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What Shoes to Wear with Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are back, and that means you definitely need to know what shoes are the best to wear with them. Unlike skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans are very comfy and loose-fitting. If you asked me 10 years ago how they look, I would say that these kinds of jeans were our skinnies. However, after the appearance of real skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans were no longer in style. Now straight-leg jeans are back.

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All jeans lovers know the famous history of jeans. Since Levi Strauss introduced Lady Levis straight-leg jeans, they became one of the classic pieces of every woman’s wardrobe. One of the iconic looks for jeans is a combination that French girls adore – straight-leg jeans, white button-down shirt, and a silk scarf are the items you need for this chic look. And don’t forget the red lipstick!

Block-Heeled Shoes

A perfect work look is no longer a mystery. A beige blazer over a cream top and straight-legged jeans are just what you need to bring a bold attitude to a workplace.

what to wear with jeans

 Add a muffler if it is too cold. Block-heeled sandals fall just between the informal high heels that you wear to parties and casual flats. This is what makes them perfect for this attire. Another formal look would be a plain shirt with straight jeans. There is nothing overly decorative, yet this look serves the right amount of moody and particular vibes. 


what to match with straight jeans

Block heels add the ideal height and balance required to highlight the outfit. Add soft curls to your look to appear more vibrant and boldFor a casual approach, you can go with an off-shoulder crop top with straight leg jeans. This outfit is just so breezy and light that it can lift your mood in a blink! 

heel with jeans

The aesthetic top outstandingly brings out the beauty of your toned arms. It also seamlessly highlights your collarbones. Coordinating the colors of the top and block-heeled shoes will set the bar high.

Kitten Heels

Creating a proper combination of outfit and footwear can make any kind of heels look formal, even kitten heels. Totally simple wear with a white blazer and black kitten heels paired with a maroon top and straight jeans can make you look super sophisticated at the office.

What to wear with jeans

A white loose-fitting crop top lets the air cool you down. The surreal top, together with the heels gives you just the right look. The kitten heels do justice to your figure by making it all more prominent and re-aligning your body. The white top and black heels bring forth the classic black and white trend, which never disappoints.  Pumps are more or less similar to kitten heels. But they also look fabulous with straight leg pants.

pairing with straight jeans

For color pop lovers, if you are tied to a white theme and have no choice of trying some joyful colors, pop your shoes gracefully. Bold red pumps with a white shirt and straight-leg jeans look chic and refreshing.

heels with straight jeans

What about printed pumps? They look amazing, don’t they? These dotted pumps with the white shirt look stylish and chic. You can totally rock a business event with this look, looking like the absolute boss-lady. 

Chunky Sneakers

Sneakers are the soul of a comfy getup. However, creating the best color combination for your look might be tricky. For instance, a shimmery royal blue crop blazer with simple straight-leg jeans and chunky white sneakers make up the ideal getaway look on a typical winter day. 

Sneaker with jeans

The sneakers not only look classy and sophisticated but also provide you with the utmost comfort.  

classy shoes with jeans

Another great way to pair a sneaker with straight-leg jeans is by choosing a check, striped or zigzag jacket over a plain crop top. This gives you a super modest work look. 

sneakers with jeans

Let us now approach the chunky sneaker style in a more casual and breezy way. Get yourself into a vibrant loose-fitting top with straight-leg jeans, and pair them up with chunky white sneakers. White blends with everything. So, you do not need to worry about looking mismatched. The bright red top is what brings the liveliness out of you. Even if you are in a gloomy mood, this getup can change your mood in a blink.


Wedges are the real craze right now. A pair of wedges brings out the artistic fashionista in you. A ripped straight leg jeans with a pretty pair of wedges is the perfect combination of comfort and class. You can easily wear this to a picnic or a day-long outing.

Wedges with straight jeans

Wedges can also be super cute. The first thing that appears to my mind when I see this pair is ‘Oh how cute”. So, if you are one who is obsessed with pretty cute things, you should totally get one of these. 

What shoes do you wear with long straight jeans?

This one is similar to the one above, but in a different color. Just in case you are not a big fan of pinkish and girly stuff. These shoes are too fashionable to let go. Embrace chic fashion and get yourself a pair of wedges to show off your artistic fashion to the world.


Flip-flops are domestic. Your feet feel at home with it on. So, going anywhere that involves a lot of walking? Choose flip-flops. 

What shoes wear with long straight jeans?

I’m sure your feet will not hate the journey with the flip-flops on them. Here is a nice ‘morning walk’ look or a ‘going to the groceries’ look. The sweater and the jeans together, with the flip-flops, define comfort.

What shoes to wear with straight trousers?

This is for a more quality outing. You can wear it to any informal occasion, The flip flops, together with the outfit, blend totally into the look. They do not at all appear out of order.

What to pair with straight jeans?

Here this is for casual roamers. Are you one of those adventurous ones who wake up and think, ‘Let’s go somewhere far on a trip’ with no prior preparation? This is exactly the look you would prefer. Nothing crazy, just a fun top with jeans and ever so comfy flip-flops.  


