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Pretty Faux Nose Rings: You Must Try to Look Upscale This Summer

Yeah, nose piercings hurt, and the commitment can be quite scary. But you can try faux nose rings to skip having that permanent hole for instantly dope-identifying your appearance. You do not need to feel the pain if you are a needle-phobic individual. Instead, use the faux ones that are also low on their maintenance.

Of course, permanent nose piercings offer you different options when adorning them with beautiful rings and studs. But that does not make faux nose rings any less.

They come with some of the most beautiful options as well:

Faux Nose Studs

women's nose studs

Studs offer nose piercings one of the best looks, but you might not know that you can even wear studs without piercing your nose. The best thing about faux nose rings or studs is that they are easy to wear and remove. And using them is quite comfortable. They are even available in some of the most comfortable designs.

The studs work by you wearing a magnet in your nose to hold them in place. It stays fixed in one place, making it appear as if you are wearing it on a permanent piercing. And do not worry about having them in place even for a very long time as they maintain the perfect look.

Faux Hoops

fashionable nose rings

Those who consider studs to be too simple should try faux hoops. You cannot go wrong with this style that emphasizes the perfect appearance. The best thing about faux hoops is that they match almost any style.

Hooped versions of faux nose rings are not just straightforward to come across but stylish and great too. They are also safe because they never tend to fall off.

Faux Clip-Ons

stylish nose rings

You must have your hands on a faux clip-on for an ornate appearance. Clip-on is another more manageable way of wearing faux nose rings. Clip-on nose rings have a metal fold at the back, making them stay in place without effort.

The metal fold at the back of these rings grasps the base of the nostrils and thus hinders the ring from falling off. You can find clip-on nose rings in varied sizes and extravagant designs to give a natural look. Regardless of what size you get them in, they will always look stylish and comfortable.

Faux Crystal Nose Ring

pretty nose rings

The faux crystal nose ring can be the perfect nose ring for the bride to wear on her marriage day. These rings have half a line of crystal stone adorned with gold belly rings, and you can even find gold beads hanging from these rings to give a complete appearance to the bride.


Faux nose rings are in trend right now and are popular across the world. Ladies and even young girls can wear these rings without inconvenience. They are easy to wear and remove and great at converting appearances and modifying the style of a lady.

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