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What to Wear under a Graduation Gown: Outfit Ideas

A graduation ceremony is one of the most important events a person will attend in their lifetime. It’s an occasion when a lot of hard work and patience finally bears fruit for every graduate. We wish to embody all those emotions in the way we approach the day. 

So, it’s only natural that you would want to look your best when attending your graduation ceremony. Your parents will be there to cheer you on, and so will your friends and your favorite teachers. It only makes sense, then, that your attire should fit the occasion. 

Are you confused as to what to pair your graduation gown with? This is a daunting decision to make the night before your graduation, given all the excitement, the weight of your emotions, everyone’s expectations, and, well, the general anxiety. 

Don’t worry, though, because there are plenty of options. Following is a list of clothing items you can wear under your graduation gown on your special day. 

Midi Dress 

What should you wear underneath a graduation gown

Who can go wrong with a nice midi dress? Dresses are usually the outfit of choice for graduation ceremonies or similar events. Midi dresses come in a variety of designs and patterns and look lovely under a graduation gown. Also, they are easy to style and appropriate for both formal and informal events. So, why not get yourself a pretty midi dress as your graduation outfit? 


What can I wear for my graduation

Are you dissatisfied with your existing clothing choices but don’t want to leave your comfort zone yet? Well, jumpsuits are a trendy clothing item that is easy to style and carry. They are also a fun and versatile outfit to wear under your graduation gown. At your graduation ceremony, you want to feel comfortable while looking your best; a jumpsuit can help you achieve a relaxed yet stylish look. 

Wrap Dress

What color shirt should I wear under my graduation gown

Just like a midi dress, a wrap dress is incredibly easy to pair with a graduation gown. The trendy outfit is especially perfect for the summer and can be styled in many ways. It adds color, creativity, and a bit of thrill to your gown. Those graduation pictures will come out extra vibrant! So, why not wear a wrap dress under your graduation gown?

Formal Skirt 

Can you wear jeans under your graduation gown

A formal skirt is probably one of the most ideal items of clothing to wear at a graduation ceremony. They are a staple item in any wardrobe for official events, formal dinners, work meetings, etc. Formal skirts are usually mid-length and may or may not come with a slit. You can pair them with a plain white dress shirt or any t-shirt of your choice.

Skater Dress

What should a guy wear under his graduation gown

Though they aren’t talked about as much, skater dresses are super cute and can be paired with your graduation gown as well. They add a youthful charm to any outfit and are perfect for wearing under a graduation gown, especially if you want that preppy look. 

Halter Dress

Do you wear a blazer under graduation gown

Halter neck dresses are unique in design and provide extra support and a flattering silhouette. A halter dress will also accentuate your shoulders and have a lifting effect on the face. So, try pairing a halter neck dress with your graduation gown. 

Slip Dress

Outfits to Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

Nothing says effortless and elegant like a slip dress. Slip dresses have made a comeback in recent years and can be worn under graduation gowns as well. They give off a uniquely feminine silhouette that flatters all body types.

Long Maxi Dress 

Graduation Outfits Ideas

Who doesn’t love a flowy maxi dress moment? A long maxi dress will perfectly complement the length and fit of your graduation gown. This outfit is effortless to put together; not only will it save you valuable time and energy, but you will also come out looking your best! 

Casual Pants

Tips On What Attire To Wear Under Your Graduation Cap

Not a fan of dresses or skirts? If so, you can pair your graduation gown with casual pants and the top of your choice. This outfit is perfect for anyone who prefers the comfort and flexibility of pants. Wear them under your graduation gown and you are set for the day. With this ensemble, formal shoes or stilettos are typically the way to go.



What to Wear to a Graduation

Rompers are similar to jumpsuits in many ways and provide the same comfort and ease. So, why not try wearing a romper under your graduation gown? 

What to Wear under a Graduation Gown in Winter

Sweater Dress 

graduation outfit ideas for ladies

Winter calls for extra warmth and comfort, but not at the expense of style. This is where sweater dresses come in! Wear a fashionable sweater dress under your graduation gown during the colder months. 


graduation outfits for ladies

Wearing a turtleneck outfit, whether a sweater or a dress, under your graduation gown will not only keep you warm in the cold, but also add a touch of sophistication to your look. Turtlenecks add subtle elegance to a regular outfit, so you can imagine what they can do for your graduation gown.    

Long Coat 

graduation outfits that aren't dresses

Nothing says winter like a beautiful long coat that is both functional and fashionable. Think of the great convenience a long coat brings to any outfit. If you’re awake late at night, picking up a midnight pizza, simply put on your long coat over your nightgown and step out. Got a late-night party outdoors? Pair a bodysuit with a long coat to keep cozy with your drinks. 

When it’s really cold outside and you need the added warmth, don’t be shy about wearing a long coat under your graduation gown. 

Cropped Sweater and Jeans 

what to wear under graduation gown female

Who can deny the charm of a cropped sweater and jeans outfit? Cropped sweaters are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. They are definitely a cute winter outfit option, especially to wear underneath your graduation gown.

Pleated Skirt and Sweater 

what to wear under graduation gown for pictures

Want to wear a skirt for your winter graduation ceremony? No problem. Just pair a gorgeous pleated skirt with an oversized sweater and you’re good to go! 

Your graduation ceremony is a formal event that warrants certain types of outfits. So, before getting dressed, you should be aware of the appropriate attire for such occasions. That being said, confidence is the most important thing you can wear to your graduation ceremony, so don’t forget to carry it with you!

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