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You Definitely Need These Double-Slit Long Dresses in Your Closet!

Long, high-slit dresses have a cult following in the world of high fashion, and we are just as obsessed with them! They symbolize luxury and elegance and are frequently spotted on celebrities at red carpet events. In recent times, long double-slit dresses are becoming increasingly popular among fashion-forward women. As the name suggests, double-slit dresses have two slits on each side. The slits are strategically placed to accentuate your legs and create a sultry yet stylish silhouette. 

Slit dresses are available in varying cuts and styles, which means there is a slit dress for every occasion. With that in mind, we have put together a selection of 20 long dresses that come with high-slits on both sides. The list includes both casual and formal dresses, so you can surely find one that works for you!

Long Dress With Slits On Both Sides – Casual Wear


  • Short-Sleeved High-Slit Maxi Dress

double thigh split maxi dress

Short-sleeved double-slit maxi dresses are the best summer attire for women and come in various designs and patterns. Not only are they fashionable, but also light and comfortable to carry. So if you are looking for a double-slit dress to wear on the regular, this is a great option. Pair them with sandals, ankle boots, or low-heels.  

  • Back-Tie Beach Double-Slit Dress

double thigh split dress

Back-tie double-slit dresses are the perfect pool and beachwear. These dresses are flowy, flirty, and feminine, and the double-slits just add to their charm. Style them with appropriate sandals or wedges and light accessories. Throw on a straw hat if you like. 

  • Tie-Dye High-Slit Maxi Dress

How to tie a long dress with slits

A refreshing take on slit dresses, tie-dye high slit maxi dresses are all the rage right now. They come in a variety of artistic patterns and add a fun twist to your look. Style them with matching accessories and shoes. 

  • Cami Style High-Slit Dress

casual long dresses with slits up the side

Cami-style high-slit dresses are another casual option you can select. They are stylish, comfortable to wear, and allow for easy movement. Dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Perfect for running errands or even as a date night outfit

  • Strapless Double-Slit Dress

long dress with high slits on both sides

Who doesn’t love a strapless look? The best part about strapless double-slit dresses is that they are not restricting at all. You can wear them at beach parties or on dinner dates. They are highly versatile and easy to carry. Accessorize lightly. 

  • Boho Strappy Maxi Slit Dress

casual long dresses with slits up the side

Boho maxi-style dresses will never go out of style, and the two slits at the sides only add to their allure. You will find them in a variety of floral and whimsical prints. Accessorize them with beaded necklaces and fashionable hair clips. You can either wear flats or heels, depending on where you are headed. 

  • Flounce High-Slit Dress

long black dress with slits on both sides

Flounce dresses have a youthful charm to them and are perfect for day wear. They add an extra flair to dresses that would otherwise look too plain. If you are looking for something different, get yourself a flounce double high-slit dress.   

  • Long T-Shirt Style Slit Dress

long shirt with slits on both sides

You can’t get more casual than a t-shirt dress. T-shirt-style slit dresses are effortless and provide you with much-needed comfort and ease. Pair yours with some sneakers or even wedges. Optionally, you can add a plaid shirt to the mix. 

  • Short-Sleeved Rouched High-Slit Dress

long evening gowns with slits

Rouched dresses are stunning, especially when they come with slits. These types of dresses hug the contours of the body and look flattering on everyone. They are perfect for a casual day out and even date nights. You can wear them with heels or sandals depending on your preference.

  • Floral Printed Two-Slit Dress

t-shirt with slits on both sides

We love floral printed slit dresses so much. The double slits add a unique dimension to the outfit. You can never run out of colors and prints to choose from. Pair them with sandals and light matching accessories. These dresses are perfect for springtime or beachwear. 

Long Dress With Slits On Both Sides – Formal and Party Wear


  • Sequined Double-Slit Party Gown

dress with side slits

Sequined double-slit party gowns are one-of-a-kind. They are the height of sophistication and perfect for formal parties and celebrity events. The heavy sequence work makes the dress stand out even more. This beautiful dress perfectly hugs the contours of a body, resulting in a gorgeous silhouette. The slits on both sides help highlight the legs for a sultry look. Style your sequined double-slit gown with appropriate high heels and a matching purse.

  • Cut-Out Maxi Slit Dress

maxi dress with slits on both sides

Another take on party slit dresses is the cut-out maxi slit dress. The asymmetrical design paired with high slits adds an edge to the outfit. They are unique and look absolutely stunning when styled with the right accessories and shoes. If you are looking to make a statement, definitely opt for this.

  • Halter Neck Double-Slit Dress

strapless evening dresses with slits

Halter necks help show off and accentuate the arms and shoulders. High-slit dresses that come with halter necks highlight your best features. You can wear them at formal events, paired with simple jewelry and high heels. 

  • Embroidered Bodice Double-Slit Gown 

evening gowns with slits

Nothing says grace more than embroidered slit gowns. The intricate embroidery combined with the double slits makes it a fabulous party dress. It is the perfect prom and wedding attire. Style your gorgeous embroidered slit gown with elegant jewelry, heels, and a complementary clutch. 

  • Satin V-Neck High-Slit Gown

long dresses with slits up the side

There is something so exquisite about satin slit gowns. They drape beautifully, hugging your body in all the right places. The nature of the fabric makes it look luxurious and glamorous,  which is why they are the perfect party wear. Wear your gorgeous satin slit gown with strappy heels and an equally beautiful clutch to carry your essentials. 

  • Lacy Two-Slit Dress

prom dresses with slits and open back

Lace dresses are classy, timeless, and so romantic. You don’t even require a lot of accessories because the fabric itself has a lot going on for it. Get yourself a lacy two-slit dress, and all eyes will be on you. Delicate matching jewelry and a nice purse should suffice.

  • High-Cut Double-Slit Bodycon 

evening gowns with slits

If you are looking for something bold, look no further.  A high-cut double-slit bodycon dress is a daring fashion choice. However, when done right, it can look amazing. We have seen celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner Effortlessly rock this look on the red carpet. So why not give this a shot?

  • Velvet High-Slit Gown 

dress with side slits

Throughout history, velvet gowns have been associated with royalty. Velvet is a heavy and luxurious fabric that instantly elevates any look. These high-slit gowns are perfect for winter parties and events. Colors like royal blue and maroon are suitable for evening wear. Opt for light but classy jewelry and high heels to balance out the look.

  • Tulle Halter Double-Slit Dress

double side split dress

Tulle gowns are popular wedding and party wear. They are made of an airy, mesh fabric that adds a fairytale-like effect to your look. Halter double-slit tulle dresses are a great clothing option for formal events. They allow just enough skin to be shown and look stunning on everyone. Style them with appropriate accessories and shoes.

  • Off-Shoulder Floral Slit Dress

evening floral gowns with slits

Who says formal equals boring? A structured off-shoulder floral slit dress may be all you need in life. They come in a range of vibrant colors and floral motifs and can be styled up or down. Accessorize your off-shoulder floral slit gown with fun accessories and high heels.  

  • Metallic Plunge Neck Slit Gown 

dress with slits on the side

If you love a wet metallic look, this plunge neck slit gown is for you. This fine gown is a showstopper for sure, and the double slits make it look even more flattering on the body. Pair your dress with simple statement jewelry and accessories for a chic and polished look. 

To conclude, high-slit dresses can be intimidating at first, especially if you have never worn a dress with double-slits before. However, don’t shy away from experimenting. Always remember that confidence is the key to looking good. As long as you are confident, you can pull off anything!

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