Top 10 Leather Jacket Styles Every Man Dreams About

Leather jacket is a classic piece of attire that has been ruling the fashion market since decades. It is an iconic garment that holds the pride of any fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. If you don’t own one already, go get your hands on this appealing item.

Men’s leather jackets have the power to turn any outfit into a stunning and stylish ensemble. Apart from that, they also induce confidence and attitude into the wearer. Originally these jackets were created as military wear but soon they made their entry into the fashion world. Since then, the leather jacket is marked as the most luxurious and refined item.

A man who has enjoyed the aura of a leather jacket would definitely dream about getting hands on all styles available. Thanks to fashion, a leather jacket has many style varieties, each one as appealing as the others. Let’s talk about the top 10 leather jacket styles that every man desires.

Bomber jacket

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The bomber jacket is the modernized version of the military flight jacket. Previously it was worn by military personnel and since then it was looked upon as an attractive piece. Its distinctive style includes a zipper on the front with a loose-fit from the mid-section. However, the cuffs and waist are tight-fitted. It also has two side pockets with a round-neck collar style.

The bomber jacket is perfect for casual dressing but can be worn in formal settings as well. In that case, pair a crisp white shirt and smart pants together. Top it with a black bomber jacket and get an instant refined look.

Biker jacket  

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The biker jacket is the badass of all leather jackets. It got the vibes of rebellion and attitude. The distinguishing style of the biker jacket is the asymmetrical front zip closure. This characteristic was ideal for bikers so that the zippers won’t hurt the wearer while riding. It comes in a slim-fit design with zippered cuffs and belted waist finish. Most of these jackets have shoulder epaulets. Biker jackets look most stunning in black. It can be worn as smart casual wear.  

Field jacket

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Another jacket inspired from the military wear is the field jacket. This jacket is utilitarian and works best for men who are planning to go hiking or camping. The field jacket is different from other jackets because it has four big pockets in the front and a few more pockets inside also.

These jackets are light in weight and have enough space to keep a lot of essentials. The classic field jacket comes in brown and looks best with any simple outfit.

Racer jacket

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The racer jacket is especially for the sportsmen who participate in bike or motorcycle races. It is thus designed to be sturdy and helps to protect the biker from road-abrasions. It has zippers on the front and cuffs but the collar is round and buttoned.  

Aviator jacket

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The aviator jacket is also known as a flight jacket. It was initially created for the military forces during World War II. It is a sibling to the bomber style jacket with the distinction of having two flap pockets on the front with shirt style collar.

In the fashion market, men’s aviator jacket have gained popularity as an autumn staple. It has also become a part of timeless fashion and we recommend that every man should have it in their wardrobes. The perfect formula for wearing an aviator jacket is to pair it with a white t-shirt and black jeans. This outfit will make you look smart on your boy’s hangout.

Trench coat

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Trench coats were initially introduced as protective outerwear for army officers. They were worn during wars to secure the officers from the rain and harsh weather. Nevertheless, the trench coat soon traveled from the battle ground to the fashion ramp. The modernized version of the trench coat has an eye-catching silhouette and is made of sturdy and water-proof material. This coat is ideally knee-length with a belt around the waist line. It has a lapel collar style with two big flap pockets at the front. Most of these coats also have two to three inside pockets.

Shearling jacket

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Shearling jackets are the most unique and comfy of all. They are well-known for the fur inner lining. This inner lining of fur is folded out at the cuffs and also at the lapel style collars. This gives it a stylish look and keeps the wearer warm without having to wear a scarf. This type of jacket is best for the chilly weather.

Hooded jacket

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A hooded leather jacket gives you the best of both worlds. It is a combination of functionality and style. The hood keeps the wearer protected from cold winds and the leather jacket maintains the charm and finesse. For people living in cold countries, this is an essential wardrobe item.

Leather blazer

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In easy words, a leather blazer is a coat that is made of leather. Imagine the elegance of a leather jacket in the silhouette of a coat; is that not a heavenly item? It is surely going to turn heads wherever you go. You can style the leather blazer for casual gatherings and formal meet ups as well. A black leather blazer when worn as an all-black ensemble makes you look like a boss with an excellent sense of style and grace.

Quilted or distressed jacket

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There are some new trends in the leather jackets styles, namely, quilted leather jacket and distressed leather jacket. The quilted leather jacket is made from two pieces of fabric where an insulating material is kept in between before sewing them together. This results in a thick structure which is more shielding as compared to a single piece.

The distressed leather jacket has a rugged and withered look. It has a finish similar to that of an old or vintage leather jacket.


All of these leather jacket styles are attractive outerwear any man can own. These timeless beauties can transform any outfit into a refined ensemble. You may choose whichever style suits your personality.

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