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Mardi Gras Guide: 10 Tips on How to Dress

So, you’re ready to party eh? Mardi Gras is possibly one of the most fun festivals in the world and it’s always exciting when one needs to dress up for it! Everyone in Mardi Gras is allowed to just be themselves so everyone can go crazy with colors, beads, beads, and more beads! If you’re a first-timer and you truly want to enjoy dressing up for Mardi Gras, then there are few things that you should absolutely consider. After all, dressing up for Mardi Gras is so much more than purple, green, and gold. For a comprehensive guide, do read on.

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Tip #1: Plan Ahead

As it is in all things in life, nothing beats planning ahead. Planning for what you want to wear should be a thing at least months or weeks ahead before reaching New Orleans. The grander your plans, the longer the planning. Extra planning should be done if you’re planning to attend balls and exclusive parties as you’d need to consider themes.

For the festival itself, there is no particular dress code. Pretty much anything goes so you can be as simple or outlandish as you want to be. Planning ahead is best because it’d ensure that you won’t have to deal with any kind of stress while having a good time!

Tip #2: Consider Transportation

If you’d opt to go all out and have costumes with you, then you need to consider logistics. It would be stressful if you’d only consider how you’re going to transport your costumes a few days prior or on the day itself. If you’d have a headdress, then you need to assess if it would fit in your suitcase. Be as organized as you can be. Ensure that all your items (costumes, masks, headdresses) will arrive in New Orleans pristinely and on time. 

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Tip #3: Don’t Sweat It

Don’t overthink your mardi gras outfits! You’re there to enjoy yourself so it’s pointless to stress on anything at all. If you want to wear a costume and you don’t have one yet (your mind just can’t come up with creative ideas yet), then you could simply look for one when you’re already in New Orleans. You can easily shop and even rent costumes from many shops in the city.

Tip #4: Prioritize Comfort

Your comfort should always be your priority. Dressing up is fun, sure. But all will be pointless if you won’t fully have a good time just because your costume is giving you a hard time. You’d be partying for hours so you need to make sure that you’d always feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. You’d be dancing and moving around so consider outfits that would easily and fabulously allow you to do so. It’s impossible to feel grand if you’re not feeling comfortable.

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Tip #5: Think about Your Shoes Seriously

You should strategize on your footwear. Choose comfortable shoes that will allow you to dance and be on your feet for long hours. Note that streets will be jam-packed so you’d have a hard time looking for cabs. You’d be walking and standing for a long time so it’s best to pick shoes that can provide total support.

Have a pair of heels with you if you have plans of attending formal events.

Tip #6: Consider the Weather

New Orleans weather can be tricky. To ensure that you’re okay and ready to party all the way, opt to dress in layers. It can either get pretty cold or balmy so it’s best that you’re prepared for both. It can also rain so do consider having rain boots with you because there’s such a thing as Mardi Gras muck. You wouldn’t want mud to ruin your festive mood! Best be prepared and ready for it. For rain, you could also bring rain ponchos and raincoats. You could go extra by customizing both to your costume. You should, of course, not forget to bring an umbrella. 

Tip #7: Pick a Good Bag 

Your bag of choice should fit not just your costume but your needs. Note that it should be able to securely carry the following:

  • your wallet
  • your phone
  • your phone charger
  • rain gear (umbrella, raincoat, and etc.)
  • water
  • snacks 

It’s best to have everything you’d need with you to avoid having to go back to your hotel room every time you’d need something.

Tip #8: Go All Out with Your Costume!

Mardi Gras goers take costumes seriously. If you’re all about costumes and you have no problem whatsoever when it comes to being fabulous and going all out, Mardi Gras is for you! Wearing a costume while walking in parades will give you quite an elevated and grand experience. Be creative and think out of the box! Everyone in New Orleans will love you for it! In Mardi Gras, everyone’s allowed to be a superstar!

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Tip #9: Accessorize! 

Up your costume with accessories! But do temper your style as too many accessories can keep you from being comfortable and having a good time. Always remember that you’d be partying all day!

Tip #10: Wear a Mask!

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Go crazy with masks! Mardi Gras goers love masks. Expect almost everyone to wear one come Fat Tuesday. You could go creative and make one of your own or opt to buy one. You won’t have a hard time looking for masks as there are many costume shops in New Orleans. 

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