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Secrets of Styling Award-Winning Grey Outfits with the right color of shoes

Grey is the perfect color for all seasons and occasions, whether for offices, parties, or weddings. A grey-colored dress complements any skin color, so if you’re thinking about buying that beautiful grey dress you saw earlier, you should go for it. However, shoes can make or break an outfit. Grey is a neutral color that can give you an edgy or sedate look if paired with the right color of shoes. Pairing grey with shades other than neutrals is a sure way to create an eye-catching ensemble. So, why not try something out of your comfort zone? Here are some ideas for shoes that go well with a grey dress.

Nude/ Beige

Nude or beige is the closest to grey, as they are both neutral in tone; they complement one another. Here are some reasons to go for nude shoes. 

Nude heels elongate legs

what color shoes to wear with grey dress

If you are planning to show your beautiful legs in that short or slitted grey dress, then nude heels are your go-to option. They will not only make your legs longer but also go well with any skin tone. Pair it with skin-colored stockings and make your legs rock!

Does not steal the spotlight 

shoes with grey dress

If you want to make your dress stand out, nude is the option. Nude shoes will not draw attention from your outfit; instead, they will complement the whole look. 

Makes the dress stand out more

comfortable silver dress shoes for wedding

If you want your dress to be a showstopper, go for nude shoes. 

More options

what color shoes to wear with grey pants


Don’t be shy; there are many options to try. Get out of your comfort zone and try some new designs other than the usual nude heels. 


Statement piece

grey dress shoes outfit

A pair of glossy red heels with a stunning grey dress will make you stand out in any situation. Pairing neutrals with warm tones will create a contrast, which is a new trend, so why not try it? 

Creates a bold look

What color shoes to wear with a grey bridesmaid dress

Thinking of wearing something beyond your dull everyday office look? Why not try a stunning pair of red shoes? It will create a bold look and make you stand out. 

Perfect for the holiday season

grey dress shoes

Christmas is just around the corner. Why not make it memorable with something out of your comfort zone, such as a pair of red and green boots with a fuzzy warm grey sweater? 


The safest option

what color heels to wear with a grey dress

Black is the safest option of all. Sometimes it’s okay to choose a laid-back color that is more in your comfort zone. 

Creates a more formal look

What color accessories to wear with a grey dress

A pair of black shoes will complement your overall formal look. Try pairing it with a knitted grey two-piece set for a more polished high-fashion style.

Pro tip: Throw in a black statement belt that matches your black shoes and be a showstopper. 


Perfect for fall or winter

Grey Dress Shoes for wedding

Fall calls for a perfect warm overcoat with your favorite pair of brown boots, for that edgy look.


For a sporty look

women's grey dress shoes

Do you need a casual look for going out with your friends? Or are you just running errands in your favorite grey sweatshirt? Get out a pair of white sneakers, and boom! You will look edgy and effortlessly attractive. 


gray dress shoes womens

Wedges can give you the best look for a picnic, brunch, or trip to the beach. Try a pair of comfortable white wedges that will complement your flowy grey dress. 


Grey on grey

what color shoes to wear with charcoal grey dress

When in doubt, choose tone on tone. Fortunately, grey makes this a simple decision. For a more subdued appearance, choose a slightly different neutral color than the one you’re currently wearing. 


Perfect for that summer look

what to wear with a grey dress

Summer is the time for trying bold colors, which gives you a fresh look in the scorching heat. Pair pink glossy heels with a grey flowy dress to create a statement look. Don’t trust us? See JLo rocking a grey flowy dress with hot pink heels. 

Makes you look younger

what color shoes with gray dress

Adding a pop of color to your everyday grey outfit makes you look younger as well as trendy. 

Creates contrast

Shoes to wear with grey dress

It is much easier to distinguish between colors with high contrast and paints with low contrast when seen from a distance. This looks pleasing to the eye and makes you stand out. 


Wedding day look

What color shoes go with grey

Metallic shoes complement neutral tones like no other color! They might take your dress to the top-tier level on your special day. 

Bridesmaid look

what color goes with silver grey dress

Want to twin with your girls on your big day? Why not? Metallic shoes go well with bridesmaid dresses and add that extra little sparkly touch. 

Lastly, our personal preference is a pair of glossy nude heels to compliment your overall look while staying on the safe side. Still can’t make up your mind? Just follow your heart. If you are confident enough, any color of shoes will look good on you. 


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