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What Eye Makeup for Red Dress & Red Lips?

makeup for red dress and red lips

The red color is one of the most favored colors. Along with black, white, and beige, red represents the timeless and always fashionable color that is tricky to combine. However, the fact is it is a pretty statement shade, and you will surely be noticed. Eye makeup for the red dress can be casual and elegant depending on where you want to carry it. There are a few things you should keep in mind though. Even the dress color should match your skin. Only in that way, you will know how to do your makeup.

In this post, I will share some tips and tricks on how to do eye makeup for red dress outfits as well as eye makeup for red lips. Both of these makeups will make you the main star of some event, trust me.

Before We Start…

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing your eye makeup. You should pick a perfect red that suits you the best. When you choose the perfect dress, that is the time to start thinking about makeup. When doing your eye makeup, try not to overdo it. The highlight should be on your lips or eyes, but not both. If you do both of them, that can make you feel vulgar very easy. Always think this – less is more.

Eye Makeup for Red Dress


eyeshadow makeup for red dress

No matter how much of a big fan you are of dramatic makeup looks, there are times when you just want to look simple and gorgeous. With a red dress on you, the cravings for a natural look are more intense. Needless to say, neutral eye makeup with a gorgeous red dress brings a charm to you that can never be explained with words.

When we talk about soft glam eye makeup, it is necessary to build up the color gradually. Create a crease with a nude shade and apply it to the outer corner and lower lashline. Finish the makeup with a golden shimmer to your inner corner. 

Dusky eyes

eye looks for red dress

You can never go wrong with a smokey eye look. Smokey eyes are the kind of trend that has been standing the test of time for a long time. The brown hue looks fantastic and has the capability to attract great admiration.

Always apply a light shade over the lid first. Create a crease using a light brown shade. Use a softer shade above the previous darker shade and blend them nicely. Apply dark brown eyeliner. Add a little shimmer to your lids and inner corners. Now, pick up the mascara and do the magic in your eyelashes.

Maroon glitter

eye makeup look for red dress

A maroon glitter eye look might be the ideal dramatic look you want. As a shade of red, maroon is associated with passion and adrenaline. It is a versatile color and is only appropriate in informal settings. Glitters add to the majesty of the look. 

Start by applying primer and create a crease with a maroon shade. Pick a lighter shade and blend it with the maroon crease all over the lid. Use a cream shade from the inner corners to the middle of the lid. Then comes the star of the show- glitters. Choose purple glitters and apply them all over the middle of the lid. Pick your highlighter palette and choose golden shade to give the corners of your eye a little shine. End your makeup with mascara and the setting spray.

All red

eye makeup looks for red dress

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you must be feeling guilty for not trying enough new looks. Are you fed up with sticking with ‘safe’ looks? If you are, then it is time to do something eccentric. Why not try the all red makeup look? No one ever backs off from rocking a bold red lip, so why cower away when it comes to eye shadow? An ‘all red’  look is a head-turner.

Start with the primer and apply the first coat of eye shadow. Choose a peachy color for the first coat. Deepen the color gradually. Then, start applying the red shadow you chose. Blend the shades properly for a smooth texture.

Golden glittery

smokey eye red dress

Golden eye shadow has always been the superior eye makeup. It is suitable for all colors of outfits. Nonetheless, gold and black have unimaginable chemistry. This eye makeup is ideal for a cocktail party or a wedding anniversary. Many celebs have been seen carrying this look majestically on the red carpets. 

Pick a dark brown color, apply it to your outer wind area, and continue blending inwards. Choose a lighter brown shade and blend the two colors to create a softer texture. Then pick a golden shade and apply it all over your eyelids. Finally, decorate your eyes with golden glitters. 

Dewy makeup

makeup looks to go with a red dress

For an effortlessly gorgeous look, embrace the dewy makeup look. It especially suits a red outfit because the red outfit already makes you look halfway dramatic. A dewy makeup will tone the sharpness down and give a fresh and simple appearance.

