Florence Scovel Jewelry Review – All About the Collections

For all fashion followers, jewelry represents the unique additional detail to every outfit combination. Whether it is a bracelet or a shiny necklace, they will make a statement. It is up to you to choose. For some time now women prefer practical and minimalistic jewelry to compliment their outfits.

Florence Scovel is great brand that covers all types of jewelry – from vintage to super modern pieces. We will check out some of the best sellers, everyday pieces as well as the ones for elegant occasions.

About the Brand

Luxurious jewelry by Florence Scovel is not terribly expensive! Their hand-made pieces are finely made by artists who use many different materials. Some of their best sellers are leather bracelets with pendants, as well as bangles and earrings.

This company funds over 50 initiatives through donations and sponsorship. Some of them are related to cancer funds, autism, and many other organizations. This is a plus when you are considering the company and what it represents when buying your jewelry pieces.

Florence Scovel Jewelry Review: Elegant Occasions

Elegant occasions require special jewelry. You shouldn’t hesitate to wear colorful crystals, shiny diamonds, and sets – all that to complement your sophisticated outfit. If you are preparing for some important event, check out this Florence Scovel Jewelry review and find something that you will love to wear forever.

Crystal Water Drop Pendant

Crystal Water Drop PendantThese pendants come in different colors and just might be your perfect special-occasion jewelry. It has a classic design, with beautiful colorful and sparkling crystals. In combination with some elegant dresses or v-neck blouses made of silk, this lovely pendant can make you look unique and fabulous.

  • These necklaces and pendants are perfect for all occasions.
  • The come in various colors.
  • Necklaces are adjustable.
  • If you want to have longer lasting wear, use your own chain made of silver.


Angel Teardrop Austrian Crystal Pendant & Earring Set

Angel Teardrop Austrian Crystal Pendant & Earring SetThis set of earrings and necklace is ideal for elegant and black-tie occasions. There is a variety of colors to choose from to match perfectly to your little black dress. The design is really unique – which definitely means it will make you glow at every party.

  • Austrian Crystal has very good quality.
  • The teardrop shape is perfect for special occasions – unique and very attractive.
  • The necklace length is approximately 18 inches long, and it can’t be adjusted.

Forever Heart Pendant – White Gold

Forever Heart Pendant - White GoldSometimes it is better to choose classic pieces. If you are a lover of white gold, then this necklace and pendant will make you shine on the dance floor. The heart is encrusted in shiny white crystals suspended within a circle pendant. At first glance, the necklace might seem too showy. I can tell you it looks modern, definitely sparkly, and eye-catching.

  • It’s worth the price – perfect for both casual and elegant occasions.
  • It is white gold-plated.
  • It is not adjustable.

Florence Scovel Jewelry Review: Everyday Pieces

Most people feel kind of naked when not wearing everyday jewelry, even if it is just a ring or a bracelet. The pieces that you can wear every day should be casual and minimalistic with a touch of sophistication. Let’s see some of the best Florence Scovel jewelry that you can wear every day.

Royal Wrap Bracelet

Royal Wrap BraceletThis bracelet is a piece that you can always wear. It is made of leather with brown and beige beads within the leather wrap. The stacked design makes this bracelet perfect for school, college, and casual everyday wear. It is handmade with excellent attention to detail.

  • The bracelet is adjustable (three wrist sizes)
  • It is perfect for all generations and occasions.
  • The price might be too high for a jewelry product like this.

70’s Bracelet

70's Bracelet

There is nothing better than stacked bracelets on your wrist. If they are in multiple colors – well, even better. Wake up your inner ‘70s vibe with this lovely bracelet. Combination of ribbon, charms, pearls, and alloy will bring some attention to every outfit you wear. This bracelet is great for casual wear: jeans, white tee, and slides.
  • It is very feminine and casual at the same time.
  • Combination of these materials will make any outfit look interesting.
  • The price might be too high.
  • You need to clean it after each use – otherwise it will tarnish.

Geometric Marble Jacket Stud Earrings

Geometric Marble Jacket Stud EarringsMy style has been changing from time to time. Sometimes, I am into colors, and sometimes I am into complete minimalism. These edgy and marble-designed earrings are now one of my favorites. They can be found in a triangle, circle, and square shape. I found them perfect for everyday wear – with white clothes, as well as with wrap dresses, striped blouses, and classic white tees.

  • Versatile earrings like this are welcome in any girl’s jewelry box.
  • Gold and marble mix perfectly.
  • Take care of them, because they can easily lose their color.

Green Opal Leaf Ring

Green Opal Leaf RingThis open ring is great for those who love to wear rings every day. This one is not big and not so eye-catching. It has the form of a leaf. The subtle green rock is perfect for matching with any other color. I definitely love the minimalistic design and silver shade.

  • It matches well with other pieces of jewelry.
  • It can be used as a stacked ring.
  • It is adjustable.
  • It’s not made of stainless steel, so there is a possibility of tarnishing.


Whether you are heading to a ceremony, such as a wedding, birthday or engagement party, or you just want to buy something for yourself, this brand offers many choices. I have shown you some of my favorites. I have gathered both extravagant and minimalistic pieces to showcase.

I hope you have liked this Florence Scovel jewelry review.

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