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Styling a Taupe Dress: What Color Shoes Look Best?

The color taupe is a true neutral and is available in a variety of hues. Having both cool and warm undertones, this shade is the perfect cross between brown and grey. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that taupe is incredibly adaptable in terms of styling. Taupe dresses can be paired with shoes and accessories of almost every color. You can either choose to go with matching neutrals or bold, complementing shades. 

While there isn’t any right or wrong color, we think the shoes listed below look best when paired with a taupe dress!

Blush Pink or Dusty Rose 

style with Taupe Dress

If you want to add a subtle pop of color, blush pink or dusty rose shoes can create a soft and feminine look. These delicate and light pink tones complement the neutral nature of taupe while adding a touch of romance. Look for pumps, sandals, or ballet flats in these shades for a charming and graceful appearance.

Burgundy or Wine

what shoes to wear with taupe dress

Deep burgundy or wine-coloured shoes can create an elegant and sophisticated contrast against a taupe dress. The rich and bold tones of burgundy add a touch of luxury and create a visually striking combination. Consider burgundy heels, ankle boots, or flats for a refined and dramatic look.

Classic Black

Colors That Go With Taupe Clothes

The classic black heel is always an easy pick. Black heels are in everyone’s closet and your safest bet when you’re unsure what to wear. They are timeless and a staple for both formal and casual occasions. Whether you are wearing black pumps or strappy heels, the color will provide a nice contrast to your taupe dress. Combine with a black purse and matching accessories. 

Everyday Nude

shoes to wear with a taupe dress

When in doubt, always wear nude! Nude heels don’t require any introduction. For colors like taupe, there really couldn’t be a more perfect match. The right shade will go seamlessly with your taupe dress. Ankle straps or stilettos, you can’t go wrong with a pair of nudies. Wear jewelry and accessories that contrast with your dress. You don’t want your outfit to appear one-dimensional! 

Pearl White

shoes to wear with a taupe dress

White is another highly versatile shade that can be easily styled with any outfit. Everyone should have at least one pair of white heels in their possession. White pumps, ankle straps, and kitten heels are great footwear options for taupe dresses. They provide just the right amount of contrast while still being in the neutral category. Pearl accessories would look divine with this outfit.

Pale Gold


What Colour goes with taupeWant to spice up your look? Gold heels are the way to go. Traditionally, gold has been associated with luxury and royalty. However, not all gold tones look good with a taupe dress. Try to pick a shade of gold that isn’t too striking. Pale, muted gold heels are perfect for special occasions and formal events. Accessorize your outfit with matching gold jewelry and a stylish purse. 

Sparkling Silver 

How do you style with taupe dress

If you want to jazz up your look but gold isn’t exactly your taste, silver shoes are an excellent option to consider. Switching your neutral pumps with silver heels is an instant way to transform your look from boring to glamorous. The cool undertones of silver pair really well with neutral shades like taupe. You can accessorize with silver jewelry to complete the look.    

Metallic Bronze 

What colors look good with taupe dress

Bronze heels look truly exceptional with a taupe dress. It is one of the prettiest metallic shades, and it has a lovely rustic vibe to it. The warm undertones will look stunning with your taupe dress. If you want to stay within the metallic group, definitely go from bronze heels. They can be hard to come by, but they are worth investing in. Matching bronze or copper jewelry is all the accessories you will need with this!


what color shoes to wear with taupe cocktail dress

Brown is one of those neutrals that goes with everything. It is a universal shade that looks flattering on every skin tone and color. If you are tired of the usual black, white, and nude options, there is no better alternative than brown heels. Depending on your preference, you can go for lighter or darker shades of brown. Either way, they will perfectly complement your taupe dress!

Radiant Red

what color shoes to wear with beige dress

Perhaps you want to add a pop of color to your neutral dress. Why not opt for red shoes instead? Nothing goes better with a taupe dress than a pair of gorgeous, red pumps. This look is such a classic! Wear your outfit with a matching red bag and a bold red lip. With this one, you will undoubtedly turn heads. 

Vibrant Teal

what color jewelry goes with taupe dress

Teal is another beautiful bright shade that looks exquisite paired with taupe-colored dresses. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not go for a pair of teal pumps? Not everyone can rock teal, but the right shade paired with matching accessories will surely make a statement! Don’t forget to Include a matching teal clutch to carry your essentials!

