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What Eye Makeup for Red Dress & Red Lips?

makeup for red dress and red lips

The red color is one of the most favored colors. Along with black, white, and beige, red represents the timeless and always fashionable color that is tricky to combine. However, the fact is it is a pretty statement shade, and you will surely be noticed. Eye makeup for the red dress can be casual and elegant depending on where you want to carry it. There are a few things you should keep in mind though. Even the dress color should match your skin. Only in that way, you will know how to do your makeup.

In this post, I will share some tips and tricks on how to do eye makeup for red dress outfits as well as eye makeup for red lips. Both of these makeups will make you the main star of some event, trust me.


Before We Start…

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing your eye makeup. You should pick a perfect red that suits you the best. When you choose the perfect dress, that is the time to start thinking about makeup. When doing your eye makeup, try not to overdo it. The highlight should be on your lips or eyes, but not both. If you do both of them, that can make you feel vulgar very easy. Always think this – less is more.


Eye Makeup for Red Dress


Nude Glow

Eye Makeup for Red Dress

Image Source: pinterest.com

Nude glow is a perfect kind of no-makeup makeup look that you can wear in the summertime. It is easy, very lightweight and your face will literally glow! Many superstars tend to wear this makeup style with their red dresses. You can do this nude glow look with both casual and elegant red dresses.

You need to start with a primer that will keep your foundation and makeup in place. Then apply your BB or CC cream, or if you prefer something stronger, apply your foundation. For your eyes, pick shimmery eyeshadows that will highlight your eyelids, but not to make you shine too much. Mix them with other neutral tones – gold, brown or beige shadows. Finish off your eye makeup with black mascara. For your cheeks, blend in a highlighter and bronzer to get a wonderful summer glow.


Retro Eyeliner Look

eye makeup for red dress tutorial

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Black eyeliner is one of the timeless and retro looks that won’t ever go out of fashion. It seems like every girl has tried it and quickly after that it became her signature look – count me there, as well. Black eyeliner with the rest of minimal makeup is perfect when you wear a red dress. You can’t go wrong with that look. At the same time, you will wake up the glam of the old Hollywood while still remain to look updated and very modern.

Start with your concealer, foundation, and apply eye primer. To achieve perfect eyeliner you will need a bit of practice, but don’t worry. You can apply a bit of shimmery eyeshadow before drawing a line, or you can leave it minimal. Finish everything off with mascara.


Smokey Eyes

eye makeup ideas for red dress

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Don’t hesitate to try smokey eyes if you are going to some nighttime event. In combination with a red dress, smokey eyes will make you shine, and you will definitely be noticed! Most makeup artists suggest using black and grey eyeshadows for your smokey eyes. That way you are creating depth and opening your eyes, even more, won’t be a problem.

Elegant events require stronger makeup. You need it to last long time, so don’t hesitate to start with primer as well as your foundation and concealer. When you finish your base, start by applying an eyeshadow base on your eyelids. Choose the darker color and create a crease over your upper brow bone. Pick the darkest one for the end and pull it to the inner eyelid. Don’t forget to put on a black pencil liner on your upper and down lid to open your eyes even more. Finish everything with false eyelashes and mascara.


Casual and Neutral

eye makeup tips for red dress

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Even though red requires makeup, you don’t have to look glamorous every time you go somewhere wearing your red dress. You can have casual makeup without so much fuss. For everyday events or working hours, you don’t need a tone of makeup on your face.

After applying moisturizer, use your concealer to hide the imperfections. If you wish, you can put on your foundation, or BB cream if you prefer something lighter. You can leave your eyes without any makeup or just apply a bit of mascara. When it comes to lipsticks – nude matte lipstick or lipgloss will do just fine job for everyday occasions.


Eye Makeup For Red Lips

Red lipstick is such a classic look that many Hollywood stars adored and love even nowadays. Even if it feels like it’s been seen a hundred times, this look is still one of the most favored ones by many women. Many of them will opt for classic red lipstick, even though there are many different shades on the market today.


Simple in Red

eye makeup for red lips

Image Source: pinterest.com

This simple and chic look is perfect for everyday wear. When doing red lips, don’t forget to put on the lip liner before applying your matte or any other lipstick. Red can seem ridiculous when it is not done right. Leave your eyes minimal, with a touch of mascara or some bright eyeshadow just to feel less naked. Apply a foundation, blush, and bronzer – if you want to look sun-kissed. You will have complete but everyday lightweight look in no time!


Red and Eyeliner

eye makeup for red lipstick

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This is another classic look, which can be ideal for both every day and evening occasions. First of all, your eyeliner technique must be brought to perfection. You can’t let yourself look sloppy when applying the liner and red lipstick combination. Add a few shimmery eyeshadows, create a crease and then draw a perfect line – a touch of red on your lips will make you different from all other girls.


Ombre Red Lips

eye makeup tips for red lips

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Ombre came to fashion through hairstyles. But, it didn’t stop there. The technique expanded to makeup as well, so nowadays ombre lips are much wanted for elegant events, proms or birthday parties. Nude smokey eyes are definitely a good idea because you shouldn’t overdo your look. Ombre lips will grab all the attention anyway.


Matchy Lips and Lashes

Have you ever tried colored mascara? I didn’t. But I would definitely love to. Depending on your eyes you can choose between blue, green or brown. However, how about going out from your comfort zone and trying mascara in red? That would be interesting, right? And surprisingly this girl shows us how good it can look with matchy red lipstick.


Hollywood Glam

eye makeup for dark red lips

Image Source: pinterest.com

It is known that some of the biggest divas in Hollywood were wearing red lipstick with dramatic eye makeup looks. Even though it is not recommended for every day, you can make an exception for some super glamorous events and play diva for once. Let your smokey eyes be dark, with a combination of black, grey and shimmery white. Precisely apply your lip liner along with red lipstick to finish off this perfect retro look.


Brown and Red Combination

Unlike the black, brown eyeliner can be perfect for casual and lightweight makeup looks. With other neutral tones, it can create a perfect look along with red lipstick. It will add a soft finish, while your red lips will still be at the center of attention.



Next time when you are buying a dress, don’t hesitate to choose the red one. As you can see, it can be perfect for both elegant and casual occasions. You can select makeup according to your own wishes. Just don’t forget this – don’t overdo it. Highlight only parts of your face, but not the whole one.

You can’t make a mistake with red lipstick. Wearing it for your working hours, or for a best friend’s wedding are both excellent. It has a typical vibe from the glamorous Hollywood times, and you know that retro never goes out of fashion.









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