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The Expert’s Guide to Making Hair Color Last the Longest

New Year is in a month. Want to make a comeback? Or want to shock everyone with your “new year, new you” look? Coloring your hair and changing your whole look can help with that. Coloring hair can make or break your look, but we can help you by providing hair coloring tips according to your natural hair color and let you know how to make it last the longest. So, let’s check out the best hair color for you. 

For naturally blonde hair

Silver/Platinum blonde

how to make hair dye last longer

You have luscious natural blonde hair, but you want to make it more exciting and give it a glossier look. In that case, go for silver or platinum blonde. If you are blonde, you most likely have cool-toned skin, which best complements silver hair. To make silver hair last the longest, choose your favorite purple shampoo, which will tone and protect your hair color every time you wash. Lastly, finish it with a bit of olaplex. 

Dirty blonde

how to make hair color last longer

Why not keep your hair color and spice things up a bit with a dirty blonde hue? This will give you the best natural hair color look, adding depth. 

Rose gold

hair color treatments

If you want to get away from your comfort zone and try an exciting color, rose gold might be the one for you. This is a chic color that will give you a modern look. Also, it lasts the longest for blonde hair.

Why not do a complete 180 with your natural blonde hair? A striking jet-black color will make your locks appear healthier, and it will not fade quickly. Also, it will make your eye color pop more, giving you a more mysterious look. 

For naturally brown hair

Warm-toned browns

how to keep hair color from fading

Natural brunettes most likely have warm-toned skin, so try the same toned hair with a brown face-framing balayage. it will last the longest for brunettes, and even after fading, it will have a lovely worn look. 

Skunk hair/Front streaks

how to keep color in hair longer

Why not try the latest 2023 trend, skunk hair, while you are still young? Give it a try, and I’m sure you won’t regret it. You’ll only partially bleach your hair, which means less harm and more style! Plus,  bleached hair does not fade, so it’s long-lasting, too. 

Ruby red

how to make hair color last

Bold ruby-red hair in the summer will give you a look everyone strives for, plus it will make your hair look healthier. As brunettes have naturally warm-toned hair, a warm-toned bold red will last longer than other bold colors

For naturally red hair 

Fiery red 

how to keep hair dye from fading

Red hair is the hardest to color compared to other natural hair colors because it holds its pigments more. So why not make your already fantastic red hair more intense by coloring it a fiery red? The vibrant red color will last the longest on red hair because it matches the natural hair pigments. 

For naturally black hair


how to preserve hair color

People whose hair is naturally black have a wide range of color choices because black is between a calm tone and a warm tone, which means it’s a neutral hair color. So, natural blacks can rock most hair colors. For example, purples look great on black hair because they create the opposite aura. 


how to make your hair dye last longer

Burgundy is a real eye-catcher when you are out in the sun. Burgundy or indigo is a safe option because white light gives off a light purple and blue tint, as well as a vibrant look in natural light. Plus, it makes your hair look healthy. Burgundy keeps your hair healthy because it does not require bleach and lasts for a couple of months. 

Ash brown

longest lasting hair color

Do you want to get nice, icy platinum hair but are you afraid of the damage it will inflict? Then I have the right option for you. Try ash brown. Why, you ask? Because it will last up to 20 washes! Isn’t that great? Plus, it has that cool-toned platinum that you want, and it will not damage your hair because it requires minimum bleach. 

Cinnamon brown

how to make colored hair last longer

Here is the deal with dyeing your hair cinnamon brown. Are you thinking of a quick cover-up of your previous bleached highlights—one that will be long-lasting and not turn brassy over time? It would be best to dye your highlights cinnamon brown. 

Teal/Aquamarine ombre

longest lasting hair color

Did you know that ombre hair is back on trend after all these years? Why not dye your hair a striking aquamarine color? Even if it fades, it will give you a lovely chrome hue.

Gen Z hair colors

how to make hair dye last longer

Why not end the year with the most talked-about hair trends of 2023? For example, try coloring the insides of your hair in any colorful hue or the front pieces of your hair a striking pink color. It will create a statement as well as make you look younger.

Hair color for everyone


how to make hair dye last longer vinegar

Still not sure what hair color to go for? Trust the experts and go for a brown shade. You can go lighter or darker as you wish. Also, brown hair colors last the longest, saving you money.

Tips to make your color last longer

what unnatural hair color lasts the longest

No hair color will last if you do not take care of it. Have a complete plan for your hair care routine. Don’t have one? Trust us; we have just the right thing for you.

  1. Do not wash your hair immediately after coloring it. It takes time to lock the hair color in, so wait a few days and then wash it with a color protective shampoo. Use toning purple shampoo for cool-toned hair. Do not wash your hair more than two times a week, as this can fade your hair color as well as strip natural oil out of your hair.
  2. Use heat-protective sprays and masks for your hair, as heat damages the color. Avoid washing your hair with warm water and avoid heat styling.

Follow these universal hair care rules and make everyone’s jaw drop with your new hair.

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