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Toddlers Valentine Outfits Spending Time with Your Loved Ones

Let’s skip Valentine dress and high heels this year. Especially if you have a family with who you can celebrate it. Your partner, toddlers and you. Isn’t that fantastic? Take a pass on the fancy restaurant reservations and dinner, and choose simple, but cozy gathering with your family and children. When you decide that, then it is the right time to start planning your toddler’s valentine outfit. You won’t believe it how cute they will look! And aren’t that the perks of being a mom? Dressing up your toddlers and choosing their wardrobe for them. That is definitely true.

Toddlers Valentine Outfits


Things to Do on Valentine’s Day with Your Toddlers

Cozy Dinner

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Gather round the table with your partner and your toddlers. You can make it look festive – decoration with red details, candles, heart-shaped cakes, etc. Sip the champagne for you and your partner, while your kids can drink sparkling cider.

T.V. Marathon

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After dinner, gather round in your living room. You can either do this with or without toddlers. If you are with them, let them watch what they like. However, if you are alone with your partner, while the toddlers are sleeping, you can choose a romantic movie like Holiday, Notebook and other love stories.

Make Cupcakes with Your Toddlers

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Along with the dinner, make sure to spend some time with your kids in the kitchen, making Valentine’s cookies. They can either help you in decorating, adding you ingredients or just making you company.

Dress Up Your Toddlers

Picking nice and Valentine’s outfit for your toddlers can be only beautiful and cute. Here are some of the best toddlers valentine outfits.

Cozy Sweater And Leggings

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Create a cozy and stylish Valentine’s Day look for your toddler by dressing them in a soft, knitted sweater in a warm shade of red or pink. Pair it with leggings featuring playful patterns, or opt for solid-colored leggings with adorable heart-shaped knee patches. Complete the outfit with comfortable and trendy boots or sneakers. Your little one will be both snug and fashionable for the special day.

Bow Tie And Suspenders

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For a dapper Valentine’s Day ensemble for your little boy, opt for a button-up shirt with subtle heart patterns or a solid color like white or light pink. Pair it with pants and accessorize with suspenders and a cute bow tie in a complementary color. This charming outfit will make your little gentleman look extra special and ready to celebrate the occasion in style.

Sweet Little Valentine Tutu

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Image Source: target.com

A lovely tutu set for your toddler girl is everything! It looks adorable and very Valentines! The leggings will be comfortable for your little one, and for you as well when you want to change diapers, while the tutu will give her a cute festive look. The cotton made top has glittery letters that say Sweet little Valentine.

Little Big Guy

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Image Source: carters.com

For your baby boy, you can choose something like this. It seems very comfortable, and festive at the same time. This two-piece set is only for the little guys with big hearts. The colors are red, black and grey.

Happy in Pink

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Image Source: target.com

Your baby girls will definitely be a real cutie pie in the Happy Valentine’s set. The beautiful soft pink top is coordinated with black leggings that have gold hearts on the knees. They are both made of cotton and perfect for after-holiday wear.

Grey Hearts

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Image Source: gap.com

If you are not a fan of red and pink color, then you should opt for a grey dress like this. This dress is made of cotton with tulle part which is fully lined. It has sparkly dots and white hearts on the bodice. If you want minimal cuts for your kid, then this is the right choice.

Polka Dots and Stripes

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Image Source: gap.com

Combination of prints for your toddler Valentine outfit is fantastic. Bodysuit with black polka dots in combination with stripes looks amazing for your little baby on its first Valentine’s day with parents.

Daddy is my Valentine

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Image Source: livandco.com

A shirt that has Daddy is my Valentine print is charming for your baby girl. It is made of cotton, and perfect for wearing even after the holidays are over. You can combine it over some cute leggings, cotton shorts or other Valentine’s items.

Heart Dress

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Image Source: etsy.com

Striped dress for your girl will be perfect for an all-day celebration with family. It is comfortable, and very Valentine’s friendly. The red heart patchwork is combined with the striped material.

Shortalls with Heart

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Image Source: gap.com

Denim shortalls are something extraordinary. They seem cute and very appropriate for both girls and boys. If you like to dress up your toddlers in denim, go for these lovely Valentine’s shortalls.


Instead of planning your Valentine’s day ahead and giving some extra money for it, save them for these lovely toddlers valentine outfits. Spend the time with your love ones, show them a lot of love and affection and just enjoy. Prepare something sweet, and make food that you and your family like to eat. Chat, watch movies or just chill in your living room or on the balcony – the importance of spending time with your family is irreplaceable.




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