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Do you find clothes from Reformation just your thing? Then we have got some more like Reformation to help you along the way.

Reformation is a famous clothing line for women. They have an independent way of doing their business and making up their own rules. Eventually, they turned into this favorite brand for many people.

But just like any other thing, not everyone likes the way Reformation operates their business. Especially their website operations. That’s why we are here to guide you towards some brands like Reformation. 

They have all it takes to be like Reformation along with some features missing from Reformation itself.  

Similar Stores Like Reformation 

Stores Like
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
Standard Delivery Exclusive Feature
RainbowOder $50+Order $99+3-7 DaysSign Up and Get 10% Off
Fashion NovaOrders $75+Oder $125+2-3 DaysBuy Now/Pay Later
RevolveN/AOrder $100+4-8 DaysGet Redeem by Clicking Add Button
Rent The Run WayN/ANo2-5 DaysShare Love to Friends and Get $30
IntermixYesN/A5-7 DaysSign Up and Get 15% Off
MotelN/AOrders £50+2-3 DaysGet Student 20% Discount
Lane BryantNoNo3-9 DaysGive 25% Off & Get 25% Off
MauricesOrder $50+N/A3-8 DaysShare Love & Get $10
Rue21Order $50+No2-8 DaysGet 15% Student Discount
Chi ChiNoOrder £100+2-5 DaysStudents Get 15% Off

You can easily find some alternative stores like Reformation from the list below. Go through the list and see which ones suit your requirements more. 


brands like reformation

This can be the alternative to Reformation with ease. Because you can’t get this much affordable clothes anywhere else. 

Once you get here, you get to experience a whole new variety of clothing lines. There are so many options to go from that you might get confused at times.

In addition to their vast collection, they offer clothing for every size out there. It is to motivate women who have to take plus size clothes.

With their excellent customer service and all other additional features like free shipping and return they own their customer’s hearts.

  • Great affordability
  • Many sizes available
  • High-quality clothes
  • Excellent services
  • Wide range of products
  • Free shipping
  • Free return policy
  • Regular offers and discounts
  • Website requires some modifications

They are no doubt one of the best out there. And we couldn’t think of anyone else to kick start our list. Because Rainbow products are not only affordable, they are of top quality as well. 

Overall Customer Feedback: 4.5/5

Fashion Nova 

stores like reformation

Another great alternative to Reformation is Fashion Nova. They have high-quality products with a professional delivery service.

They have different kinds of styles you can choose from as well. They even have cosplay costumes for costume parties. And they are of top quality.

Their prices are also not too much according to their quality. All in all, you are getting various options from this clothing store.

  • High-quality products
  • Good delivery service
  • Worth the money
  • Variety of styles
  • Great fit
  • Lacks customer service

There is simply no question about the quality they provide. And they sure have the capability get to head with Reformation.

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.7/5


shops like reformation

If you are looking for designer clothes, then you can opt for this one. It has got a good collection of designer clothes with quality materials.

You can receive your desired product within no time at all. So, you can get your clothes fast.  

They come in various kinds of offers. So, you will need to grab that opportunity to get reasonable prices on their products.

  • Good quality products
  • Fast shipping
  • A good collection of designer clothes
  • Offers and discounts
  • Not great for people outside the U.S.
  • No refund options

If you are a resident of the U.S, you should surely check this one out. As it offers quality products like Reformation.

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.5/5

Rent the runway 

similar shops like reformation

So, if you are looking for a place to rent some clothes, then you can choose this one. This is a place where you can rent professional, quality designer clothes. All you will need is a membership here.

You can also buy from their extensive collection of clothing. They have got many great styles in their clothes.

  • You can rent clothes
  • Wide collection
  • Good quality
  • Bad customer service
  • Overpriced membership
  • Faulty delivery system

You already know why you will need to visit here. If you want to get a dress for just a day or two, then you choose them for this.

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.1/5


clothing brand like reformation

You can get affordable clothes from this one. The clothes don’t lack quality at all. So, you undoubtedly get a good deal out of here.

With reasonable pricing and quality, the collection of this store is excellent too.

  • Good quality products
  • Great collection
  • Affordable
  • Issues with the delivery system
  • Bad customer service

If you don’t want to spend much on decent clothing, you can get this one to satisfy yourself. They come with good quality and reasonable prices as well. 

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.2/5

Motel Rocks 

sites like reformation

Even after not having an excellent reputation, this one deserves to be on the list. Because they provide quality and fantastic customer service. 

And the stylish looks from the clothes are just a bonus here. You will love the shopping experience here, as many others did.

  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality clothes
  • Stylish collection
  • Efficient delivery system
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Overpriced
  • Sizes may have issues

Simply put, you can get excellent quality clothing from this store as an alternative to Reformation.

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.2/5

Lane Bryant 

alternative brands like reformation

If you are going into this store in person, then you are sure to come out with a happy face. The employees are excellent at their work.

With top-class customer service, you get quality clothes as well. They have different sizes as well.

  • Quality materials
  • Best customer support in stores
  • Inclusive sizes
  • Stylish clothes
  • Affordable
  • Bad online policies
  • The return fee is too much

We would suggest visiting the physical stores for this one. Because you might have an experience of a lifetime here.

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.3/5


brands like reformation

Maurices is prepared with the trendiest clothing line out there all the time. Their newest designs come with excellent quality material as well. 

They focus more on casualwear rather than formal ones. And have sizes available for anyone willing to buy these clothes.

  • Has running offers all the time
  • Comes with unique designs
  • Accurate delivery system
  • Available in all sizes
  • A bit high priced
  • Bad customer service

Going for a new look can be needed for anyone. With Maurices, you can quickly satisfy your need of going for a modern casual look with quality clothes.

Overall Customer Feedback: 4.2/5


clothing stores like reformation

This is an excellent place for shopping for both girls and boys. Their products come with unique designs and color combinations.

Along with that their prices are also not much. So, you will surely enjoy your visit to the store and the website.

  • Amazing prices
  • Quality materials
  • Unisex clothes
  • Fast shipping
  • Wide collection
  • Bad customer service
  • Online order issues

This can be your next home for shopping. As they have all the good things about their clothes- quality, prices and designs they have it all.

Overall Customer Feedback: 3.4/5

Chi Chi London 

similar shops like reformation

Having excellent communication with the stores feels like an advantage while shopping. With them, you get that experience entirely. 

Also, they have got offers going on all year round on quality clothing. They have got their simplistic designs you can choose from.

Adding to that, you won’t need to worry about the sizes and prices at all. In short, you get it all here.  

  • Great products
  • Discounts and offers all year round
  • Affordable clothes
  • Responsive communication
  • Great customer service
  • Issues with delivery at times

You can rest assured of the quality, prices, and function of this store. They are undoubtedly one of the bests in the list. And an excellent alternative for Reformation. 

Overall Customer Feedback: 4/5


Here we have gathered around brands like Reformation to give you alternative options. They are the best alternatives for Reformation, mostly because of their quality clothing. Some of them are even better than Reformation. 

And we aren’t the ones claiming these to be the best. We have collected information from all over the internet through customer feedbacks from these stores. So, that’s how we chose them.

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