What To Wear With Green Pants

what to wear with green pants women


Bored with your pants colors?

Not a big fan of typical choices? Searching for a really different combination?

First and foremost, there are lots of bold colors that can give you a sexy, stylish, and elegant look. So while we are thinking about bold colors, what comes to your mind first? Yeah, I am talking about Green. Most people think it is challenging to style with green pants. 

Big No. Green pants give you more gorgeous and versatile looks than you can imagine! It’s easy to create combinations that seem both fashionable and effortless. You can pair plain tees, shirts, coats, blazers, and other clothing pieces with green pants. 

I came up with some refreshing outfit ideas. Look below to know what you can wear with green pants to get a versatile look each day.

Green Pants With Sweaters

green pants outfits

Cropped sweaters and oversized sweaters both go perfectly with green pants. You can choose to color-coordinate, or you wear a contrasting shade of sweater. The focus is not on the color, but on the chic style that sweaters create. Pair your outfit with boots or sneakers and spread the cool winter vibes

Green Pants With One-side off-shoulder tops

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When the weather starts heating up, you may find yourself wanting to wear off-shoulders. The off-shoulder trend is prevalent in the industry. I am certain that almost everyone is a fan of off-shoulders. However, it would be a big understatement to say that off-shoulders are just a trend. Their exposure on Broadway, red carpets, and the streets have made them an essential in everyone’s closet. One-side off-shoulder tops are classy clothes that go perfectly with olive green pants. Tuck the top inside the pants to create a more modish look. These are must-try outfits. Whether you’re headed to lunch, dinner, or even a fashion show, one-side off-shoulders are sure to impress.

Green Pants With Crop tops

what to wear with green pants

Women want to look a little sexy all the time, whether that involves revealing a bit of leg or showing a little cleavage. Crop tops can go from super modest to as bold as you want. Something about this tiny top conveys confidence. For the ultimate chic look, keep it cool and organized. A puff-sleeved crop top with green pants looks extra-organized and celebrative. Wear heels and long earrings. You can wear this look to parties and special occasions. However, do not go for a casual walk wearing this outfit unless you like getting creepy stares from passers-by.

Green Pants With Sequined outfits

what goes with green pants

It’s always time to shine. Designers have embraced sequins for their ever-so-catchy vibe. People love shimmery dresses, as they make one feel like a shimmering star. Nothing shouts “party” more than sassy sequins. These trousers are totally giving those vibes: an emerald green sequin piece with a wide-leg fit and zip fastening on the side. Wear these trousers with a complementing green sequin crop top under a sequin coat. The fun thing about this is that you can remove the coat if you feel warm. Finish the magnificent look with high heels and a pair of diamante earrings.

Green Pants With Halter tops 

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Halter tops have been the talk of the town lately. People have fallen head over heels in love with them. For a preppy summertime look, choose a brighter color like green, pink, sky blue, etc. However, if you are a fan of dark colors, you need not worry, as these hues look nice with green pants too. You can wear any color you want. Halter tops will always make you look chic.

Green Pants With Ponchos

green pants womens outfit

Ponchos never fail to impress. Pair your green pants with a stylish poncho. Ponchos look mesmerizing in the winter, but summer poncho looks do not disappoint either. Pair your poncho look with high heels. Rock the summer with a light and super comfy outfit.

Green Pants With Netted tops

green pants outfit ideas

Netted tops have climbed up the ladder of desirability lately. A netted pattern can make even the simplest piece of clothing absolutely gorgeous. It carries a certain level of sass and class. A white netted top with green pants is a super hot look. Pair them with tiger print heels and long stone earrings. This look is ideal for a family gathering like an anniversary party. It is modest yet arresting.

Green Pants With Cardigans

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Cardigans are great fashion items due to their versatility and ability to suit a wide array of looks. Whether one is going for an elegant and formal outfit, a cool and casual appearance, or even something office-appropriate, cardigans are always on point. All it takes is a few smart styling choices to convert a simple button-up sweater into something that’ll wow the people around you. Wear any color you admire, as that won’t make the outfit any less gorgeous.

Green Pants With Full-sleeved tops

green pants women's outfit

Full sleeves are suitable for formal outfits. Although people may suggest that these loud colors are not appropriate for work, I disagree. Let your clothes define your personality. Businesswomen need to be loud to make their voices heard. Green and red is a classic combo. This mixture of colors is adored by many. The outfit above is a good example of red and green tones that complement each other. 

Green Pants With Kimonos

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Kimonos are flowy, incredibly attractive garments. A long kimono over a plain top and green pants looks wonderful. So, if you ever find yourself wondering what to pair your green pants with, you can always go with a simple top and a printed kimono. 

Green Pants With White Shirts

what to wear with green pant


Pairing green pants with a white shirt is a stylish combo. The best thing about this pairing is you can wear this combo at work and after work for casual occasions. Finish your look with a quality handbag and muted color heels.

Green Pants With Polka Dot Shirts & Tops

what color shirt to wear with green pant


This is a lovely and easy outfit you may want to try. Choose a white or navy polka dot top with straight leg green pants to create a smart-casual outfit. Compliment your look with some funky pieces of jewelry.

Green Pants With Striped Tops

what to wear with green pants ladies


You can create numerous look with a striped top. Pick green palazzos with striped tops for a comfy and fashionable street style and straight leg green pants with striped tops are great for work.

Green Pants With White Blazer

what can i wear with green pants


A green pant looks elegant when paired up with a white blazer. Wear a fitted white blazer over a striped or bright colored top along with skinny green jeans. Stiletto heels and a cool purse can make a good look for the workplace.

Green Pants With Plaid Shirts

what do i wear with green pants


Plaid shirts are an excellent partner for your green pants and make you ready for anything casual. White, blue, or black plaid shirts are cool combinations for your green pant. A pair of ballerina shoes and the slim belt will glam up your look instantly.

Green Pants With Floral Print Tops

what can i wear with green pants


Floral tops are a must-have piece for summer, and you can get some versatile looks by pairing this piece with green pants. A green bell-bottom with a floral print top is an easy ensemble to create a casual yet elegant appeal in the summer season. A crossbody bag and wedge heels look perfect with this outfit.

Green Pants With Sleeveless Tops

What tops wear with green pants


This combination of sleeveless crop or tank tops and green pants will give you comfort and style in the summer. Glam up this combination by adding beautiful stiletto heels and some cool accessories. You can add a blazer to this outfit if you want to turn this combo into office wear.

Green Pants With Denim Jackets

what to wear with green pants in winter


Pick a denim jacket with green pants if you want to look stylish without much effort in cooler weather. Grab your green skinny pants and pair them with a blue denim jacket as pictured here for an effortless weekend look in winter or a breezy summer.

Green Pants With Bright Colored Blouse & Tees

Bright colored blouses and tops will give you a nice and relaxed look in summer when paired with a green pant. Style with matching stilettos, a clutch, and minimal jewelry.

 Green Pants With Black Coat

t shirt with green pants


Opt for a long black coat with green pants if you are looking for polished and nice workwear for winter. Pair it with a polka dot shirt for the top and slim fit pants. Add black or brown leather pumps to complement your look.

So you can see with a green pant you can make many versatile and stylish combos ranging from work appropriate to casual occasions. Keep these ideas in mind, and you’ll always be ready to go out in style.

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