, making everyone envy your looks. Adorn yourself with dangling long earrings and a thin-chain necklace. A pair of boots will complement these outfits. You can tie your hair up in any style you like or leave it loose, swaying in the gentle breeze. 

Purple tank top and black jeans

Black and purple Dress Short

A sleeveless purple tank top with black jeans is perfect for an outing with friends. Wear a white stone belt around your waist and get a pair of purple sneakers. The tiger print bag creates a little contrast. The overall outfit looks mesmerizing.

Purple and black dungarees

Black and Purple Outfits Women

These dungarees can make a hot, annoying summer day feel cool and cheerful. Purple and black dungarees with black and white sneakers will get your summer fun mood on. 

Black pencil skirt and purple top

Purple and black aesthetic outfits

A high-waisted black pencil skirt and purple satin dress set the perfect tone for a hectic work day. This combination is fashionable formal wear. It is also summer-friendly and bold. Wear big earrings and black high heels.

Black and purple mini dress

Purple and black dress prom

Purple can be a great choice for partywear. Take a look at this purple mini dress with a black belt. This outfit looks effortless yet sexy. Wear a pair of beige high heels and subtle makeup. Choose a vibrant color for your lips. You are guaranteed to look cute, hot, and sexy.

Purple and black outfits for winter


purple black blazer outfit

Set the perfect winter tone with a gorgeous purple blazer over a white top or shirt with black pants. This outfit is clearly all in one—sophisticated and flawlessly voguish. This combo is ideal for a formal business meeting, as you’ll look like an absolute corporate queen. The purple heels blend precisely with the overall tone.

Purple poncho and black jeans

cute black and purple outfits

Ponchos are a must in the winter. The fact that they suit every possible event is an extra advantage. A purple poncho over black jeans is suitable for formal events and casual outings. The look is simple yet elegant and stylish. The beige heels complement the outfit perfectly, as do the gold earrings.


purple and black outfits

Another splendid winter choice is a purple coat over black pants or leggings. This combo should be your primary choice for the winter because it is weather friendly and stylish. So, carry your style bar high while shielding yourself from the cold weather. A pair of black boots is an appropriate choice with such styles.

Purple tulle skirt and black jacket

Black and Purple Outfits Women

Tulle skirts are great for parties. They are aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous. While tulle skirts and winters might not seem to go hand-in-hand, for a creative fashion enthusiast, nothing is off-limits. A purple tulle skirt with a black jacket is mesmerizingly divine. Create a little contrast with a pair of white sneakers (and white socks) suitable for the cold weather.

Purple sweater and black jeans

Black and Purple Plus Size Dresses

A purple sweater with black jeans looks stylish and voguish. The oversized sweater feels heavenly in winter. Opt for white sneakers with this attire, not only because they are the best match but also because they are a great choice during winter. This look can be an exceptional choice for office events. Don’t miss your chance to look like a corporate queen. 

The purple-black combo speaks for itself. No one can deny that this combination is killer and breath-taking. It can be cute as a puppy and hot as a sizzler. So, ladies, try one of these looks out. You won’t regret it.

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