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shoes to wear with royal blue short dress

When fall comes, we usually tend to transfer our wardrobe shades from bright to dark. That is when warm, jewel-toned colors come to the scene – purple, royal blue, black, emerald green, and grey are just some of the shades you can combine with your fall staples. Royal blue is one of the most common colors when it comes to elegant dresses.

The main question girls have been asking themselves is what color shoes to wear with the royal blue dress. Don’t worry about that anymore. I have made a quick guide that will show you many different street style ideas with different shoes of color. Let’s check them out!

Brown Sandals

what color shoes to wear with royal blue dress

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Neutral shades like nude, brown or black are always welcome in your closet. When it comes to royal blue dress, matching it with brown sandals is the perfect and quick solution. Whether you plan to wear sandals with a summer dress or you would like something warmer like brown booties, they are great to match with all your royal blue dresses. Look how two fashion bloggers did it – Aimee styled her over-the-one-shoulder dress with strappy brown sandals, while Annabelle from Vivaluxury blog opted for block heeled sandals and silk dress with long sleeves.


Animal Print

what color shoes would go with royal blue dress

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And who would wear royal blue better than the royal herself? Meghan Markle shows us how it is possible to wear a classy button-down dress with animal print stilettos. Even though this print is considered to be vulgar and not welcome, the fact is that it is always in style. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. The stilettos with the royal blue dress are enough statement detail for themselves, so don’t try to add any other accessory.



what color shoes can i wear with royal blue dress

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If you find yourself confused about this idea, then think like this – it is the same as you combined all-black-everything outfits. Even if fashion gurus consult us not to be all in the same shade, sometimes it is the best way to go like that. You don’t think too much about it, while the result will be fantastic. However, make sure that your shoes are quite darker or lighter than the color of your dress. As you can see on the photos above, both blogger Annabelle and supermodel Cara Delevingne choose bit lighter blue sandals, i.e., stilettos for their outfit combinations.



what color shoes can you wear with a royal blue dress

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Black is the queen of colors. When in doubt – always choose black. With this shade, you can never be wrong. Whether you decide strappy sandals or stilettos in black, they will match with your royal blue dress. So, if you are not into other colors, always pick neutral and basic one. For a sophisticated look, a la Natalia Vodianova choose a patterned royal blue dress and style it with patent-leather stilettos.



what color shoes would you wear with a royal blue dress

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Same as with black, you can never go wrong with nude sandals. Not only with the royal blue dress, but also with any other color. Nude is one of the favorite colors of many girls. Sandals or heels in nude colors won’t draw attention from your dress. And that is very important if you are going to some elegant occasion where you need to be the main attraction!


what color shoes look best with royal blue dress

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If you are eager to try bit more astonishing combinations than the usual black and royal blue mix, then I have got something for you. Match your block heel booties in orange color with the royal blue kimono dress. You don’t, believe me, it looks fantastic? Then take a look at the photo above. White details and colorful bag are not over-the-line, so you can be sure you won’t look like a clown if you match these two colors.



what colour heels to wear with royal blue dress

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When your dress is patterned, it is easy for the what color shoes to wear with royal blue dress question to pops. And when that happens, you need to choose wisely. Grey heels and boot would be a perfect choice. They are neutral, and perfect for pieces like patterned dresses. You can combine it with a long coat when the days get colder.


Black and White

best shoe color for a royal blue dress

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You might have reservations toward these kinds of shoes, but I can assure you they will be the perfect addition to your royal blue outfit combinations. Black and white sandals or flats will give your looks even interesting and modern vibe. Aimee Song mixes her pleated dress with two-colored flats, while the street style star matches her geometric wedges with the loose and casual dress.



what color shoes match royal blue dress

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It is known that yellow and blue make a perfect combination. However, not many girls have the courage to take theory to practice – better say to wear a mix of blue and yellow together. But, if you are a brave fashionista, then you should definitely try this royal-blue-yellow combination. You can even go a step further and match you geometric-yellow sandals with a white-and-blue dress.



white shoes with royal blue dress

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When you plan to wear your royal blue dresses in the summer, make sure to go with bright shaded footwear. The white color is perfect for that occasion. Whether they are flats, sandals or classic heeled stilettos, you can’t ever make a mistake when pairing them with blue summer dresses.


Gold and Silver

golden and silver shoes with royal blue dress

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Metallics were some of the biggest trends last winter. However, the fact is that they will stay present on the fashion scene for some time. Gold and silver might not be your first choice, but I am here to assure you to take them! If you look at these two girls in the photos above, they perfectly matched their metallics with royal blue dresses. Both of outfits are sophisticated and perfect for your working hours.


As you could see, royal blue is not so hard color for combining. There are many choices in front of you, all you need to do is to see if they fit your own style and occasion. For every day, looks choose brown, nude, and white shoes. For some more elegant events choose black patent-leather, grey, metallics or any other eye-catching color. You will quickly fall in love with all your outfits that contain royal blue and colorful shoes formula.



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