Start by giving the crease a light definition using a light shade of brown. Add a little shimmer in the lids and highlight the corners of your eyes. Treat your lashes with thick, black mascara. Dewy makeup will make your eyes pop and give you a wide-awake look. 

Complete neutral

simple makeup for red dress

With the minimal makeup look emerging as the new trend, a completely neutral look is an ideal way to shine in all kinds of events. This kind of makeup can be done in the nick of time and gets you ready in no time. 

Take two to three shades of nude eyeshadow colors and use a fluffy brush to blend them all over the lid. The darker color goes over the crease and the lightest shade goes on the lid.

Glam cut crease

prom eye makeup for red dress

A cut crease isn’t a very easy one to do. It is a toughie and also very time-consuming. However, it is completely worth the effort. The classic cut crease makes your eyes appear wider. It draws more attention to the colors on your lids. Cut creases are a brilliant yet simple technique that will take your eye makeup to the next level. 

You need to carve your crease with a dark shade. Use concealer on your lids to define the crease and create a sharp edge. Add dramatic glitters to your lids after applying eyeliner. A cat eye lash will suit this look perfectly. Put on your fake lashes, use a curler to properly curl them and set them right with your mascara.

Graphic eyeliner

eyeshadow to go with red dress

If you are a hardcore experimentalist, graphic eyeliners can be the best way for you to look unique. You can make your graphic eyeliner as simple or dramatic as you like. It is all about highlighting your creativity and carrying an eccentric style.

Begin your eye makeup with a red liner by lining your upper lash line. Draw a perfect wing with it. Next, create a floating wing just above your crease and connect it with the original wing. You can adjust the thickness of the liner as per your preference.

Green eyes 

what eyeshadow to wear with a red dress

Here comes another great match. Green eyes look gorgeous with red dresses. Bothe the colors are attractive and bold, so the chemistry is fierce. 

Begin with cutting a sharp crease. Put the green shades in the lid. Use green shimmer to highlight your eye makeup. Use red shades to decorate above your lid. This will compliment your outfit. Instead of the green shimmer, use silver shade to the corner of your eyes. Draw a long wing and coat your lashes with mascara.

Nude Glow

Eye Makeup for Red Dress

Image Source: pinterest.com

Nude glow is a perfect kind of no-makeup makeup look that you can wear in the summertime. It is easy, very lightweight and your face will literally glow! Many superstars tend to wear this makeup style with their red dresses. You can do this nude glow look with both casual and elegant red dresses.

You need to start with a primer that will keep your foundation and makeup in place. Then apply your BB or CC cream, or if you prefer something stronger, apply your foundation. For your eyes, pick shimmery eyeshadows that will highlight your eyelids, but not to make you shine too much. Mix them with other neutral tones – gold, brown or beige shadows. Finish off your eye makeup with black mascara. For your cheeks, blend in a highlighter and bronzer to get a wonderful summer glow.

Retro Eyeliner Look

eye makeup for red dress tutorial

Image Source: pinterest.com

Black eyeliner is one of the timeless and retro looks that won’t ever go out of fashion. It seems like every girl has tried it and quickly after that it became her signature look – count me there, as well. Black eyeliner with the rest of minimal makeup is perfect when you wear a red dress. You can’t go wrong with that look. At the same time, you will wake up the glam of the old Hollywood while still remain to look updated and very modern.

Start with your concealer, foundation, and apply eye primer. To achieve perfect eyeliner you will need a bit of practice, but don’t worry. You can apply a bit of shimmery eyeshadow before drawing a line, or you can leave it minimal. Finish everything off with mascara.

Smokey Eyes

eye makeup ideas for red dress

Image Source: pinterest.com

Don’t hesitate to try smokey eyes if you are going to some nighttime event. In combination with a red dress, smokey eyes will make you shine, and you will definitely be noticed! Most makeup artists suggest using black and grey eyeshadows for your smokey eyes. That way you are creating depth and opening your eyes, even more, won’t be a problem.

