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Fashion Cheat Sheet: Can you wear jewelry in the pool?

Though next summer is almost a year away, are we done with pool parties? With the sun shining bright, you’ll still be a frequent presence there. And if you like to personalize your outfit and jewelry according to the event, wearing jewelry to pool parties might be a worry for you. 

Though the swimsuit you wear will be the star of the show, you might want to add a little sparkle. If you’re wearing jewelry to a party involving water, you’ll need to be extra cautious, as you don’t want your jewelry to get lost or worn out. If adding shine and glamour to your pool look has been a worry, fret no longer. We have created a list explaining what jewelry to wear, and what not to wear, at a pool party, keeping both your fashion presence and the safety of your jewelry in mind!

Jewelry Styles to Slay in The Water!

While chunky statement pieces might be your first choice for jewelry, they won’t be right for a pool outfit. Rather, a little flash of ornamental adornment will attract and reflect the right amount of sunshine all over your body!

Play with the sun and breeze. Go light with both your swimsuit and jewelry. Here are some styles that are both safe and ready to shine!

Body Chains

To enhance the delicate frills and colors of your swimsuit, choose a few flashes of chains. Chains that hug your body artfully will magnify your body contour. Make sure the color of the chain complements your skin undertone. Also, the shape and size should sit around your body perfectly, without causing any irritation. 


 can you wear stainless steel in the pool


If you are wearing a bikini, you might want to choose something that’ll adorn your chest or under-boob area. This style of body chain will flatter your bikini look the most.


 can you wear diamonds in the pool


Even at a dressy pool party, where you are wearing a dress, body chains will add a soft-boho sultriness without being too much! 

Should You Wear Jewelry In The Pool?

Belly chains or chest chains with gemstones are also brilliant ways to add a little boho and sultry vibe to your pool party outfit!


Get subtle. While you want to be playful with your overall outfit, subtle shines are the way to go for earrings. Choose studs, ear-cuffs with unique designs, or small hoops, which will look chic but not too precious for the pool. 


jewelry you can wear all the time


KATKIM’s single ‘Crescendo Flare’ ear cuff is tipped with a twinkling diamond that’s strategically placed to give the illusion that it’s floating. Sounds perfect for a pool outfit, right? 


What jewelry can be worn in the pool?


Laura Lombardi’s chunky-shaped hoops hit somewhere between a traditional hoop and a huggie style. They keep your look clean, bold, and sophisticated.


Should You Wear Jewelry In The Pool?


Ear-cuffs are great styles to pair with pool outfits. Whether you’re wearing a bikini, a one-piece swimsuit, or a short side-slit dress, ear-cuffs in both simple and unique designs will add the boujee to your vibe!                          


If you’re wearing something with a deep V cut in front, adorning your collarbone with one or a few thin strand/s of a chain or stone necklace will add to your personalized pool look! 


 can you wear 18k gold in the pool


This Piatta gold-plated necklace by Laura Lambardi is chic and classy, yet modern and a brilliant piece to wear with any swimsuit, in any color! The single-layered necklace has snake chain links that will lay flat against your collarbone in a complimentary style! 


Can you wear white gold in the pool


This 18K gold-filled layering skinny necklace is a classy example of a multi-layered chain style that you could pair with your swimsuit or bikini. It’s also budget-friendly!

We are attaching more photos to give you ideas for different styles of multi-layered necklaces to wear in the pool. You might already own some of these!

what jewelry can you wear in the pool                           


Is it OK to wear jewelry in the pool?


If you want to play with your jewelry placement, a pool party might be the place to experiment. Lose the body chain and necklace and instead incorporate a delicate, summery touch with thin statement bracelets around your wrists, arms, or ankles.


What Jewellery Can You Wear In The Water?


This simple gold wrist chain with a ring hoop for one finger is the latest trend to wear in a pool outfit. It’s chic and easy to wear and will add shine to your look!

Is it OK to wear jewelry in the pool?


The silver-toned crystal anklet from Amazon would be a great investment. Not only would it be a bold and classy statement piece to pair with your swimsuit or dress for a pool party, but you can also pair it later with any leg/side-slit dress!


is it bad to wear jewelry in the pool

Chlorine: Ultimate Enemy in the Pool for Your Jewelry! 

Now that you know about some jewelry styles to pair with your pool outfit, let’s look into the metal science you’ll need to know. Boring, yes, but it’s a necessity!

What jewelry can be worn in the pool

Basic Science!

Water or moisture with metals is always a lethal combo! Almost all jewelry styles and items will come with a cautionary note to keep them away from water and moisture. 

With chlorine added to the pool water, the list of metals you can choose for the material of your jewelry gets even shorter. 


The NEVER-to-Wear Ones!

Most metals, like silver, zinc, and nickel, will react with active chlorine ions in the pool water. And don’t even think of wearing organic gems like natural pearls and coral, as they get damaged almost immediately after exposure to chlorinated pool water. Save them for parties that do not involve getting into water. 

Precious Gems to save!

Semi Precious stones like turquoise, sapphire, and amethyst also get damaged and tarnished if exposed to chlorinated water for a long period. So, if it’s an investment piece or something with an emotional or family history, don’t wear it in water. 

Stones You May Choose From!

Precious stones like rubies and diamonds are surprisingly very resistant to any kind of damage from pool water.

Metals That Can Resist Chlorine!

Can I wear my gold ring in the pool

Solid gold (with higher karat grades), Argentium sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, and 316 medical and marine-grade stainless steels are excellent examples of metals that can withstand and resist chlorine-induced corrosion. 

However, even if you wear one of these more resistant metals, there are a few points to consider. If your jewelry has any mechanical part/s or crevices, you should avoid wearing it in water, which may get trapped in the crevice and mechanical parts. Also, clean and dry your jewelry properly to avoid damage, and make sure your jewelry doesn’t leave green marks or stains on your body and doesn’t cause any allergies or irritations. 

Avoid anything that has a loose fit, creates irritation, or is too dangly. Keep your whole look as chic, light, and fun as possible. Non-fussy, chic jewelry made from waterproof metals aligns with the fun pool party vibe the most! With our help, you can now enjoy the last sunny days that the year offers, with every piece of sparkly jewelry you choose to wear! Adios! 


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