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fiona loudon birthdayWho does not know about Daniel Craig? Specter or Skyfall, everyone loves James bond as a smart and intelligent hero. However, very few people know about an actress under the veil, Fiona Loudon. Loudon is best known as his first wife. Besides two years of married life with Craig, she also has a wonderful and successful career. We bet you too will be a fan of Fiona Loudon, just like Daniel Craig, after reading the whole article.

Family Life and Education

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The Scottish actress was born on 5 May in 1968. She lived with her family at an early age while attending a high school in her native land. Fiona decided to pursue acting as a career from an early age and later studied acting as part of the process. She successfully graduated from London University, started performing on stage, and gradually became a familiar face in the respective industry. Although there is not much mentioned about her parents or siblings, we know that she started living on her own after graduation, which sheds light on her independent and determined personality.

Personal Life and Marriage

fiona loudon marraied lifeFiona Loudon got married in 1992 after a passionate romance with world-famous English actor Daniel Craig. Neither Craig nor Loudon let the people know how or when they first met, but it is known that Fiona had a crush on Craig as a superstar. After their relationship received public attention in 1991, Fiona rose to fame instantly. However, they have successfully managed to avoid the paparazzi and keep most details away from the prying eyes.

In the same year of their marriage, Fiona Loudon gave birth to Ella Craig, the eldest of the Craig clan. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long. After the couple got divorced in 1994, Fiona chose to be a single mother and raised Ella on her own. 

As for the public curiosity regarding their short-term relationship, Fiona Loudon expresses that it was really difficult for her to sign the divorce letter. On the other hand, Craig states that they both were not matured enough to settle down when they got married, and he still regrets the divorce. He also admits that it was a bad decision for him; however, Fiona is happy to live with her own identity. After the divorce, we did not find any relevant news source of her relationship. She is still single and focusing more on her career. 

Fiona Loudon’s Career

fiona loundon's husbandFiona Loudon has a successful career in London theaters. Before appearing on the TV screen, she was also a superstar on-stage drama. Since the divorce, she has kept most information related to her personal life, career, and achievements to herself, a way for the media. In recent times, she is taking small steps towards the big screen, and as a result, we are getting to know her amazing acting skills. Speaking of her recent on-screen appearances, you can enjoy her superb performance in movies like Maneater (2017) and a Time machine (2018). Although the roles are too small to judge her capabilities, they still depict her strong personae quite well.

Fiona Loudon’s Lifestyle

fiona loudon lifestyleFiona Loudon has devoted her life to drama. Not many actors can give as much emphasis to the theatre as Fiona while ignoring the spotlight of media. Fiona maintains a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. She is not active on social media as she does not like much exposure. However, she resides in London with her daughter, so we know that she is enjoying a life that she feels comfortable with.

Mother of the Next Bond Girl?

fiona loudon biographyThere is a rumor circulating Fiona’s daughter, Ella Craig, that she is going to be the next bond girl. That was never published from any official site, but there is a chance that she might surprise the James bond fans. However, Fiona’s daughter has been pretty successful with her life as well. She began her acting career in the theater like her mother and had already taken part in some short films. Even thou Elle Craig likes traveling around the world, she gives great importance to family relationships.

Net Worth

Fiona Loudon has been successful with London theaters and also played significant roles in some famous movies. Her estimated net worth is somewhere around 10 million dollars.

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