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What to Wear to Pilates – 15 Desirable Clothes for Pilates Class

Are you thinking about taking Pilates lessons? That is a great idea! Pilates is a contemporary trend that boosts flexibility and enhances mobility and vigor throughout your body. If you are taking these lessons for the first time, you might be worried about what to wear to a Pilates lesson. Pilates requires you to do a lot of bending, stretching, and balancing. So, you won’t want to wear something uncomfortable or baggy. Your instructor must be able to examine your stretches and positions. That is why you should wear something that allows the instructor to judge your movements clearly. In this article, we will cover the most desirable clothes for a Pilates lesson.

Crop bra

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Crop bras provide much more coverage than an everyday bra and are also stylish. They have nominal fabric, which helps keep you cool. Plus, they are extremely captivating. They are called by several other names like midi bras, workout crop tanks, etc. Wear them with high-waisted leggings. These bras will give you a high level of comfort and make the exercise easier.

Sports bra

what to wear for pilates

A black and bold sports bra can help you get rid of your lethargy. Pair them with high-waisted leggings or short tights.

Zip bra

what to wear to pilates

It is horrendous trying to take off of a sweaty bra after a vigorous exercise session. Zip bras have made things way easier. You no longer need to struggle to get those tight bras over your head. Zip bras are easy to put on and take off, owing to the zipper right in the middle. Once you try them, prepare to toss all your over-head bras because you will fall in love with this one.

Palm beach crop top

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Stretchy palm beach crop tops and high-waisted leggings look invigorating. Outfits like these can encourage you to get out of your shell and put yourself out there. They are comfortable and suitable for Pilates lessons.

Slub tank

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Slub tanks and track pants are super comfy and suitable for mild exercises. Although they aren’t slim-fit, they are comfortable.

Training tank top

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Tank tops with high-waisted leggings or tight shorts are perfectly suitable for a Pilates lesson. Make sure the top is not baggy or loose. That prevents your instructor from properly assessing your movements.

Breeze tank top

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Breeze tank tops let air flow freely through your attire. Even the tiniest brush of air seems like joy when you’re sweating heavily. Breeze tank shirts make working out more bearable by keeping you cool. A bright breeze tank top is energizing, while a black tank top is striking and bold.


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A unitard is a one-piece, skin-tight garment with long legs and, sometimes, long sleeves that commonly end at the wrists and ankles. It provides body coverage without hampering flexibility. It is light and appropriate for an intense workout session.

High-waisted tights

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From sports bras to tank tops, everything can be worn with high-waisted tights. This is highly desirable workout attire. They are comfortable and help to maintain body flexibility.

Yoga set

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These yoga sets are both stylish and comfortable, plus they are capable of carrying you through a rigorous workout session. Everything seems better when you look and feel attractive. These yoga sets will certainly make you feel beautiful while also motivating you to exercise.


If you want to achieve core stability, reformer Pilates is the best option. Reformer Pilates is simply an advanced form of regular Pilates. Outfits for reformer Pilates are not that different from those for regular Pilates. Let’s look at the outfits you can wear to reformer Pilates.


Yoga activewear

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Activewear is sleek and attractive. It is comfy, stretchy, and perfect for a long workout session.

Short tights

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You can wear short tights with crop tank tops or sports bras. They are usually high-waisted and very comfortable.

Mesh leggings

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Mesh leggings increase airflow around your legs and are much more elevated than regular gym leggings. They are stylish and trendy. You can wear them with any choice of top.


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Tees might be an unusual choice because, usually, tight and fitted clothes are preferred for Pilates. However, if tees give you comfort and energy, do not hesitate to choose them. At the end of the day, your comfort matters the most.


leggings for pilates

Yoga bodysuits work well. They do not interrupt any poses and they are extremely easy to put on. All you have to do is put on the bodysuit and your outfit is pretty much ready. They are sleek, comfy, and highly suitable for a long day of workouts.

What Shoes To Wear To Pilates

Minimalist Slip-On Shoes

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When choosing shoes for Pilates, opt for minimalist slip-on shoes that provide a barefoot-like feel. These shoes provide grip and stability without compromising the connection to the floor, which is essential for performing precise Pilates movements.

Sock-like Pilates Shoes

pilates socks

Pilates-specific socks with grippy soles are another excellent option for practitioners. These socks feature anti-slip rubber patterns on the soles, preventing you from slipping on the mat or equipment.

Barre/Pilates Hybrid Shoes

pilates grip socks

For those who prefer a bit more coverage and arch support, hybrid shoes designed for both Pilates and barre workouts can be an excellent choice. These shoes are usually made with breathable materials and have a slim profile, making them ideal for multi-purpose workouts that may include Pilates, barre, and yoga.

In today’s world, it is important to stay fit. To achieve our desired fitness level, we opt for running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, etc. Pilates is highly efficient for maintaining fitness. However, there are certain things you must know before signing up for Pilates lessons. One of the most important aspects to look into is your outfit. First and foremost, your attire must be comfortable. Tops should be slim-fitting, and bottoms should not be baggy or loose. Your hair must always be tied up, in either a high pony or a bun (I prefer buns). You can wear socks, and always choose sneakers for a Pilates lesson.

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