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Brands That Every LoveShackFancy Fan Should Check Out

Loveshackfancy is a brand inspired by vintage designs and rich details. This brand is the epitome of whimsical fashion. Its stunning floral prints are filled with the essence of romance. You can tag it as the ideal bridesmaid dress hub. Its dresses reflect the aesthetics of a fairy-tale wedding.  Later the brand evolved into a collection of dreamy silk dresses. All in all, Loveshackfancy is a brand rich in an ethereal fashion that disseminates romantic vibes and royal spirits. Below are listed ten other brands that deal with similar fashion as Loveshackfancy. Take a look at the following to discover some new amazing collections from different brands.

Brands Like LoveShackFancy


Shein is a global fashion e-retailer. It is a massive platform for diverse clothing and accessories. Although they follow current fashion trends, Shein has not let the vintage superiority die. Their vintage collection is excellent and huge. 

 Brands Like LoveShackFancy


  • E-commerce
  • 15% off on registration
  • Free returns in the US
  • Available in more than 150 countries
  • Extra 15% off on first purchase
  • Free standard shipping on over US $49
  • Student discounts

Why Is Shein A Suitable Alternative?

Shein uses on-demand manufacturing technology, which enables them to reach zero inventory and provide customers with affordable products. Shein is a complete powerhouse of quality and affordability


&OtherStories create bold and vintage styles. Their fashion goes from bold to vintage to romantic. With this range of diversity in fashion and inspiration, you cannot deny how amazing this brand is. &OtherStories inspires you to explore your own distinct sense of style and create a stylish look that is valued by yourself.

Popular Brands Like LoveShackFancy


  • Physical and digital services
  • Serene stores
  • Diverse style inspiration
  • Sustainability
  • Recycling
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Free returns within 30 days
  • No exchange offers
  • 10% student discount

Why Is &OtherStories An Amazing Alternative?

Apart from all the discounts and sales offered by &OtherStories, what makes them special is their recycling policy. If you bring your used &OtherStories products to the stores, they offer you a 10% off voucher for one in-store purchase. 

For Love & Lemons

For Love and Lemons is a female-founded and women-led brand associated with dreamers who absolutely prioritize innovation. They put curiosity and free thinking in everything they do and are fearless fashion explorers. For Love & Lemons, echo the same enchanting and appealing vintage aroma as Loveshackfancy. They offer far more variety and have a unique sparkle to themselves. The brand’s designs do not venture too far from modern aesthetics and are a perfect blend of vintage and modern. 

Alternative Shops Like LoveShackFancy


  • Vintage collection
  • Worldwide online marketplace
  • High quality
  • Expensive
  • No changes can be made after the order is placed
  • Fast deliveries
  • Sign up for 10% off
  • Free shipping in the US on orders over $50
  • Free international shipping on orders over $300

Why Is For Love and Lemons An Appropriate Alternative?

People mainly opt for For Love and Lemons for their extraordinary customer service. People there will go the extra mile to ensure that you, as a customer, are satisfied and happy with their service. Another reason why For Love and Lemons is the apple of people’s eyes is the cute and adorable designs of their clothes. Everybody is literally obsessed with their designs.


Bringing sustainable fashion to everyone being their mission, Reformation makes effortless silhouettes that rejoice feminine figures. Despite being hellbound on sustainability, Reformation creates cute, preppy, vintage, and classy clothes similar to Loveshackfancy. Reformation has got everything that can make your heart flutter without creating a hole in your wallet.

Similar sites like LoveShackFancy


  • Seventeen stores globally
  • Sustainability
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Free shipping and returns internationally
  • Seasonal sales
  • Student discounts

Why Is Reformation A Valid Alternative?

Reformation’s clothes are as cute and stylish as those of Loveshackfancy. However, the fact that they offer the products at a fraction of the price is what grabs the customers’ attention. You can get amazing products at super affordable prices in Reformation. This definitely looks like a reason to celebrate via shopping. 


Staud has taken the highway in fashion through its achingly unique, feminine, and colorful styles. It has soared its way up high through its scrutinizing attention to detail. Staud designs The designs of Staud are the pure epitome of subtlety. Its designs do certainly have wow elements. However, they do not claim the limelight with such aggressiveness that shadows the real you. 

Popular Stores Like LoveShackFancy


  • Online platform
  • 100+ retailers worldwide
  • International shipping worldwide
  • Complimentary shipping on over $100 purchases within the contiguous United States. 
  • Seasonal sales 
  • Sales may go as high as 75% or even higher

Why Is Staud A Proper Alternative?

