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Y2K fashion is back! Here are the top ten brands to shop from

While fashion fads come and go, they tend to resurface when a certain amount of time has passed; and the Y2K aesthetic is no exception. 

When we think of the late-90s and early-2000s, the first thing that comes to mind is the distinct fashion trends that defined that time period. Thanks to the advent of 21st-century fast fashion, clothes became cheaper and trends more accessible to the broader millennial consumer base. In addition, the pop culture and tech breakthroughs heavily influenced the fashion trends of the time. This meant flashy clothing, wide-leg pants, denim jackets, and colorful shades became the hallmarks of the Y2K era.

If you are looking for Y2K-inspired clothing, there are plenty of vintage and contemporary brands to shop from. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of ten different fashion brands that embrace the 2000s fashion and carry both affordable and trendy clothing options.

Juicy Couture 

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Juicy Couture was all the rage in the 2000s and perfectly embodied the laidback fashion trend of the Y2K era. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian are among the many celebrities that were frequently spotted wearing their iconic Juicy tracksuits. The brand not only epitomized the loungewear trend of the early 2000s but also managed to make it glamorous. 

While they are not exactly light on the wallet, their bubblegum pink Bling Velour Hoodie and Track Pants are a classic combination that Y2K lovers are sure to appreciate. 

American Apparel 

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American Apparel has long cemented itself as a popular brand in the country, particularly among the young generation. To date, it is one of America’s most recognizable retail stores. The brand is renowned for its Made in USA apparel and collection of everyday closet essentials. With promises of ethical production and decent working conditions for its employees, it delivers the 2000s aesthetic in various designs and colors.

People today continue to appreciate the brand’s value and purchase American Apparel so, if you’re looking to get some Y2K pieces for yourself, order online or head over to one of their physical stores. 


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Who doesn’t enjoy a Forever21 moment? Forever21 is one of the most popular fashion labels of the early-2000s that pioneered fast fashion in America. The brand represents youth, which is exemplified in its reasonably priced, contemporary apparel lines. For its price and accessibility, Forever21 is still admired by young people globally. 

You can get your hands on the latest Y2K clothing and accessories for relatively low prices, like this cute ‘Made in the 90s’ tee that can be paired with an equally charming vintage pleated skirt.

Abercrombie & Fitch 

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Abercrombie & Fitch is a name that will be familiar to everyone who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s. It was every millennial teenager’s dream to own at least a pair of low-rise A&F jeans. Putting the numerous controversies aside, fans of the brand wholeheartedly enjoyed the embroidered A&F symbol on their clothes. While A&F’s earlier style was mostly aimed at youngsters, the brand has recently attempted to appeal to a more mature audience. Their comeback is more visible than ever, and even the lovely Bella Hadid was recently photographed sporting a Y2K-inspired A&F outfit. 

While their clothes are not cheap by any means, you can get free shipping on orders over $150 on their website.   


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Hollister was founded by Abercrombie & Fitch in 2000 and has since become a household name in America. As denim quickly became the staple clothing item for both men and women in the 2000s, brands like Hollister benefited from their reputation for high-quality denim items. If you grew up in that era, you most likely had at least a pair of Hollister denim jeans or their signature hoddie. 

While Hollister can be more expensive than some of its competitors, it is definitely the best place to shop for all your Y2K essentials. That being said, many of their clothing items are often on sale, and they provide seasonal discounts as well.                                        


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PacSun is one of the most well-known brands in modern fashion and offers the right blend of early-2000s-inspired design. The cornerstone of their brand is a California-inspired line of apparel, shoes, and accessories that was popular in the Y2K era. It is especially loved for its denim wearables that take inspiration from the core of California’s cultural influence in the 2000s. 

They sometimes have special offers such as free shipping and buy-one-get-one deals. So, make sure to keep an eye out on their website to avail them. 


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Wildfox is a clothing brand that primarily focuses on vintage-inspired apparel. The brand carries everything from casual tees, patterned shirts, wide-leg pants to holiday sweaters and exquisite loungewear. Renowned celebrities like Beyonce and Gigi Hadid are often seen wearing their signature Y2K outfits. 

Despite the fact that they are relatively expensive, their collection of Y2K clothing is exceptional, and comfort and longevity are always a priority. In addition, you can get around 70% off on website purchases for Black Friday and year-end sales, along with other exciting deals. 

Miss Sixty

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Miss Sixty was one of the most influential brands in defining the classic Y2K-era style. The brand was immensely popular in the 2000s, especially among celebs like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Hilary Duff. Their statement belts and low-rise jeans were a huge fashion trend at the time. As the Y2K style gained momentum again, the company returned to the spotlight, with youth icon Bella Hadid as its face. 

Miss Sixty does not compromise on quality or price. While they are definitely on the more expensive side, they provide sitewide discounts from time to time. 

Betsey Johnson  

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With its innovative and daring design choices, Betsey Johnson has long been a fashion trendsetter. It certainly played a role in some of the most notable trends of the 2000s, particularly those that made a reappearance in the 2020s. To be honest, no other fashion brand captures the Y2K period like Betsey Johnson does. From vintage-inspired slip floral dresses to pumpkin spice accessories, it has it all. 

Don’t forget to sign up on their website for exclusive deals and discounts if you are shopping online. 


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ASOS is a fan-favorite because of its extensive selection of vintage-inspired jeans, sweaters, jackets, shirts, and accessories – all in one place! They offer a wide selection of clothing items from over 850 fashion brands. From jeans, jackets, and shirts to shoes and accessories, they have you covered from head to toe. On top of free delivery and easy return policies, they also provide a 10% discount just for students! 

Visit their website or physical outlets to purchase reasonably priced, trendy Y2K clothes and accessories.  

The 2000s were all about making a statement with over-the-top clothing choices, bold makeup, and flashy accessories. The year 2020 witnessed a rebirth of nostalgic Y2K fashion trends, although with a slightly modern twist. Bedazzled crop tops, bucket hats, and wide-leg pants from the early 2000s were successfully revived by social media celebrities and influencers. On that account, one could argue that a large portion of today’s fashion is just an interpretation of the Y2K style. But don’t get us wrong: we’re not complaining at all.

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