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Footwear To Choose With Scrubs

Scrubs are an essential part of medical professionals’ lives. Medical professionals like nurses and doctors must be on their feet all day. They need something comfortable so that their feet can support them in their daily endeavors. However, it is also important that they wear something professional and not super fancy to align with the hospital environment.

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If you are a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner, scrubs play a significant role in your life. If you are also a fashion enthusiast, you must be wondering how you can make your work life more exciting by exhibiting your fashion sense without hampering your professionalism. If you are one of those people, this article is for you! Here, we bring you 15 ideas for wearing scrubs fashionably with trendy shoes.


The best thing about sneakers is that they can be worn with anything. They are casual and easy to wear. Also, they can help prevent your feet from getting tired if you need to walk or stand for long periods. Medical professionals are almost always on the run. Their feet never get rest. They can help treat their feet by wearing comfortable footwear. Sneakers are not over the top and offer ease of movement. Make sure you choose a pair with a rubber sole because hospital floors might be slippery. The last thing you want is to slip and sprain your leg at work.

Black and white sneakers

what shoes to wear with scrubs

A black and white pair of sneakers work well with navy blue scrubs. This pair looks casual and fashionable. This will definitely boost your spirit, providing both comfort and style.

White sneakers with black scrubs

shoes with scrubs

Everyone knows that the black and white combination is ever so classy. This statement is also true when it comes to scrubs and sneakers. A pair of white sneakers works well with black scrubs. If you want to appear confident and fierce, go for this combo.

White sneakers with pink scrubs

best shoes for nurses

Pastel colors are peaceful. This shade of pink inflicts peace and harmony. When you are working around people anxious about their health, such colors can, to some extent, help them calm down. White sneakers would go well with this shade of scrubs.

Navy blue and gray sneakers with red scrubs

crocs scrub shoes

Color mismatching is always a challenge. It makes you appear like a risk-taker. Blue and gray sneakers with red scrubs are a bold choice. You can instill confidence in yourself with this combination. 


scrub shoes for nurses

One of the most popular shoes to wear with scrubs is cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are a classic style. They are usually made of leather or synthetic materials and are comfortable to wear, especially when you need to keep your shoes on for long periods. They also ensure that you avoid bacterial germs.

These beige cowboy boots work well with any color scrubs. As I said, they are classics, and they never go out of style. So, if you want to look a little stylish even when you have a hectic day ahead, choose a cowboy boot. It will not only make you appear classy but also keep you comfy.


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Next on the list of the most common shoes to wear with scrubs are clogs. Clogs are unbelievably easy to wear and also to clean. Usually, nurses who work in operating rooms wear clogs because they have to stand for long periods. Because clogs are comfortable and light, nurses prefer them the most. Just like this, a pair of simple black clogs is enough to make a nurse’s busy day a bit more comfortable.



stylish shoes to wear with scrubs


Moccasins are perhaps one of the cutest things to wear with scrubs. Because they are made of rubber, they are comfortable and also fashionable. They are widely available in varying colors, which allows for the creation of unique color combinations.

Look at these cute moccasins with scrubs. For a hectic job, such as a nurse’s, these shoes might help lighten the mood – and we all know that productivity increases when the worker is jolly and in a good mood.


scrub shoes white

While they might appear dressier than casual shoes or sneakers, loafers are still formal. Mostly, they are made up of leather. However, they can still be slip-resistant. You can play the scrub game high by wearing a combination of black scrubs and black loafers. Not only do they look cute and fashionable but they also appear bold and fiery.


best scrub shoes

Crocs have become a trend in the medical profession. They are comfortable and easy to walk in. Because nurses and healthcare professionals are always in a hurry, this easy-going shoe is convenient. These multicolored crocs look cute and peppy and help you quickly get to places.


cute shoes to wear with scrubs

Flip-flops are so comfortable, you won’t even realize you are wearing them. However, flip-flops are not considered professional and are usually disregarded as footwear for work purposes. Still, colorful flip-flops can make your scrubs look more exciting and jolly.


Doctors dedicate their lives and careers to the care of others. To ensure that their patients are comfortable, doctors must be comfortable as well. Just like an itchy hand can cause someone’s death in the operation theater, uncomfortable footwear can prove to be fatal for someone. Following is some comfortable footwear for doctors.

Athletic shoes

best nursing sneakers

For doctors who practice every day, athletic shoes might be the best choice. For total support and stability, athletic shoes are the best choice. This sierra blue athletic shoe not only catches the eye but also promotes comfort.

Running shoes

clogs for nurses

Talking about comfort, next on the list are running shoes. Runners need comfortable shoes for obvious reasons, but medical professionals also require great comfort to provide service to the ill. This black running shoe looks sophisticated and is guaranteed to keep your feet agile and active.


best nurse shoes

Another great choice for your feet when you need to be on them for a long time is slip-ons. Doctors must run from room to room to attend to their patients. It’s a great idea to opt for a pair of footwear that is not too high, as high shoes increase the probability of tripping. You can choose any color. Slip-ons can be pretty cute, but I suggest black, white, or gray to fit in the professional atmosphere. 

Mary Jane shoes

scrub shoes for nurses

Mary Jane shoes can match any outfit. You can also wear them in the operating room. The baby pink Mary Jane shoe above is super cute and capable of inflicting joy and peace on the minds of the people seeing it.


best scrub shoes

Next in the popular shoe category is chukkas. They can be worn in various settings and work well with scrubs. This beige chukka will fit in the hospital ambiance quite well and provide the comfort that doctors require while working.

These were 15 ideas for professional, cute, and fashionable footwear you can pair with scrubs. Because health workers must work long hours, these shoes can be a way to make a fashion statement while not compromising their ability to work.

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