Staud is mostly lauded by people who adore subtlety. So, if you want to look effortlessly flawless, this is where you should land. Minimalists are going to love this brand because it makes you shine without overshadowing your own charm.

ASTR The Label

ASTR aims to immerse its customers into a universe of effortless beauty. They are focused on treating you with refined designs at bargain prices. They are especially famous for their floral designs, which are absolutely eye-catching and accentuate the actual beauty of the carrier. Unlike other brands, ASTR will not grab the entire attention. It will help you shine in your own beauty. 

Sites Like LoveShackFancy


  • Budget-friendly
  • Unique and cheerful designs
  • Clothes for all occasions
  • Student discounts
  • Free shipping over $75 within the continental US
  • International shipping to Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany

Why Is ASRT The Label A Great Alternative?

If budget is a concern for you, ASTR the Label is the best way to go. They will provide you with the best prices at super reasonable prices.

Sister Jane

Sister Jane is a fashion brand based in London. Their unique and colorful products disseminate a sense of femininity and nostalgia. They design their pieces with a distinctive trademark. This makes their styles whimsical and eccentric. Their website will give you all the jitters of a girly and preppy wardrobe. Sister Jane is the best destination for you if you are looking for a bohemian and feminine brand.

Affordable Stores Like LoveShackFancy


  • New collection every six week
  • All collections are limited-edition
  • Long-lasting
  • International shipping in most countries
  • Student discounts
  • Exciting sales and discounts
  • Fast return and delivery

Why Is Sister Jane A Suitable Alternative?

The best place to get magical dresses with a distinct edge is Sister Jane. Flawless quality and lower prices make this brand a fantastic choice.  Their amazing customer service is a cherry on the top.

Free People

Free People is the treasury of bohemian fashion featuring the latest trends and vintage collections. This brand is for artistic people who are passionate about art, music, travel, etc. The brand offers a range of products from apparel to accessories. With top-notch fashion sense and a high level of quality, Free people really know how to win customers’ hearts.

Fashion Competitors Like LoveShackFancy


  • 136 free-standing boutiques across the United States and Canada
  • Globally available
  • Free shipping over $100
  • International shipping to over 100 countries
  • 15% off of everything with a UP membership

Why Is Free People A Suitable Alternative?

For those of you who want to enjoy aesthetic clothes at affordable prices, Free people might just be your way to go. After all, who doesn’t want quality products at low prices? Go grab your first Free People product right now if you haven’t yet.


Cleobella incorporates the art of travel in their designs in the most magnificent manner. Their designs flash the traditional styles most tastefully. They create amazing patterns and unique artistry for their apparel. Besides the traditional clothing, Cleobella also crafts modern styles like hoodies. Their clothes are handcrafted by their artisans. The beautiful crafts bring the most eccentric flair to your collection.

Fashion Brands Like LoveShackFancy


  • Sign up for their emails to receive $20 off your first order
  • Free shipping on all orders within the United States
  • International Shipping is available for $25
  • Handmade products
  • Ethically made products
  • E-gift cards
  • No distinctive student discounts

Why Should You Choose Cleobella?

All Cleobella products are specially handmade by individual crafters. This makes every product one of a kind. If you are a fan of handmade aesthetics, you need to check out their products. They will give you all the jitters of traditional elegance.


Chicwish is an inspiring fashion brand that echoes both vintage and modern styles. They marked their beginnings by serving the younger generation with a unique sense of chic style. In doing that, they also ensured the excellent quality of their products. Chicwish values vintage designs and handmade collections. They established their online store as a paradise for those with an eye for fun fashion. All items at Chicwish are hand-selected. This helps to ensure the quality and uniqueness of their collectives. 

Alternative Shops Like LoveShackFancy


  • Handmade products
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free returns in US and UK
  • Student discounts
  • Promo codes
  • Exciting sales and discounts
  • Great quality 
  • Good material

Why Is Chicwish An Appropriate Alternative?

Chicwish is known for its beautiful quality and great materials. If you want something that is fashionable, vintage, modern, and comfortable, you do not need to look elsewhere anymore. Great news! Chicwish products are also much more affordable. Check Chicwish out now if you haven’t yet. 

Here are ten brands that can give a tough fight to your love for Loveshackfancy. Give it a try; I bet you will not regret these brands. Each of these is popular in some way or the other. And some of them are ideally better than Loveshackfancy.


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