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The Best Shoes to Wear With Your Flare Jeans in 2024

Flare jeans are a perfect example of how fashion trends from the ‘70s have made a grand comeback in recent years.   

Without a doubt, flare jeans are the season’s hottest style. They are clearly a favorite among celebrities and social media influencers, with everyone wanting a pair for themselves. However, with so many different cuts and styles of flare jeans in the market, it is crucial to find the right shape and length for you. For example, classic bell-bottom flare jeans are known for providing the appearance of longer legs. On the other hand, cropped or kick flare jeans are shorter and far less dramatic but can look stunning with the right pair of shoes. In fact, shoes are definitely the key to making any type of jeans look good. 

With that in mind, we have taken the time to compile an extensive list of shoes, so you can easily pair them with the flare jeans of your choice. 

Shoes to Wear With Long Flare Jeans

Chunky Sneakers

what to wear with flare jeans

Chunky sneakers look so classic with bootcut and bell-bottom flare jeans. If your jeans are high-rise, you can pair them with a cropped top or sweater for the best effect. Whether you’re running errands or hanging out with friends, this street-style look is perfect for everyday wear! To complete the look, throw on a bucket hat and a cute shoulder bag. 

Ankle Boots

what shoes to wear with flare leggings

Ankle boots are a stunning footwear option for long flare jeans. This stylish pair goes really well with any denim item and will immediately elevate your whole outfit. For a trendy look, pair your flare jeans with a long-sleeved shirt or top. In addition, you can add a hat and some shades to the mix to tie everything together. 


what shoes to wear with flare jeans

When wearing long jeans, always try to wear shoes that have a bit of height to them. If you want the extra length but don’t want to wear traditional high heels, this is where wedge heels come in. These types of shoes are not only functional but also fashionable and will compliment your flare jeans well. Wedges are also suitable for both bell-bottoms and boot-cut jeans. 

Platform Heels

How do you look good in flare pants

Similar to wedge heels, platform heels provide you with the height you desire when wearing long jeans that flare out at the bottom. They might be a bold choice for most, but they will surely make you stand out. So, if you want something a little different, get yourself some platform heels that accentuate the silhouette of your flare jeans.  


How do you wear flare jeans

High-heel pumps are the best way to spice up any ensemble, whether it is a cocktail dress or a pair of flare jeans. They provide the much-needed height and elevate your outfit from casual to sophisticated. So, if you are looking for a way to style up your flare jeans, pumps are your ideal candidate.

Pointed-Toe Stilettos 

Best Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms

Stilettos are the epitome of elegance. They are the perfect high-heels to amp up any and every look. Wear your favorite pair of pointed-toe stilettos with your flare jeans to look classy and chic. Turtle or V-neck tops go really well with this kind of outfit. 

Block-Heeled Mules

what shoes to wear with cropped flare jeans

If you want to be on-trend but not at the expense of comfort, block-heeled mules will give you just that. Block-heeled mules have traditionally been the footwear of choice for flare jeans. They are also the ideal shoes for any type of formal or official event. Style them with your outfit for a vintage-inspired look. 


shoes to wear with flare dress pants

Like mules, people who enjoy wearing clogs are people who also put comfort first. Clog-style heels come in a decent array of designs and can be worn with just about any outfit. However, they especially compliment long flare jeans. In addition to being comfortable, the wide heels allow for ease of movement while adding height and dimension to the look. 

Slingback Heels 


what flat shoes to wear with flare jeans

Having at least one pair of classic slingback kitten heels in your wardrobe is a must. If you don’t need the height but still want to look elegant, slingback heels are the way to go. Moreover, pointed-toe slingback heels will add to the illusion of longer legs. They will also enhance the overall look of your flare jeans. 

Strappy Sandals

The Best Shoes To Wear With Flares 2021


Don’t fancy heels? No worries, sandals will work just fine if you can get your hands on the right ones! Look for some strappy low-heel sandals to pair with your flare jeans, and you are good to go. 

Shoes to Wear With Cropped or Kick Flare Jeans


What Shoes To Wear With Flared Pants

Cropped and kick flare jeans are relatively easier to style and look good with almost any type of footwear. Besides, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic sneakers anyway. So for that laidback look, combine your flare jeans with your trusty sneakers. 

Oxford Shoes 

shoes to wear with cropped flare jeans

Even though oxford shoes have traditionally been associated with formal wear, you can still style them with your flare jeans. They are actually an incredibly versatile pair that can be worn with a number of outfits. Maybe skip the socks or wear ankle-length ones if you don’t want to appear too dressy. 

Combat Boots 

shoes to wear with cropped flare jeans

Combat boots are very much in trend right now. And anyway, who doesn’t enjoy a good lace-up boot moment? So get yourself a pair of unhemmed cropped flare jeans and style them with combat boots and a leather jacket for a rugged look. It is a stunning combo for sure. 

Ankle Strap Heels 

How to Style Flare Jeans With Shoes

Unlike more traditional flare jeans, cropped flare jeans allow room for the ankle to show. This means you can wear your gorgeous ankle strap heels with them. It is also a great way to amp up your outfit, especially if you have a party or date to attend. Wear appropriate accessories, and you are set. 

Loafer Heels 

What flat shoes to wear with flare jeans

Loafers have a certain eloquence and timeless quality to them, and loafer-style heels are an excellent choice for those looking for something a little different to style with their flare jeans. They are comfortable, stylish and can also be worn on both formal and informal occasions


What flat shoes to wear with flare jeans

Mules are one of the most comfortable and chic pairs of slides you can own. These types of slides are casual but fashionable at the same time. They also pair exceptionally well with cropped or kick-flare jeans! If you want to opt for slides, they are certainly a great option. 

Ballerina pumps  

cropped flare jeans with boots

If you are someone who enjoys the comfort and versatility of flat shoes, ballerina pumps are an easy pick. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs and can be paired with just about any outfit. When styled appropriately, cropped flare jeans can look great with a pair of ballet pumps. 

Wedge Flip-Flops 

Shoes to wear with flare jeans in Winter

Want something simple for casual, everyday wear? Chunky, wedge-style flip-flops are your best bet. When you have nowhere important to go but still want to look put-together, wear some wedge flip-flops with your flare jeans and call it a day!   

While this particular style of jeans has made brief cameos in the past, it seems like the flared jeans trend is here to stay for a while. To conclude, always remember that shoes are an essential part of any outfit. So, if you really want to get the most out of your flare jeans, make sure to style them with the right pair!

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