What To Wear With Brown Pants?

If you are tired of the same old black pants but not ready for an extreme color experiment, then you can give brown pants a try. Brown is actually a classic and smart color. But the question is what you should wear with brown pants. It is a little difficult to choose the right outfit for brown pants as, unlike black, brown is not as compatible with everything.

Here we bring some new ideas you can try to pair with your brown pants for a glamorous and trendy look.

What to Wear With Brown Pants


what to wear with brown pants

Ponchos are the most exciting winter outfits, as they are trendy and unique. Also, they will protect you from the chills of the weather—while also creating fashion chills. Ponchos are not necessarily winter-only clothes. You can wear them in any season. Just make sure you don’t wear a woolen poncho in the summer. A long striped poncho, paired with boots, looks great with brown pants. It’s a perfect look to wear while you’re shopping. You can also wear it during a casual hangout with friends. 

Crop tops 

brown pants outfit

Crop tops are modern essentials. They look gorgeous with pants, jeans, leggings, or skirts. A crop top and brown pants combination is certain to flatter you. With this combo, everyone will be gushing over you. Do not miss the opportunity to look ravishing. 

Off-shoulder tops

what to wear on brown pants

Off-shoulder tops allow you to show off those collarbones you worked so hard for. They expose each of your flauntable features. Look ravishing in an off-shoulder crop top with brown pants. Add bangles and earrings to rock the summer look. Keep in mind that the top does not necessarily have to be a crop top. You can choose off-shoulder tanks or any other style. 

Sleeveless tops 

how to style brown pants

If it’s summer, you need to have sleeveless outfits in your closet. Sleeveless outfits kill two birds with one stone: They keep you cool and breezy while helping you look hot. A navy blue sleeveless top tucked inside brown pants is the hallmark of a stylish fashionista. Take a leopard print bag and off you go to slay the look.


what goes with brown pants

Brown pants look great with jackets. You can wear any kind of jacket, but if I had to name one particular style, I would say leather jackets. If you coordinate brown leather pants with a brown leather jacket, you can create a spectacular and graceful look. So, if you decide that you want to look extra chic, you know which way to go.

Puff-sleeve tops

what to wear with brown pants female

Puff sleeves are trending in modern fashion. They are super stylish and have the potential to make a plain outfit outstandingly modish and beautiful. A white puff-sleeve top with brown pants is ideal for either formal or informal public appearances. The brown-white combo looks very sophisticated and charming. Finish your look with white heels and a brown purse.

Tulle tops

brown pants womens outfit

Tulle is the talk of the town. Tulle tops are great for a festive appearance. Look pretty wearing a beige tulle top with brown pants. You can actually choose several colors to pair with brown pants. Mesmerize everybody with your style and charm. This outfit is suitable for parties and informal outings. Avoid tulle tops on formal occasions. You can wear golden earrings and bracelets to garnish the look. 

Oversized sweaters

shirts to wear with brown pants

Winter brings with it innovative fashion styles. Oversized sweaters are just one of them. There was a time when people avoided loose fits at any cost. However, now loose fits have become fashionable, and oversized sweaters are on-trend right now. A beige sweater complements brown pants perfectly. Highlight the pretty sweater by keeping your footwear and other accessories the same shade.

Fur coats

what to wear with light brown pants female

Fur coats have been people’s favorite forever. They are incredibly attractive and stylish. For those who believe that fur coats are the result of animal abuse, there are faux fur coats. These allow you to maintain majestic fur fashion without feeling guilty. A dark brown coat over a navy blue top and light brown pants might sound inconsistent or uncoordinated, but this combo works like a charm. Pair the outfit with beige sneakers and wear a silver choker to put the icing on the cake.

Turtleneck or V-neck tops

what color tops go with brown pants

Two other styles that look heavenly with brown pants are tops with turtlenecks or V-necks. A beige turtleneck top looks great with brown wide-legged pants, as the color combination is very soothing. This is best for people who are minimalists and prefer nude shades. If you have no strong desire for nude shades, choose any color you love. This look is best for a busy workday. You feel calm and confident wearing such styles. Wrap a black belt around your waist to add a more modest touch. 

White Shirts

what to wear with brown pants

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Choose a white shirt for your brown pants and you are office-ready. It is the easiest and often most charming pairing. Wear with block heels or cute ballerina shoes to stay comfortable all day long.

Striped Tops

what to wearr with brown pants ladies

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This combination of striped tops and brown pants is quick and easy; it makes you look trendy and ready for anything. Style it with a leather tote bag and black shades.

Black Shirts & Tees

what shirt to wear with brown pants for women

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If you want something casual yet stylish then go for a light brown pant and a black shirt or tee. Black pumps or knee-high black boots look best with this combination. An animal print scarf will make this outfit extra chic.

Formal Shirts

what tops to wear witth brown pants

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A dress shirt and brown pants are the ultimate workwear for all professional ladies out there. It gives a very sophisticated and polished look. A slim leather belt and a quality handbag will complete your look.


what to wear with brown pants in office for ladies

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Blazers and brown pants are classic combinations. You can try all over brown, white, black or even a printed blazer if you want to try something offbeat. Add a pair of bright color or printed high heels for an attractive look.

Lace Tops

what jacket to wear with brown pants

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For a youthful and bubbly look, you can try lace tops with brown pants. You will definitely look well matched. A denim jacket as seen here works perfectly with this outfit.

Cardigans & Pullovers

how to wear brown pants in winter

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Wear light cardigans and pullovers with brown pants for a smart casual look in winter. Boots and kitten heels will make your look classy with little effort.

Tank Tops

what color shirt i can wear with brown pants

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Tank tops look super hot with brown pants. Tuck in your favorite tank top, add a hat, and you are ready for summer. For summer opt for simple, clean colors like white, beige, black, and different shades of brown to look relaxed.

Denim Shirts

what to wear with light brown pants female

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Denim shirts pair with brown pants for looks that are incredibly stylish. Generally, light blue denim is the best. Light shades of blue denim shirts look excellent with dark to light brown pants. Finish the look with sneakers or flat sandals for a cute street style or a black stiletto to look edgy at work.

Plaid Shirts

how to match brown pant with shirt

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You will love the effortless style of a plaid shirt with brown pants. Choose colors like black or pale red and you will look super chic. Both skinny and wide-leg pants look fabulous with plaid shirts.

So, these are some ways to pair your brown pants. You need to be clever in choosing the right attire that will compliment your bottoms. Instead of wearing the same black pants all the time, try brown pants and give your style an amazing and trendy touch up.

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