The Unconventional Guide on How to Style a Brown Leather Jacket

Investing in luxurious items is the work of men who spend today for a carefree tomorrow. As we all know that a good investment goes a long way, it is safe to say that good investment and leather jackets are synonymous terms. Because once you own a leather jacket, you instantly gain confidence, charm, and class.

Leather jackets are available in many stunning colors; however the most authentic and true leather jacket is the classic brown. It originates even before black leather jackets came into the scene. The brown leather jacket is classic with a whole lot of masculinity and attitude. Since it was worn by military pilots, to begin with, hence the charm and appeal.

In modern times, the brown leather jacket has proven to be an iconic style statement. Men of any age can wear it. It is such a versatile attire that it can get friendly with most of your wardrobe’s permanent staples. In this guide, we will give you some out-of-the-ordinary tips to style your classic brown leather jacket. Whether you are free-spirited or traditional, we got you covered!

Style with collared shirts

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Leather jackets are versatile and can be worn as both casual and semi-formal outfits. For men who have casual Fridays at their workplaces, this outfit combination is just for you. Wear a plain white collared shirt with your casual jeans. Top it with your jacket, especially go for a leather motorcycle jacket and see the wonders it does. The vintage look of the motorcycle jacket will make it enter the realm of semi-formal outfits.  

Style with jeans

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A brown leather jacket when worn with a white t-shirt and black jeans seems pretty casual, right? But when you add those black shades and brown boots, your outfit instantly gets a boost. It makes you look dashing. You can wear it to any casual outdoor gathering.

However, if you are a denim lover then you must try this ensemble. Wear a plain white tee with classic blue denim. Top it with a brown leather jacket and add a scarf for an extra kink. This look is most refined because leather and denim are a match made in heaven. It works best as a smart casual outfit.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of the exceptional pairing, then do wear your brown leather jacket with indigo jeans, ripped jeans, or even washed jeans.

Style with turtleneck shirt

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If you are a busy man, you will need a variety of outfit styles every day. A brown leather jacket is a lifesaver for you in this case. With it, you can craft many outfits and be done for the week. However, to start the week with something fresh and stunning you must try this outfit. Wear a turtleneck sweater with a pair of casual pants and top it with your brown leather jacket. This ensemble is attractive and appealing.       

Style with t-shirts

What To Wear Under a Leather Jacket

T-shirts and brown leather jackets together contribute to an outfit that is laid-back and informal. Use this combination as a daily go-to outfit for finishing your routine errands. There’s no complex crafting in this case. Just wear any plain t-shirt or graphic t-shirt and top it with a brown leather jacket.

For plain t-shirts, you can go for white, grey, and blue, and for graphic tees, you can choose any logo tees or message tees. Nevertheless, t-shirts are also available with various neck designs. We advise you to choose a v-neck and scoop neck for a smart look.   

Style with a tie

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The star of your casual Friday outfit is your tie. Yes, it is a thin line between formal and informal dressing. Wear a white or blue shirt with a black tie. Top it with a brown leather jacket and don’t forget your leather shoes. In winter, you might want to add a layer of a v-neck cardigan.

Style with tailored pants

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A fashion-savvy man knows about the importance of tailored pants. For the modern-day office, wear your tailored pants in grey, blue, or black with any button-down shirt. Once you top it with your brown leather jacket, you get a great smart-casual outfit. Make sure your pants are well-fitted because that’s what being tailored is all about!

Style with checkered shirt

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If you love to experiment, casual is the way to go. Try pairing a checkered shirt with jeans. Top it with a brown leather jacket and stay stylish while being at ease. Also, wear sneakers in any bold color for a more casual take on the ensemble.

Style with footwear

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Shoes are as significant as the other elements of an outfit. A good choice of shoes can add a spark to your outfit and a bad selection can even ruin it. You should know that the type of shoes and the style of your outfit should both harmonize with each other.   

For a semi-formal look, you should select the classic oxford shoes. However, for street style and casual wear sneakers are the best option. And for smart casual footwear, you should opt for boots. 

Try these shoes in either brown or black, whichever suits your personality. However, we must mention here that black shoes make the brown leather jacket even more appealing. But if you wish to play safe then white is your safest bet.    


We hope that you must have found some outfit ideas that inspired you. In today’s world, leather jackets have become an icon and essential fashion staple. Yet, when people are after the traditional black leather jackets why not try something with a vintage appeal? The brown leather jacket has an authentic feel to it. It takes you back to the old times when military pilots wore them and people would look at them in awe.

Even nowadays people take you as confident and daring if you own a leather jacket. This impression of the leather jacket is hard to isolate. So, what are you waiting for? Get that impression now!

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