Lightweight Summer Cardigans for Women 2024

summer can be a little chilly in various parts of the globe, and you might need something to cover you up for cool evenings. A cardigan is a light and comfy piece that you can wear every season. Cardigans come in different shapes and styles, so sometimes it can be confusing to choose the right one for work or casual occasions. We bring here some awesome ideas on lightweight summer cardigans for women to help you create some fabulous looks. Read on to find out.

Must-Have Lightweight Summer Cardigans for Women

Short-sleeved cardigans

summer cardigans for ladies

Short-sleeved cardigans are both stylish and comfortable. Wear dark-colored cardigans with soft-colored tops and vice versa. It is a suitable get-up for both formal and casual events. One excellent combination you can try is this navy blue cardigan over the floral top. Other combinations might be a black cardigan over a white or off-white top; or a maroon cardigan over a black top. 

Crochet cardigans

cardigan outfit ideas

Designers and fashion houses have renovated crochet fashion. The classic style is back in the game. It is hardly giving a chance to any other style. A crochet cardigan is going to work wonders for your summer fashion. Create a contrast with dark and light colors to get the most out of your outfit. This style is appropriate for only casual events. Grab a crochet cardigan on your way to a fun hangout with friends or a casual walk to the superstore. 

Puff-sleeve cardigans

thin cardigan for summer

Puff sleeves have made it to the top of the fashion hub. There is no way you can get wrong with them. Make the most of your summer fashion with a multi-coloured puff sleeve cardigan. Wear it over a crop top and jeans. This style is truly one of a kind. Enjoy your summer with this cute preppy clothing. There is nothing better that could make your summer magical.

Striped cardigans

cardigans to wear with summer dresses

Striped cardigans are aesthetic. Whether we talk of simple black-and-white strips or shaded ones, they all look fantastic. Make your summer more colorful with a color-shaded cardigan. The shades can go from subtle ( like pink, rose, crepe, etc.) to loud and quirky (like blue, cyan, yellow, etc.). These looks have got to get your summer vibes high.

Pima cotton knit cardigans

pima cotton cardigan

Pima cotton is the best quality cotton available. Outfits made of Pima cotton will not only be the most comfortable items in your wardrobe but also be softer, stronger, and more colorfast. Wear a Pima cotton cardigan over your summer outfit to stay comfortable and look stylish. Wear them over comfortable and subtle outfits. You don’t want to create too many layers because, after all, it’s summer.

Cashmere cardigans

cute cardigan outfits

You can’t go wrong with cashmere. It’s been popular for so many years and not without good reasons. Cashmere is luxurious, comfortable, breathable, and elegant-just what you need in summer. A cashmere cardigan will make you feel heavenly and look gorgeous. A pastel cashmere cardigan with simple jeans will give you the perfect summer look. Finish your look with sneakers.

Kimono cardigans

best cardigans for women

Kimono cardigans are ideal for summer beach days. The cool flowy material is made to make you feel magical. All the wind on a beach adds beauty to it. A printed kimono cardigan with shorts and crop tops will give you the ideal beach look. Kimono cardigans are perfect for the sun and the wind on a beach. 

Floral cardigans

most flattering cardigan

Floral is everybody’s favorite. Floral cardigans, however, are only appropriate for informal and casual outings. A pastel-colored floral cardigan will make you look like a freshly bloomed flower. Soft colors also make the heat bearable in summer. Wear a floral crop cardigan with jeans and heels to get a comfortable and modish look. You may also wear sneakers with this. However, people often prefer flats or heels that are more exposed to keep their feet cool.

Cherry pattern cardigans

best cardigans for work

Cherry pattern cardigans are another example of fun and cute cardigans that can make your summer super fun and exciting. These cardigans garnered attention from Korean fashion. Korean outfits are mostly cute and charming. Wear a cherry cardigan with simple jeans or ripped jeans to get some cute snaps and pose for a sunkissed photograph. Wear sneakers with this look.

Gothic cardigans

best cardigans for dresses

Gothic fashion is marked by dark, mysterious, old-fashioned, and genderless features. It is popular among the members of the Goth subculture. Gothic fashion includes dyed black hair, unnatural hairstyles, dark lipstick shades, and dark clothing. Although it has been in the shadows for some time, the goth style is making a strong comeback to mainstream culture. A gothic cardigan with a black skirt looks exotically attractive. You can also wear it with black jeans or pants.

Crop Cardigan

summer cardigans for ladies


This waist length crop cardigan is ideal for work in summer. Wear them with a blouse, tops, a shirt, dress pants, or an A-line skirt or knee length dress. Opt for colors like light blue, pink, grey, or black for a smart casual business look.

summer cardigans for work


This lightweight draped crop cardigan looks great with a sequined red top tucked in black leather pants. Keep your makeup minimal yet attractive, and you are ready to rock the summer nights.


Long Cardigan

stylish summer cardigans for ladies


You can try these blush and grey long cardigans to look office appropriate. For the top, you can choose a formal blouse or a plain shirt. For the rest of the outfit go for slim fit dress pants. Complete your look by adding cool specks or shades and beautiful ballerinas or pumps.

ladies summer cardigan


This casual pairing of a long cardigan with denim and tees is easy and trendy wear to go out for shopping on summer weekends. Skinny Jeans look perfect with a long cardigan. Pick a bright colored t-shirt to get a stylish street outfit.


Wrap Cardigan

Summer cardigan

A wrap cardigan is another chic way to handle summer chills. Here is an elegant example to wear at work. Pair it over an all-white outfit or choose a midi skirt for an impressive look.

lightweight summer cardigans

Choose a convertible wrap cardigan with a t-shirt and denim to make you look stunning on summer weekends. Add a pair of over the knee or ankle boots to glam up your look.


Boyfriend Cardigan

women summer cardigan


Boyfriend cardigans can be right for both work and casual occasions. A black, blue, or muted color cardigan looks sophisticated at work, and pairing a striped design with white tees tucked in denim shorts is great for hanging out with friends.


Boho Cardigan

lightweight cardigan


Boho cardigans come in a lot of varieties. Choose a multi-length and pattern boho cardigan for a sexy and vibrant look. Wear with a mini dress and denim shorts. Add some funky pieces of jewelry and a floppy hat to flaunt your style.


Chiffon Cardigan

formal summer cardigan


Light colored chiffon cardigans look elegant in the office. They are both comfortable and fashionable for summer chills. You can simply wear it with sleeveless tops and denim or cigarette pants.

long summer cardigan

Floral and animal print chiffon cardigans are must try to keep you warm and looking fabulous at summer parties.

Lace Cardigan

best lightweight summer cardigan


Opt for lace cardigans to be ready for anything in summer. Pairing a lace cardigan with a white top and denim or a black sleeveless dress is one of the hottest outfit ideas for summer.


So you can see that a cardigan is an incredibly versatile piece for slightly cold summer days to keep you warm and to complement your look. They can be worn in various unique ways. We hope checking out our post has given you some creative ideas for classy and classic summer looks using the cardigan.

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