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Fashion Cheat Sheet: Shoes To Pair With Wide-Leg Pants

Call it a trend that came alive due to the young Gen-Z minimalistic style promoted by TikTok and Instagram influencers. Wide-leg pants from the ‘70s are back! And it seems like they are here to slay! 

The return of wide-leg or flare pants is having a big influence on world fashion. Every luxury and fast fashion house is releasing wide-leg pants in different styles! In runway shows and magazines, they are pairing wide-leg pants with high heels or pumps, or with sneakers or sandals. The options are endless, ensuring that women of all body types can wear the style that makes them feel confident! 

When one is planning a complete outfit, one must ensure harmony among the makeup and clothing items. As comfortable, retro, and stylish as wide-leg pants can be, most women seem to have trouble deciding which shoes to wear with them.

what shoes to wear with palazzo pants

This style of pants is very similar to long skirts. That means they can make certain body types look shorter than they are. So, creating the illusion of a longer silhouette is the key to slaying wide-leg pants. The rule to keep in mind is to wear shoes that will give you extra height and retain the chic-elegant streamlined look.

If pairing the perfect pair of shoes with your new flare pants has been a headache for you, worry no more. We have checked the newest fashion shoe launches ideal for pairing with wide-leg pants and have chosen 7 different options for you! These are shoe types you might already have in your closet. 

What Shoes to Wear with Wide-Leg Pants

Combat Boots

what flat shoes to wear with wide leg pants

Combat boots work like a charm with wide-legged pants. In particular, combat boots look best with ankle-length wide-legged pants. This combination creates a classic combat appearance. Combat boots are fashionable, and wearing them with wide-legged pants creates a more eccentric look. These boots can be worn year-round. They are an easy way to strengthen an outfit and add a cool edge to the look. 

For a fall outing, pair black combat boots with wide beige pants and a matching top. This look is appropriate for both formal and casual events. To complement the boots, take a black bag. This posh look will flatter you.

And for a proper official getaway, put on a white puff-sleeved shirt with wide black pants and combat boots. This will give you a badass corporate look. You can slay the day at work with vigor and confidence.


what shoes to wear with wide leg jeans 2023

Another way to grab attention is by pairing clogs with your wide-legged attire. The smooth texture of the shoes is eye-catching and stands out in a crowd. For a casual outing on a spring day, go for a white wide-legged jumpsuit with a mud-colored clog. The look is absolutely posh. You will be proud of how effortlessly fashionable you are. For a more formal outing, wear a black top with beige wide-legged pants and black clogs. The black will mesmerize everybody, and people won’t be able to stop complimenting you on your shrewd sense of style.


what shoes to wear with wide leg jeans in winter

Birkenstocks are one of the most comfortable and fashionable footwear to pair with wide-legged outfits. A blue and white striped t-shirt and denim wide-legged pants with brown Birkenstocks will create a chic, casual look. This is a great outfit for walking down the street for an evening walk or running down to the grocery store. It is a common trait among fashionistas to not ignore even for the simplest events. 

Flip Flops

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants in winter

Flip flops are the most basic of footwear. Nevertheless, they look unbelievably stylish with wide-legged pants. This combination is especially preferred by minimalists who are head over heels in love with simplicity. With flip flops, you can keep your feet mostly exposed and comfortable. Flip flops come in numerous colors, and you can choose anything that goes with your outfit.

Patterned Heels

shoes with wide leg pants

Instead of the plain heels worn by most people, go for something funkier, like these patterned and colorful heels. These heels add breeziness to your look. Even if you wear a plain outfit, these heels will give you a fun and light-hearted appearance. So, if you ever feel too frustrated or tired to work on your look, you can always add a fun and colorful pair of heels and let them do the magic. 


best shoes to wear with wide leg pants

People are getting increasingly fond of looks that have an attitude. The “badass look,” we might call it. To add a little edge, try this getup. Wedges add weight to a simple outfit and make you look incredibly stylish. The subtle patterns on the shoes add a decorative factor, while the overall look stays simple and sweet. Choose a handbag whose color matches the wedges. This helps create a balance. Additionally, the high sole makes your figure more prominent and attractive.


what shoes with wide leg pants

Slingbacks are not only chic but also super comfortable. They are perfect for work, casual outings, or even parties. You could say that slingbacks are all-rounders in the shoe fashion hub. 

Strappy Sandals

boots with wide leg jeans

Sandals may sound too basic, but you would be surprised by how edgy they can be. Also, they are super comfortable. For a casual look, go with a white shirt and cream wide-legged pants. Add a pair of white flats to color-coordinate. Or, if you are in a fancy mood, go with black wide-legged pants and a thin strapped orange top paired with black strappy sandals. The look is hot yet simple and sophisticated. You can wear this look to a party or even a casual evening getaway. Instead of plain shoes, a pair of sandals with straps and eccentric designs can pull people’s attention toward your feet.


what boots to wear with wide leg jeans

Loafers are classic. Nowadays, people pay a price for not only fashion but also comfort—and loafers might just be the greatest investment for comforting your feet. Loafers are also highly in fashion right now and look great with wide-legged pants. The pictures above show how beautiful loafers can look with wide pants. You can pair them with any color, and they’re also available in many colors.

