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Different Types of Bags Handle and Their Uses 2024

Nowadays, bags don’t only serve the purpose of carrying necessary items. They also work as an accessory to women’s styling.
Different kind of activities requires different types of bags. These have mostly to do with the outfit you choose to wear. And even if it might sound unusual, but the purpose and look of a bag mainly depend on the handle it has got.


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So, here we will briefly discuss some of the bag handle types and tell you a little bit about their use in your life. Let’s get down to it.

Different Types of Bag Handle

Rope Handle:   

Rope handle bags aren’t usually used for carrying heavyweight. They are an excellent choice for going off to the beach or take a stroll somewhere near.

Shoulder Handle:

These bags serve the whole purpose of everyday life. They are very convenient for regular use, pretty much like backpack handles. They come from one arm and rest on your shoulders. 

Metal Handle:

Metal handle bags are quite often the trend and come with unique designs. They are great to carry in parties and functions.

Fabric Handles:

These bags offer you softness around the carrying area. They are also ecofriendly. You can carry these bags around for everyday use as they are durable enough for medium weight items. 

Chain Handle:

The chain handle has a chain which works as a handle. These are mostly used as party bags because they are very stylish.  

Leather Handle:

These bags mostly come with an elegant look with them. The bags are usually long-lasting. You can use them as party bags or for daily use as well. 

Long straps Handle:

If you want better manoeuvrability on your bag then these are great. Usually, tote bags have this kind of handle. So, these are great for shopping or running errands.  

Thread Handle:

The thread handle is a great way to go fashionable. But they are lightweight and mostly come with fabric bags. You can use them for a casual walk down the aisle or somewhere nearby.  

Wooden Handle:

Wooden handles have excellent durability in them. These are just perfect for casual use. Unless you are going to a party, you can take these with you.  

Bamboo Handle:

The bamboo handles generally come with framed bags. They are very stylish and have a crafty design on them. These are quite a good option for going to parties and functions. 

Braided Handle:

This bag handle serves the purpose of carrying heavyweight with excellence. The handles are made by braiding leather strips which makes it strong enough to bear weight easily. 

Top Handle:

This handle is the first choice of working women. These are great to carry in the workplace. Because the bag stays very much near to your arm and which makes it easy to carry. Overall you get reasonable control with these bags, and they are hassle-free. 

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