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We live in the world of fast fashion and fast trends, with new brands emerging all-year-round. That’s why the idea of having something timeless in your wardrobe is the definition of luxury. It’s no secret that women’s fashion is more diverse; that’s because women are driven more by trends when it comes to how they dress. It’s not that men don’t care about trends; they just don’t cycle through them as quickly. In addition to having more clothing, women spend more time getting dressed.

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It comes as no surprise that no outfit is truly complete without accessories. You can update your wardrobe every season by investing in add-ons that will quickly and easily upgrade your most basic outfits and freshen up your favorite pieces. In fact, the key to successful accessorizing is to find accessories in your style. In other words, you should wear only those accessories that will seamlessly pair with your outfits and work for you. Since women can never actually get tired of shopping, the world of accessories is growing steadily. Jewelry, gloves, watches, scarves, socks, hats, head bands, umbrellas, bags, eyewear, you name it.

Glasses have long become an extension of the look. Today, they are on the must-have list of every fashionista. With so many brands, shapes, styles, designs, and colors to suit every taste, eyeglasses and sunglasses have the power to level it all up in a jiffy. From alluring aviators to bold wayfarers and oversized shades to naughty cat-eyes, you can rock any style of shades and specs as far as you can choose a pair that suits your face shape and complements your best features.

It’s natural that you might be on the lookout for a new pair of eyeglasses or sunnies to add to your collection. From the runway to the street style, here are the latest eyewear trends that every woman needs to know about:

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1.   ‘90s-inspired extended rectangles will help you channel your inner model. Minimalistic yet striking, these catchy frames are definitely a style statement.

2.   Aviators. Made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, this legendary style is still a winner. Aviators with subtly colored lenses are the right choice for those who are tired of the classic silhouette.

3.   Tortoiseshell frames, like the ones by Oliver Goldsmith, are all the rage these days. Traditionally, the pattern of tortoiseshell frames combines brown, yellow, honey, and black spots. However, nowadays, you can find lots of eye-catching color combinations that go beyond the basic.

4.   Classic round glasses are the perfect accessory to complete almost any style. Depending on the design, material, and color you choose, round frames can either make a statement or just subtly enhance your style.

5.   XXL square glasses continue to make a statement. For an elevated feel, opt for style with neutral tones, including black, brown, grey, etc.

6.   Half-rim frames will give you a look that’s bound to turn heads. Owing to their structure, half-rim frames are pretty lightweight and forever in fashion.

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