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15 Leggings Outfit Ideas – LET LEATHER TALK

Fashion trends come and go, but one constant thing is leather fashion. Leather never goes out of trend. Be it a leather jacket, bag, or shoes, leather is always fashionable in any weather and on any day. Leather fashion is immortal in the fashion industry. Even on a sloppy day, leather leggings with a simple crop top can make you look ravishing. We all know that leather legging makes a powerful fashion statement, but many of us have found ourselves confused about what to wear with leather leggings at some point. Let’s take a look at what complements the best with them.



1. Sweaters with leather leggings

On a winter day, you can top your leather leggings with an oversized sweater. Tie your hair up in a ponytail and do the icing on the cake with a pair of boots. Garnish the look with a stylish bag and a simple necklace. A super casual, yet gorgeous look. A perfect appearance for an outing with friends or a movie date.

 What to Wear With Leather Leggings

2. Jackets with leather leggings

Don a stylish jacket over a casual top. You could choose a denim jacket or a more catchy leather jacket. Either way, jackets look extremely trendy with leather leggings. This can be a perfect look for an office day or a business meeting. It will accentuate your leather leggings and bring out the best of them. Pair them up with your boots and your work bag, and you are ready to go!

What do leather leggings go with

3. Blazers

Wear a simple T-shirt and add a blazer over it. A perfect look for business meetings and presentations. It grabs the audience’s attention and establishes your personality as highly urbane. Wearing clothes in layers also makes you look slimmer. Make sure the shirt beneath is not loose but fits you just perfectly. An oversized shirt beneath a blazer will make you look more chubby. Add some flavor to your look by adding a matching purse or a Gucci bag which definitely blends with every outfit

What should you not wear with leather leggings

4. Fur coats

A fur coat over leather legging can make you stand out big time. It is stylish and an absolute game-changer. It will give you a super edgy look on a winter day. If you prefer to look out of the box, this might be the ideal fit for you!

5. Ponchos 

An exceptional chic look is a poncho with leather leggings. If you cannot decide what to wear with your leggings, throw a poncho over the leggings and get going. It looks great and you will not regret the decision. Ponchos can even help you hide the parts of your body that you are rather insecure about since they are usually loose-fitting. Pick a boot to complement your look in the best way possible. Long boots usually go well during winters. It makes you look trendy and also keeps your feet warm. You could wrap a watch around your wrist or use a trendy bracelet. Or, you could choose both. 

Are leather leggings out of style


6. Casual tops 

Carry yourself off with just a casual top to give yourself a glamorous touch, just perfect for a lunch with colleagues or for an office gathering. The top, together with the leggings, displays sophistication and can shoot up your image at first glance. Get yourself a flat heel to complete your look and to enhance your style game, pick up a Louis Vuitton bag and a stylish watch. 

How do you casually wear leather leggings

7. Crop-tops

A black crop top with those black leather leggings is going to make a splendid combo. If you have a dinner date or a night party with your friends, put up this look and make everybody intoxicated with your styling game. You may leave your hair open with a blow-dry or you could tie it up into a ponytail or a bun. Either way, it blends just perfectly with your getup. Look absolute classy and ace the fashion game by donning stylish tops over your leather leggings and ensure yourself as the showstopper of the party.

Can anyone wear leather leggings

8. Off-shoulder top with leather leggings

Want to make a fashion statement? Want to grab everyone’s eyeballs? Aspire to become a fashion icon? Put up an off-shoulder top with your leather leggings and stand in front of your mirror. If this is not how to make a strong fashion statement, then how else? You could ace the fashion game with this look at a birthday party or a bachelorette party. Add a pair of high heels and a purse to polish your look.

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9. Tank tops

Prepare for a party with a shiny tank top, or put up a casual one for a walk down the street. The sleeveless top does justice to those skinny arms and saves you from that heat. The edgy leather leggings complement nicely with the perky tops and get you all decked up for an exciting evening. Grab a pair of if you are out for a fitness walk, or a voguish heel if you are off to a crazy night of endless partying.

How do you wear leather leggings for a night out?

10. T-shirts with leather leggings

We surely love the skin-tight leather leggings, but if you want a more casual look, you could put up a simple T-shirt and you would be surprised how well these two go together. You could wear a jacket to further furnish your look but even without the jacket, the T-shirt, with the leather leggings, looks just perfect. Treat your feet with a pair of high heels and get yourself ready!


11. Pick floral

Just like flowers disperse fragrance and freshness, a floral top will extract the elegance and delight out of you. To look sizzling hot, yet cute and bubbly sunshine, pick something floral!  You could pick a pair of pearl earrings or long quirky ones and you are ready to rock the look.

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12. Backless 

Put your fashion game up with a backless top. It gets you all spiced up and gives you a stunning appearance to grab the attention of the people around you. It will highlight your figure and do those skinny leather leggings full justice. This combo should be your first choice to look both classy and sassy. 

How do you wear leather pants 2023

13. Long shirts

A long shirt that covers your bum or probably even longer will accentuate your feminine essence. They overpower the strong masculine vibe that the leather leggings hold and bring out your girlish vibe. An oversized shirt will also give you an eccentric, yet desirable look. Carry a unique bag and choose high heels to add more elegance to your overall appearance. You could also wear some quirky bracelets which make you uniquely fashionable.

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 14. Color pop tops

leather leggings for women

Feeling a little quirky? A color pop top with tight leather legging can serve your quirk quite fine. It will give you a chic look and bring you under the spotlight. 

15. Shackets

Are leather pants in Style 2023?

Shackets are in trend right now. They are an incredible hybrid of jackets and shirts. A loosely fit shacket can look fabulous with your leather leggings. Accentuate your look with an appropriate choice of bag and a pair of plain boots. This will serve you with a casual and stylish look.

Leather leggings are indubitably suitable for every situation. However, its essence completely depends on the person who is carrying it. Apart from the enumerated options, button-down and button-up shirts can be a suitable choice with leather leggings. Tucked-in shirts are quite trendy too. A belted top will highlight your figure and make those leggings look ever so sexy. A rather rare, but stylish choice could be a kimono, which makes you feel ever so free. They are best during the summers and the falls. Keep in mind to choose the perfect combo for a particular event and let your style roar!


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