Mustard Yellow

taupe dress shoes for wedding

Mustard is one of the most underrated shades of yellow, but we are definitely here for it! Yellow heels pair extremely well with taupe dresses and lend a playful edge to the overall look. Like red and teal, yellow is a great shade when it comes to adding contrast to your neutral outfit. Throw on some yellow pumps or strappy heels and you are set! Accessorize lightly. 

Bright Orange

what color shoes to wear with taupe cocktail dress

Orange shoes with taupe dresses may not be your first choice, but they are a fantastic combination. The orange shoes will brighten up and add warmth to your entire look. Pair your outfit with the right accessories and warm-toned makeup to finish. Overall, it is a lovely variation to the neutral colors we usually go for when we wear taupe.

Hot Pink

What color shoes to wear with taupe pants

Another unusual but charming pairing is hot pink heels with a taupe dress. Because taupe is as neutral as it gets, vivid hues like hot pink will naturally look amazing with it. It might not be for everyone, but if you are willing to give it a chance, this combination will surely grow on you! Remember to go light on the accessories to balance out the look.    

Pastel Blue

taupe dress with gold shoes

Blue, blue, we adore you! Out of all the cool-toned hues, pastel blue stands out as the perfect companion to taupe. This shade of blue is both subtle yet unconventional enough to stand out. A pair of blue pumps or open-toe heels can really change the look and feel of your outfit. Combine your ensemble with a matching bag and some cute jewelry to finish! 


taupe dress with black shoes

Transparent heels are all the rage right now, and we couldn’t be happier! There is no way you could go wrong with a pair of transparent heels. As they are made of clear material, you don’t have to worry about them not matching your outfit. These trendy shoes are a must-have in any wardrobe. If you are having trouble deciding which color to go for, put on some transparent heels instead.

What Color Shoes Should You Wear With A Taupe Cocktail Dress?

If you are specifically looking for shoes you can wear with a taupe cocktail dress, keep reading. 

Cocktail dresses are usually the choice of attire for celebratory events such as parties and weddings. These types of dresses are typically mid-length and have some form of structure to them. When it comes to picking the perfect shoes for your cocktail dress, think sophistication. Avoid wearing flats. Instead, pair your cocktail dress with the right type of heels. 

Neutral Shades 

what color shoes to wear with taupe cocktail dress

Bright-colored shoes aren’t necessarily a no-go, but the appropriate shoes for a cocktail dress should lean more towards neutral. Therefore, nude, brown, black, and white are all suitable shades for a taupe-colored cocktail dress. Remember, the goal is not to look excessively flashy or out of place.

Metallic Shades 

what color shoes to wear with taupe dress

While neutral shades are a safe choice in this regard, metallic shoes will look just as chic and stunning. That means you can pair your taupe cocktail dress with gold, silver, bronze, or other metallic shades. Metallic shoes may even look better with your outfit, especially when styled with matching accessories and jewelry.   

What Color Jewelry  Goes With A Taupe Dress?

Taupe dresses are a great neutral canvas for a variety of accessories. However, when choosing jewelry to go with your taupe dress, try to keep it simple and elegant.


what color jewelry goes with taupe dress

Gold chains, studs, and rings would look stunning with your taupe dress. You can layer a few simple pieces together for the best effect. Always go for accessories in muted shades of gold. 

Rose Gold

accessories to go with taupe dress

Don’t fancy gold accessories? Rose gold is a great option that looks gorgeous when paired with neutral-colored dresses. Keep it simple or mix and match your necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


Does taupe go with gold or silver

Just like gold, silver jewelry is highly versatile. They are also more wearable for day-to-day occasions. Get yourself some lovely silver jewelry to pair with your taupe dress! Don’t shy away from layering them.  


Shoes to wear with taupe dress

If you’re into bronzy jewelry, definitely pair them with your taupe dress. They come in a variety of designs and add an antique touch to your outfit. Look for statement necklaces and earrings


What Colour accessories go with taupe dress

Pearl jewelry is the epitome of elegance. They really help elevate every outfit, especially neutral ones. Go for simple pearl necklaces and earrings for a sophisticated look.  

No outfit is complete without the right shoes and accessories to go with it. So, now that you know what shoes and jewelry will look best with your taupe dress why not try them out for yourself?

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