Just like flip-flops, slides are also super comfortable. These are best for people who are not in for heels. Slides are in no way any less powerful and sexy than high heels. So, put on your sexy black top with those underrated slides of yours and make a strong fashion statement.

 pair with straight jeans?

Slides suit best with beach outfits like this. A walk by the blue sea joint to the blue sky full of white clouds in a blue and white striped shirt and comfortable slides is kind of heavenly. 

classy pair with straight jeans?

A casual outing in a black printed t-shirt tucked inside straight-leg jeans paired with printed slides might just be the push you need to get going on a lazy day. The clothing is comfy, cozy, chic, and induces enthusiasm. 


Clogs go with any outfit. A little heeled clog will give you a more composed look. Get yourself into a puff-sleeved black top with matching black clogs. This will help you set a high fashion bar.

Can you wear boots with straight leg jeans?

A short-sleeved multi-colored top with straight-leg jeans paired with brown clogs can give you the perfect ‘summer vibes’ look. Carry yourself like your chirpy self in this outfit and make your surroundings fresh like summer sunshine. 

What can I wear with black straight jeans?

Coming to a more sexy look, the same type of multi-colored top with thin sleeves and long neck cut paired with brownish clogs that have stones attached makes you look extremely sensual and hot. This is a perfect look for a disco party or a bachelor party. You are sure to make everyone envy your looks.

Some of the Iconic Looks

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Straight-leg jeans have changed the fashion of the 20th century. They have become one of the most influential pieces of clothing, and many famous girls are seen wearing them. Jane Birkin was definitely one of the biggest stars that worn wedge shoes with straight-leg jeans. In America, Brooke Shields caused a fuss when she appeared in a Calvin Klein commercial wearing the famous jeans with maroon boots. She was very young, but she became one of the trademarks of straight-leg jeans.

Let’s see how you can combine your favorite shoes with straight-leg jeans and channel your inner Brooke or Birkin.

Wearing Straight Leg Jeans with Ankle Boots

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It might come as a surprise, but it was evident that women in the fashion industry were happy about the reappearing of the straight-leg jeans. They look smart with ankle boots and an oversized sweater.

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Wearing slip dress over your jeans might seem unusual, but it is actually very practical. This street style star matches her style with lovely gray velvet boots.

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Winter footwear doesn’t have to be boring. With a lovely oversized tweed blazer and comfy jeans, you will look chic and very business-like. Brown ankle boots with a block heel match perfectly with the frayed hem of the jeans.

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Jeanne Damas is one of the new generation chic French girls. She is sporting straight-leg jeans in dark denim with a beige blazer-coat and black block heel booties. This look will never go out of style.

Wearing Straight-Leg Jeans with High Heel Sandals

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Even though it is simple and casual, this outfit is timeless. The combination of a black strappy top and high-waisted jeans is a favorite of many girls. It is minimal and perfect for everyday wear. High heel sandals work perfectly with straight-leg jeans.

straight jeans

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Ruffles, floral prints, and interesting sandals – these are the fashion items that you will need for this summer. They are a perfect match for your favorite loose and comfy straight-leg jeans that have been cut off and frayed. Blogger Aimee Song shows off the perfect look for everyday.

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Beige tailored blazer and comfy jeans are perfect for any occasion.  Make your jeans unique by rolling them up and wear heels or sandals

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The hem of straight jeans can be cut off or worn below the ankle. You can always consider strappy sandals for a casual and comfortable look. Retro sandals are back this season, so don’t hesitate to wear them as your everyday footwear.

Wearing Straight-Leg Jeans with Loafers

Jeans with Loafer

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Every time you are wondering what shoes to wear with straight leg jeans, think about comfort – most of all trendy loafers. They are perfect shoes for a chic girl who likes the minimal look. Always try to add interesting details – jewelry, printed belts, and a colorful scarf.

Wearing Straight Leg Jeans

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Fall-inspired outfits include chunky sweaters and black patent-leather loafers are perfect for long walks in the park. For coziness and comfort, straight-leg jeans with loafers make a fantastic combo.

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If you want to create a classy but still casual look, pair your straight-leg jeans with a white blouse. Complete the look by adding maroon loafers and a colorful bag.

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The black leather jacket is one of those essential items that is a must-have in your closet. Pair it with straight-leg jeans and black loafers for a chic and ultimately trendy look. This style is timeless.

Wearing Straight-Leg Jeans with Mules

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Kimonos as a part of everyday wear might surprise you. However, they became ultimately in vogue last season. Layer it with your straight-leg jeans and finish everything off with trendy mules.

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Red details can spice up any outfit. Mules and a circle bag in coral red with give a pop to any combination of straight-leg jeans and shirt or flirty top.

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Make a statement with these chic animal print mules worn with straight-leg jeans and jacket. When choosing something printed, try not to overdo it. Just one or two items will be enough to make the outfit look bold and chic.

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If you prefer neutral earth tones, then choose a lovely blazer in this shade. Pair it with jeans and black mules. And voila! For the ultimate touch, add a bag in the same shade as your blazer.


As you could see, there are many choices of shoes to wear with straight-leg jeans. Any trendy footwear will make a perfect combination with straight-leg jeans.  Straight-leg jeans can be dressed up or down. Be creative and wear them every day – for work or for pleasure.

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