Types of Purses You Should Have

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere but don’t know which purse to carry? Perhaps the dilemma is due to you having a limited number of purses. On the other hand, some people just have too many purses of the same type. How do you finish your look to appear appropriate for the event? This post will tell you the types of purses every woman should have.

Crossbody Bag

types of bag for ladies

The first purse on the list is the crossbody bag. This must-have purse is for every woman in this day and age. As the name suggests, crossbody bags have long straps that go over your body and put the purse below your hip. You need at least one of these bags for days you have to go out without many items.

Shoulder Bag

types of bags every girl should have

There is hardly any woman who doesn’t have a shoulder bag. It is an ideal bag to top formal wear and make you appear office-ready. In addition, shoulder bags are big enough to hold daily essentials like your phone, wallet, and things like a jotter, pen, and other random objects.

Woven Basket Bag

types of bags for women

Woven basket bags, also called straw basket bags, have remained trendy for almost a century since Jane Birkin popularised them in the 1960s. They are chic and versatile and make you look like a classic fashionista. The purse is made with accessories that make it perfect for a vacation and a day at a music festival.

Backpack Purse

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Every purse has its best uses, and a backpack purse is what you need to lug around your books. Of course, students cannot do without backpacks, but even professionals have days they want to visit the bookstore and need a solid bag for the adventure.

Day/Evening Clutch

types of handbags for ladies

No purse screams “elegance” like a clutch. We have the day clutch for casual daily looks when you need space to carry a few essentials like your phone and cards. The evening clutch is ideal for looks that scream formal parties with dresses and tuxedos. You cannot carry your shoulder bag or crossbody purse.

Tote Bag

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Here is the most versatile purse ever! Tote bags serve almost every purpose unless they can’t. They are made with durable materials to carry everything from a laptop, phone, and notebooks to a change of clothes. Tote bags are also easily adapted for shopping purposes if you don’t want to use plastic bags.


types of bag for women

Satchels come with either short straps to keep them on your elbows or long straps that allow you to tote them over your shoulders. Everyone needs a satchel when they need a purse that works in casual and formal settings.  Carry a satchel when you need to run errands after leaving work.


types of bags for travel

You should always keep a duffel bag on hand when you go on a trip for a few days. Duffel bags also make gym trips easy as you pack all your gear in a single place and avoid forgetting something. You can also pack for a weekend out with your duffel bag, which is why they are also known as weekender bags.

Shop for Your Purses 

Have you ticked off the purses you have and those you don’t? Then, it is time to shop for the missing ones. Visit stores that have every type of essential purse you need to complete your looks daily.

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