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Best Alternatives To Ted Baker Brand

Ted Baker is a fashion brand in the UK that eventually expanded into footwear, perfumes, and even lingerie. It has emerged as one of the leading brands in Britain, gaining popularity among both men and women worldwide. Ted Baker is especially recognized for its contemporary designer staples and revitalized western classics. Here, we bring you 10 brands similar to Ted Baker that you can try for the latest fashion and luxury items.


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Bloomingdale’s has a consumer rating of 4.11 stars, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their products. Consumers most frequently mention that Bloomingdale’s is a great place and that the products are of good quality.

Why is Bloomingdale’s an appropriate alternative?

Bloomingdale’s aims to create a shopping experience that consumers will not find anywhere else. It offers a personal shopping experience in which a member of its staff assists you in finding products that suit you best. Your shopper will suggest clothes and accessories according to your budget and will help you discover something unique and special.


  • Great brand image
  • Personal shopping assistant
  • Superior quality
  • Customer-oriented culture


ted baker like brands

ASOS has a vast inventory of products by more than 850 famous clothing and footwear brands worldwide, making it a great alternative to Ted Baker. It serves a huge variety of products with a wide range of prices in one place.

Why do customers choose ASOS?

ASOS offers next-day delivery and free returns. The company sure knows how to grab the market. Fast deliveries are what attract customers the most in this busy era.


Exciting features of ASOS that make it a great alternative include its focus on offering an outstanding customer experience, which it attempts to achieve through:

  • Impressive customer support
  • Next-day delivery 
  • Free returns
  • Effective loyalty program 
  • New fashionable items every week.


brands similar to ted baker

Ralph Lauren has been enticing the fashion world with amazing styles for men and women. It has become a classic American brand. Ralph Lauren is your way to go if you are concerned about quality and brand status.

Why should customers choose Ralph Lauren?

What attracts people to Ralph Lauren stores is that they employ people who know fashion. The salespeople are kind and customer-oriented, and they know what they are doing! Secondly, Ralph Lauren’s lavish stores have majestic vibes, which makes shopping all more enjoyable.


  • Talented staff
  • Majestic stores
  • Exquisite brand image
  • Customer-oriented culture


brands like ted baker

Burberry designs are simply incredible, and they only get better season by season. The company’s outfits are comfortable and wearable for a regular person. While it maintains a fashion-forward feel, Burberry offers fashion that is not too artsy or eccentric, helping it gain in popularity. Despite the high prices, people prefer Burberry’s products. Customers love to wander around the stores because the products are lavish and aesthetically pleasing.

Why should you choose Burberry?

Customers love Burberry products mainly because of the brand image and product quality. Burberry has established a place in people’s hearts with its innovative and unique products. 


  • Unique designs
  • Stores in 59 countries
  • Non-eccentric, fashionable clothes
  • Undeniable quality 


ted baker similar brands

Dorothy Perkins offers the feel-good fashion that is everybody’s favorite. It has been part of the industry for 100 years, so it is not an overstatement to say that Dorothy Perkins knows the fashion world intimately. Its enormous range of styles and regular arrivals give you an array of choices. 

Why should customers choose Dorothy Perkins?

Dorothy Perkins is on people’s priority list for its outstanding customer service and amazing offers and discounts, which go as high as 70%. According to customer reviews on Trustpilot, Dorothy Perkins’ customer service is phenomenal, especially in the case of returns, given obvious exceptions.


  • Generous discounts 
  • Free deliveries for purchases over a certain amount
  • Favorable return policies
  • More than 124 international outlets


ted baker like brands

Jack Wills epitomizes a nonchalant and youthful style that embraces a sense of freedom and excitement. It creates products for people who appreciate effortless design, faultless finishes, and attention to detail.

Why is Jack Wills an appropriate choice?

Jack Wills often offers great discounts for students. Currently, it is giving a whopping 10% off all items in June 2023. Outstanding quality, amazing offers, and generous customer service are what make Jack Wills a great alternative to Ted Baker.


  • Effortless designs
  • Attention to detail
  • Student discounts
  • Whopping offers
  • Great customer service
  • Available in 130 countries

7. H&M

ted baker alternative

H&M is another popular brand that provides quality products and has more than 5,000 physical stores worldwide for fashion enthusiasts who want to experience in-person shopping. Additionally, H&M features online shopping so that customers can purchase their beloved H&M products without the inconvenience of visiting a store amid their hectic lives.

Why is H&M an appropriate alternative?

H&M allows you to discover all the latest trends for young women and to save on your favorites with exclusive student discounts and unique sales. H&M also offers up to 20% off on all products for its members.


  • More than 5000 physical stores across the globe
  • Always caught up on the latest trends
  • Exclusive student discounts
  • Membership discounts


brands similar to ted baker

Topshop is a store like Ted Baker in various ways. It is an online store where customers can buy products with just a few swipes on their devices. It offers a huge variety of fashion products at affordable prices. Topshop always has its eye out for new styles and promotes social responsibility. 

Why is Topshop a great choice?

Topshop’s sales go up to as high as a whopping 80%. If you look at the website, you will find a great range of discounts and sales, which feels quite overwhelming considering that the products are of very good quality.


  • Available in 37 countries
  • High quality
  • Amazing online services
  • Generous offers


ted baker competitors

Pretty Little Thing is yet another online retailer focusing on women’s clothing and accessories. It has set numerous trends and many celebrities source from the site. 

Why should customers choose Pretty Little Thing?

In addition to a website, Pretty Little Thing features an app allowing customers to take advantage of great deals to get stylish yet affordable clothes in just a few steps. When it comes to offers and sales, Pretty Little Things doesn’t back off. Its sales also go up to 80%. 


  • Outstanding reach in online platforms
  • Celebrity promotions
  • Exotic deals
  • Affordable prices


ted baker similar brands

In The Style is a fast-growing e-commerce womenswear fashion brand that offers on-trend, unique, and design-oriented fashion items. It typically adds approximately 200 new product lines per week. In The Style promotes women’s empowerment, inclusivity, body confidence, and authentic beauty. 

Why is In The Style a great choice?

To flatter its customers, In The Style offers numerous sales and discounts all year round. It is offering up to 60% off for June 2023 purchases. The company also offers voucher codes and special discounts on certain products. 


  • Introduces 200 new products per week
  • Promotes authentic beauty
  • Provides exclusive sales and discounts
  • Offers voucher codes

These were the top 10 choices of brands similar to Ted Bakers. Ted Baker is loved for its quality and vast range of choices. All these stores offer similar services, and some even have better customer service than Ted Baker. I strongly recommend these brands. Anyone who likes Ted Baker will surely appreciate these brands as well.

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