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Different Ways to Style a Long Sleeve White Shirt

The color white is a neutral hue that goes with all skin tones and complexions. Traditionally, white has been considered a symbol of purity, harmony, and class. It is a universally flattering shade because it works with everything and can be paired with any item of clothing you can think of. So, whether it is night or day, summer or winter, white can be worn all year round.  

White long sleeve shirts are a wardrobe staple that you can easily pair with different types of skirts, jeans, pants, and even dresses. From workplace meetings to casual hangouts and parties, long-sleeved white shirts can be worn anywhere. In case you are wondering how to wear your long sleeve white shirts at different events, here are some outfit ideas for you to try for yourself! 

Formal Pants

 white long sleeve outfit ideas female

A basic white long sleeve shirt with formal pants can be your go-to outfit when it comes to attending official meetings or formal presentations. This outfit is chic and proper, with a dash of sophistication. Optionally, put on a watch and a belt to enhance your look. Formal shoes or stilettos are usually the way to go with this outfit. Lastly, you can tie your hair in a sleek ponytail or leave it open.

Boho Charm

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Embrace a bohemian-inspired look by pairing your white shirt with a flowing maxi skirt or wide-leg pants. Leave the shirt untucked and add a statement belt for a relaxed yet put-together appearance. Accessorize with layered necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and a floppy hat for a chic boho vibe that’s perfect for festivals or summer vacations.

leather leggings

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Transform your white shirt into an edgy statement piece by combining it with leather leggings or distressed jeans. Add a leather or denim jacket for an extra edge and accessorize with chunky boots or studded heels. This look exudes confidence and rebellious flair, making it ideal for concerts or a night out on the town.

Skinny Jeans

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Let’s assume you are thinking of attending a lunch or dinner party but do not want to look overdressed. In that case, a white shirt and skinny jeans combo will make you look voguish without having to put in a lot of work. If it is summer, wear minimal accessories like layered necklaces and small studs. Opt for a messy bun or keep your hair open with some loose waves or curls for a simple and elegant look. When it comes to footwear, ankle boots will make you look more stylish. However, you can wear mules, ankle-strap heels, or sneakers as well. 

Acid-Washed Ripped Jeans

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High or low-waisted acid-washed ripped jeans look stunning with white shirts. You can leave the shirt as is or tuck it in for a more structured look. This outfit is perfect for a casual outing with your friends or when you are running errands. If you want to do something different, you can tie a knot with your shirt in the front instead of tucking it in. Try pairing it with the sneakers or your choice. Alternatively, you can wear low-heeled sandals.

Godet Skirts

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A godet skirt will help add some flair to your outfit. These skirts are usually pleated, and when worn with white long sleeve shirts, they can provide a taller and thinner silhouette. If you want to wear something that is a bit more exciting with your white shirt, a godet skirt will be your ideal choice. This outfit can be worn anywhere and is relatively simple to dress up. Peep-toe heels or low-heeled sandals are good footwear options to consider with this ensemble. 

Satin Slit Skirts

Long sleeve shirt outfit ideas

There are different types of slit skirts available in the market, and they are all equally beautiful. If you’re planning on wearing one to your workplace (to avoid repeating the same boring outfits), you can easily pair your white long-sleeved shirt with a skirt that has a small slit in it. It can make you look stylish yet formal at the same time. Moreover, you can combine your long sleeve white shirt with a thigh-high satin slit skirt for any type of party or casual event. Try opting for closed-toe heels instead in an office environment as they are more appropriate for formal wear. Whereas for a party or a date, you can pair platform heels or stiletto pumps with your outfit.

Denim Shorts

white long sleeve and short

During summer, there is no better alternative to wearing shorts. So, when attending any type of summer activity, you can decide to pair your long sleeve white shirt with the denim shorts of your choice. Of course, the length and style of your shorts can differ depending on your personal preference. However, this outfit is perfect for anyone seeking comfort and style at the same time. Again, if comfort is your priority, go with simple ballerina flats or sneakers for shoes.

Spaghetti Strap Dress

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Spaghetti strap dresses are so cute. You can wear a spaghetti strap dress by itself or with an under-shirt. These dresses are suitable for wearing at any time of the year but have to be paired wisely. If you want, you can wear a long sleeve white shirt with your spaghetti strap dress for that trendy, street-style look. Moreover, to enjoy the beach during the colder winter months, you can go in this outfit. Boots and sandals are the ideal footwear.  

Easy Pants

Ways to Wear a White Button-Up Shirt

If you are staying in or inviting guests over to your house, you can simply wear your white long sleeve shirt with a pair of wide-legged easy pants. This outfit is the epitome of comfort and can be considered loungewear as well. You can also wear this outfit outside, especially if you are going to the mall or on a casual walk. For footwear, consider wearing slides, loafers, or sneakers.

Tennis Skirt

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Tennis skirts have risen in popularity again and are undoubtedly summer and spring essentials. A white long sleeve shirt paired with a tennis skirt is a classic outfit that is reminiscent of a schoolgirl uniform. This combo is preppy and adorable and can be worn with tennis shoes, chunky sneakers, or knee-high boots. 

Pencil Skirts

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Pencil skirts can never go out of style. Whether you are wearing it to formal events or informal gatherings, white long-sleeved shirts with pencil skirts will make you look sexy yet smart. They provide a distinctly feminine silhouette that looks flattering on all body types. Depending on the occasion, a matching purse and some pencil or sling-back heels will enhance your look. You can create a low bun or keep your hair loose for the best effect. 

Strapless Dress

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Strapless dresses may not be your first choice, but they look exceptionally well with a white long sleeve shirt. If you are looking for something different to pair with your white shirt, why not go for this? For a more edgy look, you can wear your favorite ruffled strapless dress with a long-sleeve white shirt. Pair it with lace-up heels to make them look more stylish and on-trend. 

Mini Skater Dress

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If you are an avid fan of Wednesday Addams, you will surely appreciate this outfit! A mini black skater dress paired with a long-sleeve white shirt is so iconic. How can you ever go wrong with this pairing? This classic outfit can be worn everywhere with some flat pumps or sneakers. If you wish to jazz it up a little bit, get yourself a fancy long sleeve white shirt instead. 

Oversized White Shirt Dress

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In recent times, wearing an oversized shirt as a dress has been trending. In fact, we are sure that you have seen many of your favorite models and celebrities sporting the style by wearing oversized shirts as mini dresses. So, what is stopping you from wearing an oversized full sleeve white shirt too? Additionally, pair it with a matching belt if you are looking for a more body-hugging silhouette. When it comes to accessories, always remember that less is more. For the feet, however, wear knee-high boots or platform heels for added height and charm.

To conclude, white long sleeve dress shirts are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own. The shirt can be styled in so many different ways and can be worn at practically every event. So, if you are looking for some style inspiration, pick one of the outfits listed above.

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