Jaw-Dropping Lip Color Ideas With Your Green Dress

Green is a stunning neutral shade that complements any skin tone and looks good on anyone. It can be worn casually as well as formally at a party. However, finding the perfect color of lipstick to match can be tiresome. There are numerous shades of green, but today we will talk about matching lipsticks to jade, lime, and olive green dresses. Read this perfect guide to rocking any lip color with your favorite green dress! 

Jade Green Dress

Jade green is a dark yellowish-green that complements any skin tone. This color is beautiful, but sometimes it is hard to pair a jade green dress with a perfect lip color. Here are some ideas.


what colors go with mint green for a wedding

No one can go wrong with glossy nude lipstick. Nude lipstick has a muted tone and highlights a bold jade green dress, making it the centerpiece.

Muted Brown

lipstick shade with green dress

Brown lipstick is the ultimate game-changer. You can never go wrong with a muted brown shade. It creates a “grunge” and edgy vibe, making you look bold and trendy.

Dark Plum

what color lipstick with olive green dress

It might seem risky to layer two dark colors together, but trust me, it is a great decision. The bold plum lip color will give you a retro look, while the jade-green dress will add depth.


color lipstick with parrot green dress

Do you want to wear a jade green dress on your big day, but you’re not sure what color lipstick should accompany it? Mauve is the answer. It is a pretty hue that goes well with any color of outfit.

Bold Red

lipstick with a green outfit

Absolutely anyone can wear a bold red lip; it is never off-limits. A classic bold red lip is the safest option of all because who doesn’t love red? The bold red color complements a green dress very well.


Red lipstick with green dress

The coral lip is the newest trend in the beauty community. It adds a light hint of a warm tone to the lips. Though coral is a casual color that goes well with everyday wear, pairing it with a jade green dress will give you a high-end look.

Burnt Sienna

what color lipstick with green dress

Burnt sienna is close to red, but it is more neutral, which is a good thing when you want a more mature look. Because of how neutral it is, this color matches any skin tone. Also, burnt sienna makes your lips look plumper.

Dark Brown

What lipstick goes with mint green

Dark brown lips go well with a green dress. The dark brown color has many undertones that create a sophisticated look. However, note that dark brown can make your lips appear thinner, so choose wisely.

Lime Green Dress

Lime green is close to neon green, but it has a more yellowish tone to it. Lime green dresses can be statement pieces if paired with the right lipstick color. 

Light Nude

which lipstick suits on olive green dress

Lime green is a flashy color that must be paired with something subtle. A light glossy nude lip will look excellent and well balanced.

Dark Chestnut

makeup for green dress brown eyes

When you feel bold with your lime green dress, a dark chestnut color is a good option. It is an autumnal deep brown color that will make you look younger. Also, this color looks good on women with more melanin.

Metallic Gold

makeup for olive green dress

Metallic gold is a mix of light olive-brown and dark yellow. This unique color will complement a sparkly lime green dress and add an expensive touch to your look. Also, this sparkly color will highlight your lips more than your lime green dress.

Glossy Brown

what color lipstick with olive green dress

The year 2023 brought back old-school fashion trends, such as lip gloss. Lip glosses will complete your whole look. However, a lime green dress needs its own spotlight, so when you apply a glossy brown color to your lips, your dress will stand out.

Bright Pink

What Colour goes with pastel green

Pink lipsticks make you look younger, and when you pair them with a flashy lime colored dress, you will make a fashion statement. Bright pink suits a medium skin color, so if you’re wondering whether you should wear it, give it a try!

Olive Green Dress

Olive green is a much more subtle and sophisticated color in comparison to the other two colors.

Red-toned brown

What color lipstick with mint green dress

Red-toned browns are great for warm undertones and complement a neutral olive green dress. Red-toned brown lipstick makes you look younger and more mysterious.

Orange nude

What lipstick color goes with a hunter green dress

If you’re looking for something more toned down than a bright coral color on your lips, try an orangey nude color, which will add a light touch of red.


lipstick with emerald green dressAuburn is an attractive color because it falls between red and brown. An auburn color lipstick accentuates the lips to make them bright and plump. Moreover, it will not draw much attention away from a stunning olive green dress. Other than the colors mentioned, any hue can look good with a green dress! Let your creative side make decisions and try out unique color combinations. If you’re confident enough, any color of lipstick will flatter you.

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