A Guide To Buy The Best Hair Dryer And Maintain It For Performance And Longevity

A blow dryer is one of the must-have devices in your hair grooming kit, whether as a man or a woman. With it, you can pre-mould your hair into the desired style, speed up your hair-drying process in times of emergency, save salon expenses, and change the direction of your hair growth. But shopping for a quality hair dryer is not an easy feat. Likewise, maintaining it after acquisition can be hard. Luckily, the buying guide below created by WiseBarber will show you exactly how to choose the best hair dryer and how to maintain its performance and make it last.

The buying guide first…

Choosing The Best Hair Dryer In 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Buy From Reputable Brands

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There are so many brands for every single hair grooming tool and product. But not all of them produce good quality items as they all mostly claim. To avoid headaches, always buy from reputable manufacturers. Some of the leading makers of hair dryers are Babyliss, Remington, Dyson, and Gama. Here are some cool Babyliss hair dryers picked for you.

STEP 2: Consider The Power Of Your Dryer

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The more powerful your hair dryer is, the more heat you can get from it. And as you might already know, the amount of heat you need depends on the thickness of your hair. People with soft hair or hair with medium thickness can go for hair dryers between 1,300 and 1,800 watts of power. But for those with extra thick hair, a more powerful hair dryer is needed.

STEP 3: Choose According To Your Hair Type

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Hair dryers, though designed to dry hair, mostly come with an extra feature that makes them unique to a hair type. So, if you have curly hair, go for a hair dryer that features a diffuser. Also, if you’re buying this machine to treat dull, frizzy hair, an ionic dryer is your best bet. And for thin hair, you should be opting for a design that will add volume to your hair each time you use it.

STEP 4: Look Out For The Heat Adjustment Level

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As obvious as it sounds, the heat adjustment level of your hair dryer should be a part of your decision-making factors. Ultimately, you want a hair dryer that gives you a wide range of heat levels so you can always crank the right heat level for whatever effect you want to achieve with your hair.

STEP 5: Consider The Weight, Design, And Material

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Lightweight hair dryers are always the best because they are easy to maneuver around the head effortlessly. Similarly, those with compact and portable designs are easy to travel with. Finally, the material of your hair dryer impacts its durability. Plastic hair dryers may be inexpensive but they break easily. Metal dryers are sturdy but can cause discomfort because they mostly feel hot to the touch. Ceramic hair dryers are considered the best.

Maintenance Tips For Your Hair Dryer

  • Always keep the dryer’s cord away from its heating surface.
  • Remember to turn off your dryer when not in use.
  • Keep your dryer away from water sources, especially a sink or tub.
  • Always allow your hair dryer to cool after use before storing it back in place.
  • Service your dryer once in a while.
  • Wipe the dryer with a piece of clean cloth after use.

In Conclusion

Buying a hair dryer, just as with purchasing any hair grooming device, is a big decision and the process must be carefully taken. With the buying guide shared with you on this page, I am sure you’ll be able to make a blameless purchase. You can also read this post to discover the 5 fashion hacks you need to transform your daily look.

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