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The Retail Hype Doesn’t Last Forever. A Treasure That Will Propel Your Business.

Now, walking down the streets, you can see a lot of new clothing stores and not only. Have you ever wondered why this happened?
It started back in 2020, when there was a boom with the coronavirus epidemic, and all the stores began to close or postpone their openings for an indefinite period. With this, they began to gain popularity among online stores and services that specialize in online sales. Certainly, each variant of trade has its pluses and minuses, but it is not necessary to forget about external signs and the phenomena that influence retail.

Be Fully Prepared

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So, by 2023, the coronavirus problem had almost disappeared, and retail began a resurgence in the marketplace. Virtually everything contributes to its prosperity and development. Rents are more stable than they were at the peak of the retail apocalypse. Do not forget that rent is needed not only for the sale of goods but for their storage and promotion as well.
Recall that life is unstable, and no one has been ready for quarantine for months or years. Therefore, learning from mistakes, we can understand that this boom in retail will not last for a long time. Trends in business are also changing every year, maybe even more often.

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Therefore, it is necessary to find that treasure, which will always help to generate big profits and spur development. So it is not even necessary to look for it because it was not hiding—the leader among the distributors of the Fashion Atlas Group.

Fashion Atlas Group Is A Reliable Supplier

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For more than 10 years, Fashion Atlas Group has been helping small and already big clothing stores to get a stable income and to develop in the retail market. The distributor works with more than 200 clothing brands. A huge range of clothes will satisfy the needs of every customer. More than 50,000 products can be found in the supplier’s warehouse. These include, among others
• Anette
• COATME and others.

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The catalog, which you can get on the site, has products in different price categories. There are clothes for women for every occasion, whether it’s a social gathering, a sports outing, or a house party. Also available are clothes for men, children’s goods, and shoes for several seasons. The company is engaged in e-commerce, so when placing an order, the team provides a list in an Excel spreadsheet with all the important information that might interest the buyer. As well as quality photos, by which you can check the identity of the clothing.

The quality of the goods is the responsibility of the producer countries: Turkey, Ukraine, and China. Fashion Atlas Group has worked with them for more than 10 years and never ceases to amaze with branded novelties.

Expansion Of The Known, Promotion Of The Small

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What sets it apart from other companies is building a loyal partnership with both the customer and the supplier. For entrepreneurs, there is a loyal way of paying. Possible to work with deferred payment for up to 60 days. Such partnerships are suitable for start-ups.

Thanks to an experienced team, Fashion Atlas Group has the right to lock up stock of more than 40,000 products and work by the method of direct deliveries. Flexible terms of cooperation also allow for this business model:
• Drop ship
• Flash sale
• Bulk orders
• Off sale, etc.

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Because of their popularity, several years have already passed since such large stores have cooperated with them: Half Price, Veepee, Rue La La, Nordstrom, Nuuly, and many others.

After ordering, which can be made by mailing to [email protected], you can choose the method of delivery to your warehouse.

  • Slow (by sea worldwide, be train only in the EU) – 30-45 days
  • Medium (by sea: 15-20 days or 24-26 days worldwide)
  • Fast (by plan: 2-3 days, 4-5 days, 6-10 days)
  • FOB

Fashion Atlas Group takes great care of their customers’ time, so they are always on time. Delivery of your order will be carried out strictly according to the schedule agreed upon in the working conditions. All this is due to the availability of company warehouses in the USA, China, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, and England.

Fashion Atlas Group is always ready to welcome new retailers, wholesalers, and investors who are looking for a reliable source to grow or expand their wholesale clothing business. Unleashing your potential in retail is the main goal.

To start a partnership, you can go to the website and find contact information, or write directly to [email protected].

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