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Sleeveless Dress in Summer-Outfit Ideas

Summer is seasons of travel, making fun and many things to do. As we know, summer is the most loved and hottest season so in this time dressing styles can be just anything which makes you comfortable and give a trendy look. One of the exciting part of this season you can wear all your favorite outfits, ruffle and bell sleeves, and on unusually hot days you get to wear sleeveless dresses.


However, sometimes summer can be pretty unpredictable as well. Short rains, clouds, and change of temperature are nothing unusual. Especially when the weather is in a transition like now – it is still not so cold for wearing a jacket, but it is not so hot anymore to go out only dressed in a sleeveless dress. The question that pops out every time is what to wear over a sleeveless dress in summer?


I have been asking myself this questions for a long time – how you can transfer from cool to warm and vice versa when wearing the sleeveless dress? Well, it is quite easy actually, and I am going to share the tips with you.


What to Wear Over Sleeveless Dress in Summer


Even though on hot summer day sleeveless dress is a real saver, sometimes it can be tricky combining it with other toppers. The trick is in layering. You probably have some of these pieces in your closet:

  • Bomber jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Cardigan
  • Vest
  • Button-Down

If you are nodding, then your problem is solved! All these toppers are perfect items that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Your dress won’t be ruined. On the contrary – it will be upgraded!

If you plan to wear your sleeveless dress in your office, and you are not sure about the dress code, then there is no better way than to style it with a cardigan or button-down shirt (which you wear unbuttoned). However, if you work in a more creative environment with a relaxed climate, then you can easily match your sleeveless dress with your favorite vest.


Sleeveless Dress with Bomber Jacket

source: amazon.com

You thought that bomber jacket can’t be paired with the floral dress? Think twice, my dear! In fashion everything is allowed, so don’t hesitate to pair unrepairable. Bombers are very soft and warm. They have that typical baggy cut that makes you feel like you are wrapped in a piece of a cloud. Although women like to wear them with jeans or leggings, there is nothing terrible in wearing it with a sleeveless dress. You will look impressive and very stylish!

Sleeveless Dress with Denim Jacket

source: amazon.com


It is known forever that denim jackets mix perfectly with any staple and that they will never go out of style. They are one of those timeless items that you need to have in your wardrobe, according to many fashion designers and bloggers. Denim jacket in combination with halter neck sleeveless dress is a sure bet. You can be sure you won’t feel cold, while your outfit will remain looking awesomely chic!

Sleeveless Dress with Cardigan

source: amazon.com


Whether you opt for a casual or elegant dress, cardigan should always be somewhere nearby in case you feel cold. It can be simple, cashmere cardigan, without any details on it, or you can choose something that has more eye-catching details on it. With an elegant combination like the one in the photo above, it is better to have shiny details. However, don’t overshadow the dress.

Sleeveless Dress with Vest

source: amazon.com


Linen, suede or much other material that your vest is made of will make you feel stylish, but most of all very warm when needed. True, it won’t cover your hands, but all the other parts won’t feel any cold. It is a more stylish item than it is practical, but don’t throw it away easily. Let your vest be in some neutral, earth tone. That way you can easily match it with any other colors – even grass green dress looks perfect!

Sleeveless Dress with Button-Down Shirt


source: amazon.com


Optioning for a button-down shirt to be your topper can sound surprising, but it is very practical indeed. Every button-down shirt that you own can be combined with some of your sleeveless dresses in summer. If you have a white one – no problem, they are the easiest to match. However, for better effect choose polka dot shirt and wear it with a breezy summer dress and add a straw bag for an everyday look.

Final Verdict:

What to wear over a sleeveless dress in summer shouldn’t bug you anymore. With these outfit ideas, you will always have the inspiration to grab something with you and drape it over your shoulders when you feel weather starts to change.

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