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What color shoes to wear with an eggplant purple dress?

Are you looking for the perfect shoes to go with your eggplant purple dress?

Purple, in all its shades, is a stunning color. It is often associated with luxury and royalty. Dresses in darker shades of purple are a preferred choice among women, as they radiate elegance and sophistication. Also, they can be worn with a diverse range of shoes and accessories in varying tones. It is important to remember that eggplant purple is among the most challenging colors to match. You can either opt for similar purple hues or look for complementary shades on the other side of the color wheel. Although there is no right or wrong color to pair it with, here are some options to consider if you’re having trouble deciding. 


Charming Nude 

         What color match with purple dress  Nudes are your safest bet. You can never go wrong with a pair of nude or blush heels. They are highly versatile and can be styled with almost any outfit. Plus, chances are, you already own a pair! Combine your dark eggplant-hued dress with strappy nude heels or stilettos for a chic look. It is always wise to coordinate your accessories with your shoes. 

Classic Black 

what color shoe to wear with purple dress

 When in doubt, wear black! Black heels are a timeless classic and an easy option for casual or formal wear. They usually go with a wide range of colors and styles. The colors black and purple perfectly complement each other. They are most definitely a wardrobe essential. You can style your purple dress with black pointed-toe pumps or ankle strap heels. Wear matching accessories to complete the look.                              

Dazzling White

what color shoes go with purple dress

 At the very least, everyone should own one pair of white heels. White complements almost every skin tone and color. Darker hues, such as eggplant purple, look great with white shoes. The contrast between white and dark purple will add a new dimension to your look. Pair your dress with either white pumps, kitten heels, or sandals for a touch of elegance. Accessorize with light jewelry.                           

Casual Brown 

what color shoes to wear with lavender dress

Don’t care for black or white? There are plenty of other neutral shades to choose from! Try opting for brown, as it is an easy color to pair with any outfit. Dark colors, in particular, look excellent with lighter shades of brown. Depending on the shade, light brown stilettos or wedges might be a reliable choice for your eggplant dress. To complete the look, add a brown purse!                                         

Muted Gold

Gold shoes are ideal for any special event and look stunning when paired with darker purple hues. The gold will add some extra flair to your purple ensemble. However, it is important to pick a gold tone that is not overly flashy, as otherwise, it can appear to be a bit too much and overpower your whole look. Instead, opt for muted gold, metallic gold, or even rose gold pumps. Pair your outfit with some lovely gold jewelry and a matching clutch in which to carry your essentials.                       

Metallic Silver 

what color shoe with purple dress

Silver shoes, like gold shoes, will help elevate your look. Silver and other metallic shades pair well with eggplant-colored clothes. Bright silver shoes will contrast and complement the deeper tones of your purple outfit. Replacing your neutral pumps with silver stilettos can instantly upgrade your outfit from casual to glamorous. If you want to add a little something to your outfit, but gold isn’t exactly your style, silver shoes are a great alternative. Combine your dress and shoes with silver accessories, and you’re done!                             

Pale Yellow

Purple dress with gold shoes

They may not be your first pick, but yellow shoes with purple dresses form a winning combination. In terms of color contrast, yellow is a fantastic choice because it sits opposite purple on the color wheel. This technique is known as color blocking, and it has recently gained popularity. Yellow strappy heels or pumps will add a fun splash of color to your look. Remember to accessorize lightly with appropriate jewelry.              

Vibrant Green 

what color shoes with purple dressIf you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not go for a pair of bright green pumps? Not everyone can rock green with purple, but the right shade paired with matching accessories will make a statement! The dark purple of your dress will stand out against the bright green of your shoes, creating a beautiful contrast. Balance the look with neutral accessories and makeup. 

Radiant Red

what shoes to wear with a purple dress

A bold color that goes well with purple is red. We’ve seen a number of celebrities pair their dark purple outfits with vibrant red pumps. You can’t go wrong with these two colors because they complement each other so well. Red heels, although a daring choice, add depth and character to the overall look. They are best paired with a red purse or coat. Finish it off with a nude lip. Even a bold red lip is acceptable if you’re feeling it!                 

Stunning Blue

purple dress with blue shoes

Another unexpected but flattering combination is the pairing of blue shoes with a dark purple dress. If done well, blue and purple can create a beautiful effect. Eggplant purple and blue is a stunning combination. Brighter shades of blue are preferable. A pair of blue pumps or pointed heels can give your outfit a whole new look and feel. All in all, it’s a gorgeous alternative to the neutral colors we typically reach for when we wear purple.                 

Totally Purple

colors that go with purple clothes

Yes, purple on purple works. It might seem like a lot, but not if you’re pairing the right shades of purple. For the shoes, always go a couple of shades lighter to get the best outcome. However, don’t overdo it! Accessories should be neutral and makeup should be kept to a minimum.                          


What color shoes with eggplant purple dress

There’s a new trend in heels: transparent ones! Opt for clear or transparent heels if you’re looking for a change of pace. This is a nice way to spice up your look with a modern twist. Clear high heels accentuate the legs and make them appear longer. Moreover, you can pair them with any outfit without having to worry about the colors clashing. It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of transparent heels. Their universal appeal makes them essential for every wardrobe.                                                 

Color is simply one element to consider when choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit. Style and comfort should hold equal importance in the decision-making process. Keep in mind that neutral shades like black, nude, and brown are ideal for a more sophisticated look. Meanwhile, yellow, blue, and red are perfect for those willing to experiment with different colors. Try any of these color combinations with your eggplant purple dress to achieve the look you desire!

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