Elegant events require stronger makeup. You need it to last long time, so don’t hesitate to start with primer as well as your foundation and concealer. When you finish your base, start by applying an eyeshadow base on your eyelids. Choose the darker color and create a crease over your upper brow bone. Pick the darkest one for the end and pull it to the inner eyelid. Don’t forget to put on a black pencil liner on your upper and down lid to open your eyes even more. Finish everything with false eyelashes and mascara.

Casual and Neutral

eye makeup tips for red dress

Image Source: pinterest.com

Even though red requires makeup, you don’t have to look glamorous every time you go somewhere wearing your red dress. You can have casual makeup without so much fuss. For everyday events or working hours, you don’t need a tone of makeup on your face.

After applying moisturizer, use your concealer to hide the imperfections. If you wish, you can put on your foundation, or BB cream if you prefer something lighter. You can leave your eyes without any makeup or just apply a bit of mascara. When it comes to lipsticks – nude matte lipstick or lipgloss will do just fine job for everyday occasions.

Eye Makeup For Red Lips

Red lipstick is such a classic look that many Hollywood stars adored and love even nowadays. Even if it feels like it’s been seen a hundred times, this look is still one of the most favored ones by many women. Many of them will opt for classic red lipstick, even though there are many different shades on the market today.

Brown eyes

eye makeup for red lips

Red lipstick has always been the craze. The shade is super bold and eye-catching. A brown smokey eye looks fantastic with red lipstick. The entire glam of the look depends on the shine that you give to your inner eye corners. Put on big lashes and bathe them with thick mascara. You got your super glam, dramatic look

Dark red eyes/ Red glitter eyes

eyeshadow for red lips

Dark red eyes and red glittery eyes both make you look bold and passionate. You can totally rock a chic look with dark red lipstick and completely red eye makeup. Red glitters will give your eyes equal grace. Use a fluffy brush to apply a scarlet red shade all over your lid and a darker shade to create a soft crease. For the glitter look, smear your eyes with hot red glitters. Give your eyes the finishing necessary to match up with the bold and fierce lipstick shade. 

Rainbow eyes

eyeshadow with red lip

You can look super cute and chirpy even with bold red lips. A rainbow eye will look totally unique and give you an enthusiastic persona. This look is where you get to play with colors. Take all bright and eye-catching colors and blend them flawlessly on your lid. Make sure you use darker colors towards the outer edges and light colors towards the inner corners. Create a wing with a violet color and put on a thin coat of eyeliner. Use some shimmer in the inner corner. Blend the shades properly using a fluffy brush.

Orange Delight

eyeshadow with red lips

Orange eyes have to be one of the most glamorous looks to exist. However, you need to be careful about the shade you are using. Every shade of orange is not for everybody. Choose two shades of orange, one light and the other one a bit darker. Use the dark shade to carve the crease. And blend the lighter shade above the crease and on the lids. Highlight the corners of the eyes.

Smokey eyes

eyeshadow looks for red lips

The hot news is that smokey eyes have become the new talk of the town now. To carry this look flawlessly, smear the black shadow all over the eyes and blend carefully so that the color gets lighter the higher it goes. Apply some shadow beneath the eyes too. Use a brown shadow over the crease and blend the black and brown. There, you got yourself a chic eyelook.

Soft pink

best eye makeup with red lipstick

A pink eye look is sure to make you feel like a Disney princess. To get started, use a soft pink shade and blend it all over your eyelids. The thing you need to focus on the most is your wing. The wing needs to be flawless because that is what gives your eyes their true definition. No shimmer or highlighter is necessary, but if you are a big fan of a little shine, you can use some highlighter to brighten the corners of your eyes.

