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A Ladies’ Guide to Accessorizing – 9 Things You Should Try 

Whether you’re a fashion expert or not, you probably struggle with accessorizing. It’s something all ladies have trouble with. We want to make things easier for you, which is why we created our article. Below, you’ll find some great tips. 

Wear A Watch 

The best tip to accessorize is to wear a watch. It takes the simplest outfits to the next level. You’ll see that women’s pieces are generally on the smaller side, and are pretty dainty. They work well with outfits as they don’t grab much attention, yet wrap things up.

Accessorizing outfittingLet’s not forget that they’re functional too. Pulling your phone out may not always be easy, so just glancing at your wrist is great. 

If you really want to elevate your look, you’ll go for a branded piece. You’ll have to be careful, though. Watches from big names tend to be expensive, so check reviews before investing. Our buddies at WristWatchPro can help with this. 

Wear Edgy Socks 

Socks don’t really scream fashion – or so you’d think. It’s become a fashion trend to have them peek out of your shoes. Ever since it hit the runways, ladies all over the world have been trying this out.

To work it well, you should wear socks with a bold design. The best ones are patterned. Your shoe should be simple, letting the pattern stand out. Whatever you do, do not wear the socks with flats – it just won’t look great. 

A Ladies’ Guide to AccessorizingRemember to Layer 

If you want to make a statement, knowing how to layer is a must. You’ll need to stack accessories that are not too big on top of each other. If you stack large necklaces, you’ll create unnecessary bulk on your neck. Always start small, and make sure the pieces don’t clash with each other. 

Layering can be done for all sorts of things. You can stack bracelets on top of each other too. It doesn’t look as good as with necklaces but provides a similar effect. 

Choose the Right Size 

Speaking of necklaces, the size you’ll be going for will depend on the neckline you’re wearing. If it’s a deep neckline, wearing something short or delicate won’t make an impact. You’ll barely notice the bling. So, how long should it be? The necklace should fall to mid-chest. The opposite is true if you’re wearing a shorter neckline. 

Try One Earring

best dressing sense for womenWhy not wear one earring? It has become trendy to have just one on, plus it’s pretty practical. We’ve all dealt with losing an earring before – it’s very annoying.  If you’re going for this trend, make sure you’re wearing something long. People won’t notice you wearing one dainty piece. 

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend 

For each occasion, you’ll have to pick specific pieces out. For formal ones, don’t be afraid to deck out. A great look is to wear a simple outfit while having your jewelry as the centerpiece.  For more casual occasions, you don’t want to attract that much attention, so a dainty bracelet or necklace would work. 

Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a lot of great pieces are made from synthetic jewels. They won’t look that real, but they’ll still elevate what you’re wearing. 

If you want to go all out but are on a budget, know that second-hand jewelry is available. There’s a lot of antique pieces that are not only cheaper but add an extra touch due to their vintage feel. 

things every women should be ownBe Confident 

Although you followed our points, you may not like how you look. Unfortunately, a lot of ladies struggle with being comfortable in their clothes. Taking the outfit out for a test drive will let you ease into it. This is especially true if you’re trying things you’ve never worn before. 

Definitely go out with your loved ones. You’ll be the most comfortable with them, and they’ll compliment you on how good you look. There’s nothing more helpful than an ego boost. 

Pick A Color Scheme 

If you want to accessorize well, you’ll need to decide on a color scheme. No matter how good-looking the accessories you have on are, their beauty will be overlooked if they clash with your outfit. Definitely keep bright colors away from each other. 

This isn’t that important with fabrics, but if you’re wearing suede and you have something stainless steel on, you’ll look odd. 

If you want something that will fit with whatever you’re wearing, go for something black. There’s a reason the color is so common. 

how dress simple but stylishLook at It as a Whole 

Speaking of things not going together, how does your overall outfit look? You might have to take a few things out to make it perfect. Remember to look at it from all angles, ensuring it’s a cohesive piece. The thing is, your eye may not be the best to do this. Why don’t you ask a loved one to help? 

Final Thoughts 

Accessorizing is something everyone struggles with. Whether you’re a fashion expert or not, you’re going to find trouble with it at some point. No need to fret, articles like ours exist. We ran through the top must-know accessorizing tips. 

The most important thing is to be confident in how you look. Even if you look great, you won’t sell it if you’re not comfortable. To remedy this, wear your outfit out-and-about. This will help you get used to it.

Other than this, wearing a watch is great. You’ll find it hard to find one that doesn’t tie any outfit up. If you want to make a statement, going for an intricate automatic piece is superb. 

Of course, you could try new trends. It’s become popular to let your socks peek out of shoes. For the best effect, wear something bold. Whatever you do, don’t let them peek out of flats. Another great trend is wearing one earring. It’s edgy and would draw a lot of attention. 

With whatever point you utilized, make sure to look at your outfit as a whole. There may be missing elements that you didn’t notice, this would help you create a cohesive look. Overall, what did you think about everything we said? 

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