Embrace Your Aussiness: Stay Bold and True to Your Style with Iconic Ringers Western Outfits

From the Bush and Outback to the distinctive accent all the way to Vegemite, Australia is known for many things. If that doesn’t win you over, we have koalas. *chuckles* But have you ever wondered what Australian fashion is known for? Some say it’s the laid-back vibe, others say it’s the triumph of practicality over fashion. I’d say that Australian style is the epitome of understated elegance with an added country flair inspired by our unique environment and cultural heritage.

Just as Ms Tina Turner sings “we never ever do nothing nice, easy… We always do it nice and rough” – Australian fashion is nice yet rugged, casual yet bold. Full of personality and robust flavour, like a bottle of Shiraz, shaped by our climate, location and way of life. Whether you’re travelling to Australia and want to blend in with the locals or just want to embrace your Aussiness, there are certain brands, rooted deeply in the Australian culture, that can take you from “bruh” to “mate.” One of them is Ringers Western.

Iconic Western Style Clothing by Ringers Western Australia Loves

Australian Western clothing and apparel

As you may already know, country style is an ever-popular choice in the Land Down Under. Not only because it combines comfort, style and functionality, but also because it gives a sense of freedom and confidence. The Ringers Western Australia clothing range builds upon this need for clothes that look nice, feel good and fit right. Inspired by ringers and cowboys, the brand pays homage to our cultural heritage yet keeps in step with modern times, bridging the gap between the country and the city.

Offering an extensive line of clothing and accessories tailored to the needs of hard-working Australians, the brand caters to cowboys, cowgirls, jackaroos and jillaroos of all ages. If you need a one-stop-shop for all things western and country, just visit one of Ringers Western stockists in-store or online. From shirts, tees and jackets to shorts, jeans and boots, you’ll find everything a modern cowboy could ever want or need.

Versatile Tees and Shirts for Any Occasion

How do you style Western clothes

Basic tees are essential in any wardrobe. But in the case of Ringers Western, basically comes with a dose of class. The brand’s line of t-shirts caters to ladies and gents and is widely known for the unmatched versatility it offers. Plain and simple with the iconic signature bull meticulously embroidered as a stamp of quality, Ringers Western tops are soon to become your go-to choice for everyday wear.

What’s best about basic tees is that they can be dressed up with additional pieces and accessories to suit any occasion. Want to keep things laid-back? Opt for an RW t-shirt and a flannel combo to serve looks with minimum effort. Going for a business-casual look? Team up an elegant RW polo shirt with a blazer and your favourite pair of jeans. 

Comfortable Denim Jeans that Last Through Hard Work

What do you wear to a Western theme

Speaking of jeans, RW is the name you can count on for high-quality denim.  And as you already know, quality denim is a must-have for any cowboy or western style enthusiast. Whether you look for straight, relaxed or slim fit jeans, Ringers Western has you covered. What makes RW jeans stand out from the rest is the immense comfort they provide. Seeing jeans and comfort in one sentence may sound ludicrous, but once you try on a pair of RWs, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. 

Thanks to the premium cotton/elastane blend, these jeans are breathable and stretchy, allowing you complete freedom of movement to tackle everyday tasks in comfort. What’s more, these jeans are super tough, tailored to last through hard work without losing their shape or colour.

Warm Jackets for an Added Layer of Style and Comfort

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As they say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.  With colder months slowly approaching, now’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with warm layers. Ringers Western range of outerwear features everything from lightweight and packable windbreakers to super-warm and water-resistant sherpa-lined bombers, all designed with style and functionality in mind. Love pockets? RW jackets come with internal and external compartments so you can keep all your EDC items at hand. 

When speaking of country style, it’s impossible not to mention the timeless classic known as the denim jacket. Perfect for transitional weather, an RW denim jacket unlocks various outfit possibilities. You can opt for a denim on denim combination to effortlessly pull off that cool 90’s look or mix it up with chinos in your favourite colour. For the ultimate off-duty look, team up an oversized denim jacket with a pair of comfy joggers.

Statement-Making Accessories to Complete Your Outfit

What do you wear to a country western

Once you’ve assembled your outfit, it’s time to tie the look together with accessories. Now, western style is one thing, and cowboy cosplay is another. However, there’s a fine line between them that’s easy to cross with one detail too many. When shopping at Ringers Western, you’ll come across a wide range of accessories. To stay on the safe side, opt for one or two additional western-inspired items such as a statement-making cowboy belt and traditional cattleman crease hat for an authentic yet modern look. 

Closing Thoughts

Designed in Australia, for Australians, Ringers Western is the brand you go to for comfortable and durable clothing that gets you from paddock to office in style. With that being said, you can now set out to buy Ringers Western clothing and give your wardrobe a truly Australian makeover.

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