Green shimmery eyes

eye makeup to go with red lipstick

Glossy red lips and shimmery green eyeshadow make a fantastic look for sure. If you want to steal everyone’s thunder in an event, apply dark green shade in the outer corners of the eyes, making a wing and carving the crease in the process. Make sure the outer corners are darker, and the shade gets lighter as it approaches the lid. Put a lighter green shade on the lid and blend the colors properly. Then apply the shimmer all over the lid. Highlighting the inner corners is important to complete the shiny eye makeup you want.


eye look with red lips

One other way to make your ‘red lip’ look elegantly simple and innocent is peachy eye makeup. If you love natural eye shades, peach is best for you. Choose a peachy eyeshadow palette and pick three shades. Create the crease with a dark shade. The medium shade goes above the crease, and the lighter shade on the lid. Blend the shades properly. Apply coal in the upper and lower lash lines. Let your eye shadow be the showstopper this time.

Sunset eye makeup

red lipstick eyeshadow looks

For an eccentric and fun getup, try out this sunset eye look. This is an ideal look for summer. The surprise element is how sexy this eye makeup looks with red lips. Carve a crease with a red eyeshadow shade, and blend it above the crease. Make sure that the color intensifies around the crease. Take an orange shade and blend it with the red. Next, choose a yellow shade to blend on the lid. Highlight your browline and corners of the eye.


natural eye makeup with red lipstick

Lavender lovers are not going to stop using it, no matter what. This is a very unique and chic look for sure. Totally not conventional. So, if you want to look different from everyone present around you, this is one getup you may choose. Play it down with your eyeliner and let the purple-lavender-pink shade illuminate the beauty of your eyes.  

Simple in Red

eye makeup for red lips

Image Source: pinterest.com

This simple and chic look is perfect for everyday wear. When doing red lips, don’t forget to put on the lip liner before applying your matte or any other lipstick. Red can seem ridiculous when it is not done right. Leave your eyes minimal, with a touch of mascara or some bright eyeshadow just to feel less naked. Apply a foundation, blush, and bronzer – if you want to look sun-kissed. You will have complete but everyday lightweight look in no time!

Red and Eyeliner

eye makeup for red lipstick

Image Source: pinterest.com

This is another classic look, which can be ideal for both every day and evening occasions. First of all, your eyeliner technique must be brought to perfection. You can’t let yourself look sloppy when applying the liner and red lipstick combination. Add a few shimmery eyeshadows, create a crease and then draw a perfect line – a touch of red on your lips will make you different from all other girls.

Ombre Red Lips

eye makeup tips for red lips

Image Source: pinterest.com

Ombre came to fashion through hairstyles. But, it didn’t stop there. The technique expanded to makeup as well, so nowadays ombre lips are much wanted for elegant events, proms or birthday parties. Nude smokey eyes are definitely a good idea because you shouldn’t overdo your look. Ombre lips will grab all the attention anyway.

Matchy Lips and Lashes

Have you ever tried colored mascara? I didn’t. But I would definitely love to. Depending on your eyes you can choose between blue, green or brown. However, how about going out from your comfort zone and trying mascara in red? That would be interesting, right? And surprisingly this girl shows us how good it can look with matchy red lipstick.

Hollywood Glam

eye makeup for dark red lips

Image Source: pinterest.com

It is known that some of the biggest divas in Hollywood were wearing red lipstick with dramatic eye makeup looks. Even though it is not recommended for every day, you can make an exception for some super glamorous events and play diva for once. Let your smokey eyes be dark, with a combination of black, grey and shimmery white. Precisely apply your lip liner along with red lipstick to finish off this perfect retro look.

Brown and Red Combination

Unlike the black, brown eyeliner can be perfect for casual and lightweight makeup looks. With other neutral tones, it can create a perfect look along with red lipstick. It will add a soft finish, while your red lips will still be at the center of attention.


Next time when you are buying a dress, don’t hesitate to choose the red one. As you can see, it can be perfect for both elegant and casual occasions. You can select makeup according to your own wishes. Just don’t forget this – don’t overdo it. Highlight only parts of your face, but not the whole one.

You can’t make a mistake with red lipstick. Wearing it for your working hours, or for a best friend’s wedding are both excellent. It has a typical vibe from the glamorous Hollywood times, and you know that retro never goes out of fashion.









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