Lace-Up Heels

boots to wear with wide leg jeans

These shoes define sexy. Lace creates an appearance of class and beauty. Classic lace-up heels will make you look chic anytime, anywhere. When you wear them with wide pants, the wide ends of the pants and the tight laces will create the perfect balance in your look. The heels add to the extravagance of the shoes. They create the perfect aura to make yourself flawlessly fashionable.

High Heels or Pumps

shoes to wear with wide leg pants

For a classic and refined look, pair your wide-leg pants with pointy pumps or high heels. 

High heels or pumps with pointy toes will not only add height, with the pointy toe peeking out from the wide-leg silhouette, but they will also be an eye-catching detail. Choose a pair with square toes to add edge to the chic-ness. 

These two shoe styles, in basic colors like black, brown, beige, and white, are suitable for all types of dresses and pants. Certain prints or patterns can create an edge and spice up a whole outfit. Just be sure the prints/patterns and color don’t clash with those of the pants. Also, always double-check the size of your pumps! 

Backless Loafer Mule

shoes to wear with wide leg pants

Backless loafer mules are great to pair with both professional and casual looks. From a minimal 1 inch to 3 inches for a loafer, a bit of height will help you create a longer silhouette. 

Choose one in leather or suede. Match the color with your outfit or skin tone. This will create a polished and well-maintained look and create the illusion of longer legs. 

Mules or Wedge Slides

shoes for wide leg pants

With a medium height that creates an illusion of a longer silhouette, wedges and mules also provide comfort and add a casual vibe. They are best for professional looks with suits that have wide-leg pants. 

A very popular fashion choice for celebrities is to pair mules or wedges with wide-leg suit pants. Wedges are also suitable for attending places where you need to be on your feet for a long time. 

Low-Medium Block Heel or Platforms

what shoes to wear with wide leg jeans

A great alternative to thin heels or pumps is block heels or platforms. The thick platform front and chunky heels ensure both comfort and height. This is one of the most preferable ways to create a modern, fashionable look. 

Platforms and block heels are some of the few great options to pair with cropped wide-leg pants or boyfriend jeans. 

Even with dressy flare pants or wide-leg suit pants, a well-matched platform or block heel can ensure a perfect, chic presence. 

Flat Sandals: Straps or No Straps

what shoes to wear with wide leg cropped pants

Shoes must be comfortable and walkable for casual shopping or picnic days in the summer! You can wear flat sandals with wide-leg pants for a stunning, elegant look.

Strapless flat sandals will allow the billowing part of your silhouette to flow and sway while you walk. However, Sandals with straps look better with cropped wide-leg pants. 


what shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers

The most trendy way to style wide-leg jeans or pants for Gen-Zs is to wear chunky sneakers, especially with cropped wide-leg pants. Not only are they comfortable, but thick-soled sneakers add height and youth to the look. 

Chunky trainers can be paired with all styles of wide-leg pants for a fresh and casual style. Eye-catching, statement-making chunky sneakers from a high-end or renowned sports brand, worn with well-matched wide-leg culottes, can give you a street fashion-forward look straight out of a magazine! 


sneakers with wide-leg pants

Booties are great classics to pair with wide-leg pants, in winter, fall, or even spring! Due to their higher heels, boots create a chic-classy look when worn with flare pants. While most boots will get covered by the pants, the front of your footwear will still peek through, especially while you’re walking. Choose a boot with a unique tip, preferably a pointy or small square one! 

Not all ankle booties are created equal. When styling wide-leg pants, avoid clunkier booties. 

A perfect pair of ankle boots accompanied by well-tailored wide-leg pants will offer the same sophistication, modern style, and professionalism as high heels and pumps, but with a bit of edge. This will surely turn heads even in a room full of people. 

Best Shoes to Wear With Cropped Wide Leg Pants

When planning an outfit, keep in mind that pants and shoes will cover almost 50% of your body. That is why harmony between the pieces will set the foundation for your entire look while creating an optical illusion with regard to your height! 

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “A good pair of shoes can take someone to good places.” Shoes can really make or break an outfit – aka your entire look! A great outfit worn with the wrong shoes is a big no. Your pants and shoes need to work together. There should be a direct connection between them in proportion and genre. Play with the cuts and colors, but keep things light and modern when styling wide-leg pants. 

Wide-leg pants represent Gen-Zs and their minimalistic fashion sense with a classy touch of modern art. But regardless of your age or personal style, you’ll find something suitable for you on the market! And with the help of this article, you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes for your fashion sense!

In the ’70s, wide-leg pants were all about freedom and youth. Now, this style has returned to runways and streets. With a perfect pair of shoes, the style is a fun way to give your wardrobe an upgraded modern boho style, infused with elegance and sophistication. Just keep the entire aesthetic of your look as light as possible. That’ll complement the flowy and youthful vibe of the ‘70s’ beloved wide-leg pants.

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