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An Introduction to Feng Shui: How to wear a Feng Shui bracelet

For years, the concept of Feng Shui has fascinated me. My first encounter with Feng Shui was at the hands of a Chinese friend. Quite literally. 

I’d already heard of Feng Shui bracelets, but I didn’t know much about them. However, I was aware that the phrase ‘Feng Shui’ is well-known in the world of modern fashion and interior design. So, naturally, the mysterious amulet that adorned my friend’s wrist immediately drew my attention. With the help of my friend, Yu Chen, I was introduced to many Chinese traditions and symbols that intrigued me. I was hooked!

Is the Feng Shui bracelet really work

This is where my journey with Feng Shui began. The more I learned about its history and benefits, the more I was drawn to it. I had to do some research before deciding which Feng Shui bracelet I wanted for myself. Since then, I have noticed significant changes in how I perceive and experience life daily. While each experience is unique, it all begins with a basic understanding of Feng Shui and how to employ its principles.

Feng Shui’s Origins and Properties

A Feng Shui bracelet comprises certain stones, crystals, charms, and symbols that have different purposes. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is considered a noble and divine beast. Legend has it that the dragon has nine sons, one of which is known as Píxiū (貔貅). It is believed that each of the nine sons is endowed with special powers. The mythical beast Píxiū feeds solely on wealth and consumes it from all directions. It is thought to have a habit of swallowing as much as it can—in this case, wealth—without letting any of it escape. As a result, it gained popularity as the auspicious beast for attracting wealth, and more people started wearing it for prosperity. This is why most Feng Shui bracelets feature the Chinese mythical creature. The Píxiū is usually made out of gold and jade stone and resembles a lion with wings.

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A Feng Shui bracelet also features a special type of luck bead called Zhuǎnyùn Zhū (转运珠). Typically, the beads are made of gold. As its name suggests, the luck bead can bring good luck to its wearer. It is generally worn with a red string. You can wear up to ten beads for ten different types (and levels) of luck. For instance, one bead signifies smooth sailing, two beads mean double the good luck, three beads symbolize the three goats of fortune, four beads represent the four seasons of peace, five beads are intended to share five blessings, six beads are for career, seven beads represent vows of eternal love, eight beads indicate plentiful treasures, nine beads represent forever, and, finally, ten beads represent perfection. 

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The bracelet includes several exquisite transshipment beads as well—for instance, black Buddha beads. These beads are made of black agate and are usually inscribed with the six truths of Buddhism. People wear them to drive away distracting thoughts and attain peace. There is also a kind of Píxiū made of obsidian, worn on the right hand with the mouth toward the little finger. Because black obsidian crystals are known for their protective properties, they can ward off negative energy surrounding them. The material is also said to absorb and flush out dirt from people’s bodies. 

Feng Shui bracelets come in a combination of golden, yellow, and festive red. This combination always provides people with a feeling of wealth and good fortune. It is believed that the vibration of these stones and crystals helps balance the positive and negative energies that surround us.

Uses and Benefits of a Feng Shui Bracelet 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy according to which specific designs and placements of objects utilize the energy of living things. This energy of living things is famously known as ‘qi’ in Chinese. Feng Shui was created to unite man with the elements of nature, thereby promoting harmony and prosperity—in simple terms, to balance energy. There are various ways to incorporate Feng Shui principles into your life. Wearing a Feng Shui bracelet is one of them.

A Feng Shui bracelet can be considered an extension of our own energy. This powerful bracelet performs many functions. The wearer is offered good fortune, wealth, and improved health, depending on the placement of the bracelet. The bracelet also helps balance our overall aura in a way that maximizes positivity and minimizes negativity. It is believed that stress and trauma can create ‘smog’ that, in turn, generates negative energy in our lives. This type of energy is detrimental to our physical and mental well-being. 


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The bracelet cleanses the environment around us and protects our energy field from smog. It also promotes healthy bonding by allowing us to know ourselves first. In this way, it can improve our existing relationships with people. The Feng Shui bracelet also stimulates growth, brings stability, and helps us realize what we want most from life. Therefore, this bracelet is essentially a manifestation of your own dreams, desires, and life goals. 

Feng Shui has its own set of rules and regulations. When you are wearing a Feng Shui bracelet, you must keep these in mind. 

  • The bracelet is usually worn on the left hand. 

According to traditional Chinese belief, the left hand is the receptive side of the body as opposed to the right hand, which is considered projective. This is why the bracelet is usually worn on the left hand with the mouth of the Píxiū pointing toward the little finger. People hope that through its mouth, the Píxiū will absorb wealth from the outside. This means that wearing the bracelet on your left hand will attract wealth and fortune. Meanwhile, wearing it on the right hand would mean giving away wealth and good luck. However, a Píxiū made of obsidian crystals is often worn on the right hand instead. 

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  • The Píxiū is most effective when it is facing upward.

It is believed that the Píxiū is most effective when it is facing upward. The Píxiū is supposed to consume wealth from the outside, for which it must be turned toward it. Wearing your bracelet like this allows the Píxiū to bring wealth from the outside, as it is facing that direction. Therefore, turning it away from your body will result in maximum benefits. 

  • Touch the Píxiū as often as you can. 

It is recommended that you gently touch or pet the Píxiū on your bracelet from time to time. This allows it to bond with the person wearing it and recognize their presence. The Píxiū should know whom it belongs to! However, when doing so, try to avoid its eyes and mouth. Only reach for the head to activate it.

  • You can take off your bracelet when you sleep.

A traditional Chinese belief is that people should not be too greedy. They should not want to absorb wealth in their sleep, too. So, when you are going to bed, taking off your Feng Shui bracelet might be a good idea. This is also because the bracelet emits a lot of energy, which could disrupt your sleep and make you restless. You can take off the bracelet when you sleep or move it to your right hand if you prefer. Moving it to the right-hand means that the bad energy in the body can be expelled while you are sleeping. I like to keep the Píxiū in my living room facing the door, so it can shield me from negative energy at night.

  • Keep your bracelet as clean as possible. 

Keep your bracelet as clean as possible to avoid dirt buildup. If dirt accumulates, it will render the bracelet ineffective. To clean, just wipe your bracelet with a clean cloth. Do not wash your Feng Shui bracelet. Avoid water, as it is believed that water carries away treasure and fortune. Clean your bracelet as often as you think necessary. I clean mine at least twice a week.

How to wear a feng shui bracelet

Things to Remember 

You can take off the bracelet periodically, for instance, when you are taking a shower or sleeping. However, the longer you wear a Feng Shui bracelet, the more beneficial it will be for you. You can also hang it under your car’s rearview mirror to drive safely and gain wealth. In China, a Feng Shui bracelet can be worn by both men and women over the age of fourteen. While it bears religious significance and includes aspects related to Buddhism, it can be worn by anyone. 

So, should you wear a Feng Shui bracelet? The short answer is yes! My Feng Shui bracelet and I are inseparable and I have never been more content. Even if you are skeptical, a Feng Shui bracelet is a harmless addition to your wardrobe that may introduce noticeable changes to your lifestyle by helping you make better decisions over time. If worn correctly, the bracelet will invite good energy or qi into your life, bringing you happiness, success, and prosperity.

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